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Making a Water Hose Wreath from the 99 Cent Store

One of the bloggers I read asked everyone what they were going to work on this weekend.  One reader said she was going to make a garden hose wreath.  My curiosity got the better of me so I went to Pinterest immediately.  Sure enough there were a ton of wreaths made from garden hoses.  Where have I been?  I knew that a trip was in store to get the supplies for this little project.  A water hose from Walmart, and everything else from the 99 cent only store meant that this wreath costs less than $10.00.  If you had an old hose the cost would drop even more, because that was $7.00 of the total.

1- 15 foot garden hose

1 small hand shovel- the 99 cent store had this awesome yellow one!

1 pair of bright colored garden gloves 99 cent store

2 stems of cheap flowers from the 99 cent store

A bow ( I did  not have any ribbon I liked for this so I used a burlap strip.)

Floral wire- I had plenty of this from my last project.

water hose wreath supplies

Unroll the hose and re-roll it a little lager than it comes in the package.  Wire it together so it stays rolled up.  You are going to cover the wired area with the flowers and stuff so no worries how it looks.

Layer the flowers, then shovel, then gloves on top of the hose and wire it all on and attach the bow on top.  My neighbor who makes amazing bows is going to be sad when she sees my attempt, but she is coming up to Star Hill soon so she can fix it there.  Not too bad, huh?

There are amazing garden hose wreaths on Pinterest if you want inspiration.  This one is not amazing, but it is fun and will be hung proudly by the front door.

It is going to look great on the front of the house until the July stuff comes out.

water hose wreath


water hose wreath

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