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Saying Goodbye to Treasures


After a second walk through of the home I knew for certain that I needed to let some things go to new homes because they just would not work in our new house.  I am moving from at 2500 square foot Brady Bunch style 1970’s home to a 2000 square foot more open concept home.  I made a mental list on the way home from the walk through.  As soon as I arrived home I posted the stuff on Facebook because I knew I would talk myself out of it if I didn’t just go ahead and do it.

Going to new homes:

the black chalkboard armoire

the yellow side tables

the padded yellow headboard

four seasons painting

an antique oak ice box

the fabric owls

the white and gray stuff on top of the armoire

the bird silhouette pictures

the 1970’s pair of mirrors

a colorful 9X12 rug


the roadside find credenza.

I was really proud of myself.  I let the things go without any tears.  A bowl of ice cream yes, but tears no.

Nothing in the list above had any sentimental attachment.  They were not family pieces, the kids have no need for them, and letting them go means that I now have space for the things I really need and those items that I love.

I just could not let the mudroom bench go.  I think for now it is going in the bunk room at the lake house.  The side table (an old cast iron typing stand) in there is going to move to the new house, the western dresser will become the side table.  That is my hope dream anyway.

Now, on to planning what I need in the burbs.

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