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Becoming a Codger

I have officially become “that age”.  No, not 50 that came and went two years ago! Recently I have caught myself saying “When I was your age…”  THAT is an age I never thought would come.I am officially a codger.  I work with teens so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am reminded either by word or deed every day that I am truly a dinosaur, and headed for extinction.   The shocked look I get when I ask how to use Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or install an App is enough to know that I am so far out of the loop that I am in danger of being lapped.  They patiently show me, all the while talking to me like they would talk to someone who is in nursing home.  You know what I mean, they use that sweet pacifying voice and exaggerated movements…that let you know that they definitely pity you and your in-firmed condition.  The funny thing is I am finding out that a lot of stuff I thought was invented after I was born was already around.  I think I must have lived in a technology free zone for most of my growing up days.

Here is a little quiz for you.  I am going to list some things that are a part of everyday life.  Ask yourself if that was invented before or after 1961NO PEEKING!

Beeper (Pager)

Communication Satellite

Cordless Power Tools

Microwave Oven

Color Television

Jet Aircraft

Remote Control for Television

Automatic Dish Washer

Apple II E Computer

LED- Light Emitting Diode

Video Game System

Smoke Detector

Digital Music


Cell Phone


Super Glue

Did you guess?  Do you even know what all of those things are?

Here are the answers and a FEW short I remembers:

Beeper (Pager) 1959  By 1990 there were 2.2 million pagers/beepers in use.   I got my first pager at work in 1996.  It only could show numbers so I had to call the number back to see who needed me… from a land line.

Communication Satellite 1962

Cordless Power Tools 1961– Best thing going for the handy (wo)man

Microwave Oven 1955  For Real?  We got a microwave when I was in high school.  I remember us standing around it watching it cook.  My parents have had a total of 3 microwaves EVER.

Color Television 1940- All channels broadcasting everything in color by 1967.  My friend Bobby had color television before I even knew it existed.  I remember seeing a Hawaiian Punch commercial in color and being shocked.

Jet Aircraft 1958-First time I flew on a jet was in 1984

Remote Control for Television 1955 I thought that was why adults had children when I was growing up; at my house WE KIDS were the remote controls.  I think my parents got a remote control TV when I was in college.

Automatic Dish Washer 1940  wow

Apple II E Computer 1977  I saw my first computer in 1980.  It was roughly the size of a refrigerator and used paper punch cards.  Saw my first Apple II E at De Zavala Elementary- about 1993.

LED- Light Emitting Diode 1962

Video Game System 1962  My hubby had Pong and Brick out in his apartment in college- 1979

Smoke Detector 1969

Digital Music 1970- I have lived through LP’s, 8 tracks, Cassettes, and CD’s, and MP3’s.

ATM 1969

Cell Phone 1973 Really?

GPS 1978

Super Glue 1958

I really and truly do feel like a codger. Where is my walker?

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  1. Love your blog…First Baptist Porter is a great church…Try it out…I Love your house…Also, I only see one 1940…I am really old…Carolyn

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