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What to do With my Furniture

Weeeelllll….keep your fingers crossed for us. We submitted an offer on this beauty today.

I know.
Pretty huh? I so hope this is the house for us. Hardwood floors, slate porches front and back, a barrel ceiling entry way that is calling out to be lined with reclaimed wood, a huge, beautiful kitchen… The list goes on and on.

But if this is our home, I have a problem. Some of my furniture is not going to fit and others just won’t make sense in this very rustic, Texas style, home. Remember that our City House was a 1979 Brady Bunch style home with soaring ceilings and funky angles. My bright rug and living room art won’t work, and my yellow night stands won’t fit the way the guest room is configured. Hardest of all, the mudroom bench may not fit in the entry way. It will be tough getting rid of things that I have an emotional attachment to, but more stressful for me is what to do with these beloved pieces. I will have to sell it in order to buy or make things that will fit. I have not sold any of my furniture before and I may have a hard time pricing it. I am going to need help on this part from those of you who do sell your work!

On the bright side, I will need a ton of new stuff that I look forward to collecting and creating…if we get the home.

Fingers crossed. There may be some thrifting, resale shopping and garage sales in my future!

The City House

Finding Out That My Stuff Is Sort Of, A Little Bit “Pinteresting”

Are you a Pinterest user?  I am.  I store a lot of ideas there and I actually use them.  Well some of them.  My Healthy Foods board sometimes gets ignored by me.

A friend recently described my house as looking like every room was inspired by Pinterest.  I am not sure about that because most  of my house was done long before Sweet Amanda introduced me to Pinterest a year ago, but I do go to Pinterest often for inspiration. When working on a project.

I will be the first to admit that I am not very technology savvy.  I just discovered that by looking on the bottom right of my boards I can see what of mine has been pinned.  I guess I never thought about anyone wanting to pin my stuff on their boards.  I am still a teeny tiny speck of a minnow in the world of blogging so finding anything of mine out there was a surprise.

I was most surprised at some of what I have written that gets pinned.  What would you think my most pinned blog post is?

Right now it is the Mudroom Bench- as far as I can tell it has been pinned more than 100 times and repined at least 300 additional times.  I am not so very surprised about that one.  It has been featured on some pretty great blog sites and gets looked at least ten times a day, every day by someone.

pinteresting 1

The Junk Fairy End Table is a popular pin too.  It gets looked at on my blog at least a couple of times a day.  Behr should be thanking my friend Robin for making Happy Camper Green more popular!  Finding this on Pinterest is not so surprising either.  It turned out so cute and was on Roadkill Rescue.

pinteresting 2

One of Pinterest Pins that surprised me to find was my How to Clean Granite post.  I honestly had no idea that anyone would care that I had done a little research and used that research to clean my greasy spots on our granite.  I have found this post at least 20 different times.  I for sure am no expert on cleaning.  My family will attest to that, so this strikes me as funny.

The other pin that I find amusing is a pin I find amusing is about a project that I HAVEN’T STARTED YET.  When in Charlotte, visiting The Southern Belle I found a sewing cabinet that I purchased and brought back with me.  My intention is to make a beverage station and I talked about my plans and where I got the inspiration.  It got pinned on a ReStore site and gets repined at least weekly.  Funny.  I guess I better get busy on that one or it will be old news before it is even completed (started).

I will admit that it was a little creepy to see Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda’s wedding staring back at me, but that blog was pinned by a local wedding planner.  I felt better.

pinteresting 3

The Western Dresser was just featured on Roadkill Rescue so it got pinned several times.

pinteresting 4

Chair day, sewing cabinet, my bedside table, the map chair,  the Valentine Craft Party… all there.

It is nice to feel like you may be inspiring someone else to get crafty.  I am so ready to share the wedding with you this next week and then the new house.  We have lots of changes coming up in the near future.

