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Finding Out That My Stuff Is Sort Of, A Little Bit “Pinteresting”


Are you a Pinterest user?  I am.  I store a lot of ideas there and I actually use them.  Well some of them.  My Healthy Foods board sometimes gets ignored by me.

A friend recently described my house as looking like every room was inspired by Pinterest.  I am not sure about that because most  of my house was done long before Sweet Amanda introduced me to Pinterest a year ago, but I do go to Pinterest often for inspiration. When working on a project.

I will be the first to admit that I am not very technology savvy.  I just discovered that by looking on the bottom right of my boards I can see what of mine has been pinned.  I guess I never thought about anyone wanting to pin my stuff on their boards.  I am still a teeny tiny speck of a minnow in the world of blogging so finding anything of mine out there was a surprise.

I was most surprised at some of what I have written that gets pinned.  What would you think my most pinned blog post is?

Right now it is the Mudroom Bench- as far as I can tell it has been pinned more than 100 times and repined at least 300 additional times.  I am not so very surprised about that one.  It has been featured on some pretty great blog sites and gets looked at least ten times a day, every day by someone.

The Junk Fairy End Table is a popular pin too.  It gets looked at on my blog at least a couple of times a day.  Behr should be thanking my friend Robin for making Happy Camper Green more popular!  Finding this on Pinterest is not so surprising either.  It turned out so cute and was on Roadkill Rescue.

One of Pinterest Pins that surprised me to find was my How to Clean Granite post.  I honestly had no idea that anyone would care that I had done a little research and used that research to clean my greasy spots on our granite.  I have found this post at least 20 different times.  I for sure am no expert on cleaning.  My family will attest to that, so this strikes me as funny.

The other pin that I find amusing is a pin I find amusing is about a project that I HAVEN’T STARTED YET.  When in Charlotte, visiting The Southern Belle I found a sewing cabinet that I purchased and brought back with me.  My intention is to make a beverage station and I talked about my plans and where I got the inspiration.  It got pinned on a ReStore site and gets repined at least weekly.  Funny.  I guess I better get busy on that one or it will be old news before it is even completed (started).

I will admit that it was a little creepy to see Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda’s wedding staring back at me, but that blog was pinned by a local wedding planner.  I felt better.

The Western Dresser was just featured on Roadkill Rescue so it got pinned several times.

Chair day, sewing cabinet, my bedside table, the map chair,  the Valentine Craft Party… all there.

It is nice to feel like you may be inspiring someone else to get crafty.  I am so ready to share the wedding with you this next week and then the new house.  We have lots of changes coming up in the near future.

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