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Buying and Selling


Well, here we go.  Apparently God knows I have a few lessons to learn.  I am still trying to figure out what those lessons are that I need to learn…patience? Perseverance?  Letting go?  Whatever the lesson, I am about to learn it.  Our city house is sold.  We close on it next Friday.  The house we were buying is not going to be our home.  I know that there is a special house out there waiting for us to buy it, love it, and make it our very own, but not the house I have been dreaming of, planning furniture for, and making plans to decorate is not going to be it.

I am proud of myself in that I have not cried.  It really is just a house and I will have to tell myself over and over again that there is something out there that is for us.  We are healthy, have great kids, and good jobs.  Not bad for two old homeless folk!   The adventure continues…

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