The City House

Deciding Where to Live and Moving On

A short while ago I told you all that I was accepting a job at a new school district and would be opening a new Early College High School. This new position meant that I would be leaving the district that I had worked in for 22 of the last 24 years. Since that time our world has been turned upside down. At least once every day I wonder what in the world I am thinking. At least twice every day something happens to convince me that this move to the new job is really a part of God’s plan for my husband and me. I have cried, laughed, I have been excited, scared, and invigorated. I took on this challenge and thankfully my husband has taken it on with me. He still is not sure what the future holds for his career and he has been thrown into very uncomfortable territory by me. We are both grieving a little. Yes, grieving. Another chapter in our lives is closing. I know you are probably thinking how silly! We (I) chose to accept a new job, sell our house, and embark on this adventure. Our home sold before it was even on the market for full asking price, I am enjoying my new job, and the area we are moving to is undergoing a radical change that is going to be exciting to be a part of. Even with all that, change is hard. We are leaving all things familiar. We don’t even have an address to forward our mail to yet. ( We never had a mailbox put up at the lake house!) We are leaving friends, doctors, stores, church…

We are also learning how to use technology to help us hunt for homes. We are now able to sign documents electronically. We have a real estate app on our phones that magically shows us all the homes for sale in a specific area along with all the information we need, It amazes me! (HAR), We can check the status of our loan online. It all seems a little like sorcery to me but I sure do enjoy it.

We are going to be leaving for the big event- The Southern Belle and Big Cat’s wedding, Wednesday. Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda are driving out some treasures while us old folk fly to the event. I hope I do not bore you with wedding stuff but we are sooo excited. Please bear with me as I share the big event with you. The Southern kids have planned such a unique wedding that is going to be a beautiful event.

When we return the moving begins in earnest.

In case you are wondering, I a still getting projects to do. I got four amazing chairs for $30.00 this weekend. I already see them redone in my head. I also got this chair from an abandoned house thanks to my dad. I told Hubby at least it will be easy to store!


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Home Update

Well here is a short update on the wedding,moving, home buying,home selling front.
Less than 6 days until the wedding. We are so excited. I have a few wedding projects to show after the wedding, but not before the big event.

The City House is really sold. The home buyers sold their home almost immediately. We will be out of our house June 21.

We have started the loan process. What a pain.

No new home on the horizon. We have looked at 6 houses but none of the sang to me. After the wedding we are going to get serious but the reality is that we will be moving a bunch into storage and living at Star Hill temporarily.

I just have to believe the perfect home is out there waiting for us.

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Power Tools Any Crafty Woman Should Be Able To Use

I will admit it.  I am truly lucky that I have a husband who takes handy to a new level.  He can fix, build or invent just about every crazy idea I have so I am a little spoiled when it comes to using power tools.  This year I have made it a point to learn to use quite a few of the power tools at my disposal.  I am still no expert, but I feel like understanding how things work has helped me to know what is possible and what is not possible.

I am not now nor will I ever be as handy as Sawdust Girl or Pretty Handy Girl or Ana White.  Those ladies are serious business when it comes to building things, but I also am not afraid to try most of the tools we have.  Some still scare me.  I am often the chief shopper for wood, screws, bolts, paint, etc. so I get really ticked off when a sales person is demeaning.  I may or may not have reported a dude to the store manager for asking me what a “little lady” was going to do with an item one day.

Before we go any further, I need to let you know that all the tools I am “showing” come from the Lowe’s website.  I have included prices at my local store.  I really, truly do have access all the tools shown, they are just safely put up right now because of the massive paint job at Star Hill and the move at The City House.  They are for sure older and crustier. My tools also, could possibly, umm sometimes have issues.  My sander has a new cord because it accidentally got sanded through, my drill has some paint on it.  I was impatient and got busy putting something together while it was still wet.  I know what you are thinking.  Don’t judge me.

 I do like the Lowe’s website better than Home Depot.   It will tell you if your local store has the item. (Don’t buy tools online until you are proficient and don’t need someone to teach you how to use them.)

