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Dirt Road Visit


Across the dirt road from my buddy, The Social Planner, this is what we see.  TSP picked the best spot on the planet to put her house because her neighbor makes sure she has a gorgeous view.  He works hard on his yard and it has all the trappings of a country gentleman’s estate.   Exactly what you would expect from Mr. Scott.  Except, Mr. Scott was a writer and photographer for Life Magazine before he  retired to Coldspring, Texas. In New York City.

There are four very spoiled horses on his land.  Just for looking at.  He doesn’t ride them.

As spoiled as the horses are, he has a bunch of chickens who have it made.  They live in a chicken coop that is the size of a small house.

When Mr. Scott goes out his back door and yells “Ladies”, the hens come running out of their house and into the fenced yard.  They love clover and know he is going to pick some and throw it into the yard.

This is a group of spoiled chickens.

They love the clover!

All the fencing is not to keep the chickens in.  Those birds know that they have it good and wouldn’t leave.  It is to keep snakes, raccoons, wild hogs and coyotes out.  Yep.  This is the real deal country.

Did you know that the color of the bird determines the color of the egg?  Mr. Scott schooled us on chickens.

He has had birds live more than 10 years.  One hen is 13.

He also grows things.  Baby boy was getting a lesson from him here.

Do you know what this is?

Here is a better shot.

It is asparagus!  It takes two years for asparagus to be established and ready for harvest.  I love asparagus and I think I am going to try some at Star Hill next year.

He also grows garlic and onions year around.

I had no idea that bees love garlic as much as they do.

Below is the view from Mr. Scott’s back porch.  What a lucky guy.

Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda enjoyed the walk down the dirt road

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