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Momma Said There Would be Days ( Weekends) Like This

There are times that even when you do everything by the book things just don’t work out the way that you think they should.

We were up and at it before 7:00 am Saturday morning, ready to get started on the big project that is currently consuming the Garagemahal.  This is how the garage looked.  Furniture primed.

primed furniture

Everything was primed with Zinzer bonding primer.  I love bonding primer when we are not sure the surface of something.  The china cabinet surprised me.  It was all wood, even the ornate sections on the doors.  We used spray cans of primer.  Not sure we will do that again.  It was SUPER expensive.  There is over a $100 of primer here.

Zinzer Bonding Primer

The project list included:

  • 1 china cabinet that is going into my office to hold my old books and hidden storage
  • 2 bed side tables that are going into the Rockin F Ranchito
  • 1 entertainment center that is composed of three  pieces
  • 1 door headboard (it is going to be a different color but it got primed along with everything else
  • 1 wooden canvas that needed to be primed

Hubby got a new sprayer and we were ready to go.  We have used sprayers before but this one is much better.  We also have the whole paint thing figured out in the sprayer.  Buy cheap, flat, latex paint then use a paint strainer to get rid of any lumps or impurities.  He actually read the directions!


We created a “paint tent” in the Garagemahal.  The plastic sheeting was stapled the ceiling and circled all the furniture.  The floor was covered with brown rolled paper.


The sprayer was set up and we were good to go.


Hubby got busy.  Of course we did not have enough paint.  Hubby went through one gallon on the china cabinet and side tables.  One trip into Huntsville and 1.5 hours used up, I returned with more paint. 2 more gallons of paint.

The humidity was high.  The paint did not want to dry.  ALL DAY!

Even though the area was taped off, some black bugs somehow got in and decided to land on the wet paint.  Nothing to do but wait for the paint to dry, sand down the bug spots and move on.


Sunday morning, ready to get busy when we discovered that even though every piece was primed, something oily at some distant past had exploded in the main section of the entertainment center.  It bled through the primer and first coat of paint.  Hubby had to bust out the kiltz stain blocker, give all the spots a good coat then wait.


Disgusting- Huh?  This is what it looked like through the primer and a coat of paint.   The back side of the cabinet doors did the same thing so whatever the stuff was must have made a real mess at some point.

While waiting he got busy sanding the bug spots and a few runs.  Good news, it sanded really well.  Bad news, the sprayer was not set right when he started so one side of my china cabinet looks like a mess.  This time I did not panic because I now know it sands easily.

It looks like we have some runny paint issues to deal with on the side tables too.

Then Sunday afternoon the 14 year old dog got sick.  Hubby has a vet visit in store Monday.

All in all we  did not get it all done this weekend.  Too many setbacks.  I hope to work on getting my china cabinet back together so that it is out of the way for next weekend.  Darn.  I really wanted it all put back together before the Memorial Day weekend and the big wedding.

The good news.  We have learned a lot and the pieces are going to look great.  With a little more TLC.

Here is a peek at one of the doors.  I couldn’t wait to start distressing them.  They are going to look great.



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    1. Thanks! All the furniture is going to turn out fine, I am just perpetually impatient. I do love a finished project and when life gets in the way I am sometimes cranky.

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