Here is my list of power tools that every crafty woman should be able to use:

1.       A Cordless Drill– The most amazing tool on the planet and in my opinion it is the great equalizer.  A drill will allow you do things you don’t think you are strong enough to do.  Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask for help in the tool section.  Yes, ask for help.  When the tool person comes tell them that you are just getting started and you want a basic cordless drill.  Have them show you how to work it.  Be persistent.  Don’t leave until you know how to charge it, change the bits, and change the direction the thing turns. Buy some drill bits.  Not super expensive fancy drill bits, cheap ones that you can practice with.   Buy several screw tips.  Phillips and flat head.  Go home and get some scrap wood then drill holes and screw things in and out until you feel comfortable.  You really have to press hard on the screws or you will ruin the grooves in the head and the screw bit.  I get fussed at for that some. Throw away the screw bits when they are worn down and buy more.  Harbor Freight sells them cheap!  I can now unscrew/ tighten screws on the treasures I bring home if I need to.   I can fill in holes with wood putty and put new holes where I want hardware to go on drawers and cabinets, I can drill a pilot hole so that when I screw in things they don’t spilt the wood and I can hang a picture all by myself.  I can put on the picture hanging hardware, and put a screw into a stud to hold it.  I have also been trying to help out more in the construction phase of our projects.  I think I am getting better.

 my drill Wrong picture, ours is a 12 volt and is much, much older.  39.97

I REAALLY want one of theses.  They make working in tight spaces like furniture so much easier.  Saw it on DIY the other day. Right now Hubby has to come get it started with a screw driver if I need a screw put in or taken out in something tight.  It is going on my Christmas list.

drill I wantIt is called a close quarters drill.  49.00

2.       A sander (electric)– I have two sanders.  ( I know, pretty awesome huh?) I love my mouse sander.  It helps me get everything ready for paint or stain.  It gets used on almost every project.  I have one  at the city house and one at the lake house.  The sanding pads are stuck on with Velcro and they are super easy to change.  This is not a take bark off a tree type sanding- finish sanding or varnish removal.  Get one and just play with it because you will love how it cleans things up.  I also have an orbital sander.  If I have something that needs to be sanded more aggressively I get this out.  Still easy to use, still has Velcro sanding pads but if you are not careful it will leave circular grooves.  Don’t try to learn on a piece you love.  Practice on junk first.  We also have a belt sander that I can use but it is a work-out.  I have to have everything locked down or it will take off.  It definitely leaves marks in the wood if you don’t hold it level and apply steady pressure. (I have done that a time or two.) I also cannot change the sand paper on the belt sander alone.  I have tried and I am just too uncoordinated to do it without help. FYI, the higher the number on sandpaper, the finer the finish.  Get a lower number if you are removing paint or a stain then switch to a higher number (220) to make it smooth.

mouse sander29.97

orbital sander39.97

3.       A stud finder– This finds where wood is behind sheetrock or paneling.  With this and a drill you can hang shelves or pictures on your own.  Get a good one and practice. You will only be frustrated with a cheap stud finder.

stud finder19.24

4.       An electric staple gun– This is not an air-nailer that requires a compressor; this is just a staple gun that uses electricity instead of hand strength.  I have used mine to upholster chairs, wrap fabric around bulletin boards, make a padded headboard for example.  I can use the air nailer but the cost for this is steep with the compressor and all.  Mine does not have the hump that this one has.  Not sure I would like that because sometimes I need to get into a small space.

staple gun29.96

5.        A Jig Saw- This makes rounded cuts.  Not too bad to use and not super expensive.  Clamp down your wood before using it.  Read the instructions above for the drill (#1).  Ask for help and don’t leave until you know how to use it.


You can have straight cuts made at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  It just requires patience waiting on the person to come cut the wood and you have to know the length you want it cut before leaving the store.  I hate using a circular saw because I never stay on the line.   I have learned to use a compound miter saw too and love it but it is a lot more expensive and is a little scary to learn.  If someone is not at your home to teach you on this one, take one of those Saturday classes because they can do serious damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

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Today is my birthday.   I had a funny post all ready to go for you today.  One day I will post it, but not this day.

As I watch with a heavy heart the news from Oklahoma I am reflecting on how blessed I am.

