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Apparently I Am Trendy

According to Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Trends I am apparently very “in” at this moment.  The article said that the following are trends in decorating right now:

Raw Wood


Check.  I am getting ready for a wall of unfinished, weathered wood for our bedroom.

School House Items Re-purposed

Dick and Jane Posters


Check.  The office is coming along nicely.

Painted Furniture

yellow sewing cabinet 2


Junk Fairy End Table


Check, check and double check.

Nailhead Trim



I guess the guy at Home Depot better learn what this stuff is if it is trendy.  He looked at me like I was crazy!  Thank you Hancock Fabric for carrying the stuff.

Mint Green

Map Chair

Baby Boy said that the Mudroom Bench looks like melted sherbert.  I can now tell him that melted sherbert is trendy!

There was one trend I will never follow:  Wallpaper.  I have spent enough time removing wallpaper in homes we purchased that I will never be responsible  for doing that to another human being.

Gold and brass are also trendy right now.  I am old enough that I already lived through the shiny brass trend once already.  Not such a fan. It goes in the country blue and mauve with ducks spouting “Welcome Friends” category.

I guess I can be trendy when I choose to be!

4 thoughts on “Apparently I Am Trendy”

  1. LOL – blue, mauve, & brass! Must be my age! I do like some of the brass accessories that I have seen – like brass book ends, owls, or elephants… have you seen a lot of those, too? I also love the nailhead detail. Adds so much to furniture. I have not tried anything with them yet, but it’s on my radar. I hope you do a post on your wood wall in your bedroom. Sounds really cool!

    1. Rebecca, I have a married son and a soon to be married daughter so I am no spring chicken. I like the gold leaf look but still can’t get excited about brass. I am excited about the bedroom but it is going to have to wait until after the wedding June 1. Before we leave for the big event we have to finish a big project we are working on and I have quite a few crafty things to do for The Southern Belle’s wedding. It will definitely get posted when we get it done! Thanks for reading my blog.

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