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Confessions of a Neurotic Furniture Repurposer

Here is the deal. I am selling stuff that won’t work in our new house. Most of what I am selling is at garage sale prices. I have heard from some of my blogger friends that I need to stop selling my painted work so cheap, but I do what I do for fun. One of the pieces I sold super cheap was a chalkboard painted armoire. It has been around the block a time or three. My plan was to turn the inside into my craft closet but it hadn’t happened yet when the big move started to commence. The outside of the cabinet was cute. I loved the vintage hardware spay painted silver, the funky moulding that hubby put on the front of the doors and the whole vibe of the piece.

chalkboard painted armoire
I sold it to a youngster who is getting married for her new home. I laid awake the night it sold thinking about how ugly the inside looked.  It was just not finished.
The next morning when I should have been packing I actually untaped my craft box, dug out fabric, batting, wire, my staple gun and got busy while hubby was making a trip to the storage unit. On one side of the door I always saw a picture/idea hanger side and a white board/bulletin board side.
While hubby was gone I cut the fabric stapled the batting to the door and got busy with the fabric. In my haste to finish when I should have been packing, I turned the stapler around backwards. I actually managed to staple my tummy.

Yep. I stapled my very own body with a staple gun. It hurt! Hubby doesn’t know so don’t tell him, please! I applied antibiotic cream then got back to work.

When Hubby got home he was impressed with my effort and attached the white board and cork board to the other side with no complaint. He even went to get a can of spray paint for me while he was out.  I spray painted the inside ( it could use another coat but it almost looks good).

It is not exactly my vision, but it is closer.

Here is the inside of the cabinet.

IMG_2591 craft cabinet

I really am pretty neurotic when it comes to my furniture. But, isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step? Those of you who want to show your husbands/ significant other that it could be worse, you could be like me, feel free to show him/ her this post. They will be thankful that you are not as far out the crazy scale as you could be.

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Neurotic Furniture Repurposer”

  1. I am definitely going to show my husband this post!! You poor thing!! Funny! I am the same way. I will lie awake thinking about whatever I am working on. I love how it turned out. Was the buyer excited?

  2. I understand your neurosis because I have it too! I have not just laid awake at night thinking about a piece, but have instead stayed up all night to finish it. I put off housework, forget to cook dinner, and ignore my loving hubby when I am inspired by a new piece. On the upside we have a designer look to our home at a tiny fraction of the cost!

    1. There is an upside, if those we love can put up with us. Our home sold for asking price before we even put it on the market. I do not think that would have happened if it were no so unique. Thank you for reading my blog.

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