My parents are still with us and are still in love with each other.  They have been married for 54 years, have seen all four of their grandchildren graduate high school, three of them graduate from college (Their youngest grandchild is a freshman at Texas A &M) and the first one get married last summer.  They will be celebrating with us at our daughter’s wedding June 1.

I was fortunate enough to find the love of my life my freshman year of college.  We have been married for almost 32 years.  I could not imagine my life without him.

I have two great kids.  They have enlarged our family circle by both finding someone to love and to be loved by.  I am so fortunate to have them in our lives!  I do not tell them often enough how much I love them.

I have a large, rowdy, extended family that I love.  Most of them came as a package deal when I married my husband. They (we) fight, argue and yell, they may even throw you in the lake, but when the chips are down they will circle the wagons like nothing I have ever seen.  I thank God for them daily.

I have a job that feeds me physically, emotionally, mentally, and personally.  I am one of the fortunate ones.  I am one who is lucky enough to have found a job that I love and am passionate about.  What can be better than educating students and changing their lives?

I am blessed with material resources.  I may not know where I will be living July 1 but it is not because I don’t have a home.  It is because I have so many options available to me.

There is a scripture that I have read daily for the past three months.  At this moment in my life it speaks to me. As hectic as my life is from time to time I need to know that I am loved by a God that takes the time to stop what he is doing, and bend down to listen to me.Psalm 116:1-2 I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. 2 Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!

I hope that everyone takes a moment today to reflect and count their blessings.

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Momma Said There Would be Days ( Weekends) Like This

There are times that even when you do everything by the book things just don’t work out the way that you think they should.

We were up and at it before 7:00 am Saturday morning, ready to get started on the big project that is currently consuming the Garagemahal.  This is how the garage looked.  Furniture primed.

primed furniture

Everything was primed with Zinzer bonding primer.  I love bonding primer when we are not sure the surface of something.  The china cabinet surprised me.  It was all wood, even the ornate sections on the doors.  We used spray cans of primer.  Not sure we will do that again.  It was SUPER expensive.  There is over a $100 of primer here.

Zinzer Bonding Primer

The project list included:

  • 1 china cabinet that is going into my office to hold my old books and hidden storage
  • 2 bed side tables that are going into the Rockin F Ranchito
  • 1 entertainment center that is composed of three  pieces
  • 1 door headboard (it is going to be a different color but it got primed along with everything else
  • 1 wooden canvas that needed to be primed

Hubby got a new sprayer and we were ready to go.  We have used sprayers before but this one is much better.  We also have the whole paint thing figured out in the sprayer.  Buy cheap, flat, latex paint then use a paint strainer to get rid of any lumps or impurities.  He actually read the directions!


We created a “paint tent” in the Garagemahal.  The plastic sheeting was stapled the ceiling and circled all the furniture.  The floor was covered with brown rolled paper.


The sprayer was set up and we were good to go.


Hubby got busy.  Of course we did not have enough paint.  Hubby went through one gallon on the china cabinet and side tables.  One trip into Huntsville and 1.5 hours used up, I returned with more paint. 2 more gallons of paint.

The humidity was high.  The paint did not want to dry.  ALL DAY!

Even though the area was taped off, some black bugs somehow got in and decided to land on the wet paint.  Nothing to do but wait for the paint to dry, sand down the bug spots and move on.


Sunday morning, ready to get busy when we discovered that even though every piece was primed, something oily at some distant past had exploded in the main section of the entertainment center.  It bled through the primer and first coat of paint.  Hubby had to bust out the kiltz stain blocker, give all the spots a good coat then wait.


Disgusting- Huh?  This is what it looked like through the primer and a coat of paint.   The back side of the cabinet doors did the same thing so whatever the stuff was must have made a real mess at some point.

While waiting he got busy sanding the bug spots and a few runs.  Good news, it sanded really well.  Bad news, the sprayer was not set right when he started so one side of my china cabinet looks like a mess.  This time I did not panic because I now know it sands easily.

It looks like we have some runny paint issues to deal with on the side tables too.

Then Sunday afternoon the 14 year old dog got sick.  Hubby has a vet visit in store Monday.

All in all we  did not get it all done this weekend.  Too many setbacks.  I hope to work on getting my china cabinet back together so that it is out of the way for next weekend.  Darn.  I really wanted it all put back together before the Memorial Day weekend and the big wedding.

The good news.  We have learned a lot and the pieces are going to look great.  With a little more TLC.

Here is a peek at one of the doors.  I couldn’t wait to start distressing them.  They are going to look great.



The City House

Making a Water Hose Wreath from the 99 Cent Store

One of the bloggers I read asked everyone what they were going to work on this weekend.  One reader said she was going to make a garden hose wreath.  My curiosity got the better of me so I went to Pinterest immediately.  Sure enough there were a ton of wreaths made from garden hoses.  Where have I been?  I knew that a trip was in store to get the supplies for this little project.  A water hose from Walmart, and everything else from the 99 cent only store meant that this wreath costs less than $10.00.  If you had an old hose the cost would drop even more, because that was $7.00 of the total.

1- 15 foot garden hose

1 small hand shovel- the 99 cent store had this awesome yellow one!

1 pair of bright colored garden gloves 99 cent store

2 stems of cheap flowers from the 99 cent store

A bow ( I did  not have any ribbon I liked for this so I used a burlap strip.)

Floral wire- I had plenty of this from my last project.

water hose wreath supplies

Unroll the hose and re-roll it a little lager than it comes in the package.  Wire it together so it stays rolled up.  You are going to cover the wired area with the flowers and stuff so no worries how it looks.

Layer the flowers, then shovel, then gloves on top of the hose and wire it all on and attach the bow on top.  My neighbor who makes amazing bows is going to be sad when she sees my attempt, but she is coming up to Star Hill soon so she can fix it there.  Not too bad, huh?

There are amazing garden hose wreaths on Pinterest if you want inspiration.  This one is not amazing, but it is fun and will be hung proudly by the front door.

It is going to look great on the front of the house until the July stuff comes out.

water hose wreath


water hose wreath

The City House

Full Circle

There is a line in a song that I love that says “I guess we’re all one phone call from our knees”.

Today my post is about being early.  Some arrive early, others leave the party too soon.
Our first little great niece Faylee came early. Very early. She was just 2.5 pounds. Our nephew and his sweet bride live a long way from family so all we could do was pray.  Because Miss Faylee was in such a big hurry to show up, she has had some challenges.


I am happy to report that she is growing. She is 3 1/2 lbs now!


Here she is with her mom.  She is in my prayers every day. I cannot wait to finally meet her in person.

Our friend and neighbor, John left us early.  Very early.

John was an amazing husband, father, son, and community leader.  He is gone from us too soon but he leaves behind a legacy that will live on in the good work he has done for his church and the community but more importantly the legacy will live on in his three children who have had him as an example.  He has taught them well how to love, serve, work and laugh.





john 3

You will be missed, John.  Your sudden passing has driven me and many others to their knees.  I am grateful to have known you and will continue to pray for your sweet family.

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I Was a Faker

Hello friends, my name is Karen and I was a big faker. I did not totally finish the credenza before I posted it. Remember, it was cold and rainy when I worked on it? I just got frustrated before the inside of the doors were painted and we put them back on unfinished, paint drips and all.

drippy credenza door


It looked finished unless the center doors were opened but it has been bugging me. I would have so embarrassed if someone would have opened the doors. We are about to start showing the house and I know that even though the credenza is not part of the sale, people are curious. ( I am when I see custom furniture!)

roadside credenza

I bought a sample of Revival Mahogany because the quart is at Star Hill, sanded and painted the doors brown.


Next I used spray adhesive to adhere burlap to the painted doors. Then I glued a wide ribbon around the edge of the burlap and FINALLY I hammered in some left over nailhead trim into the corners.

Much better. Feel free to snoop when you come look at our house now!

Finished Interior doors IMG_2166