The City House

An Open First Box

This is not the first time I have moved. It may have been 14 years since my last move but we have lived in 8 homes since we married. One thing I learned about moving from all of those moves is that you need a basics box. This is a box that goes in to the truck or in this case the container, last. It is the first box out so that you have at least the basics as you move in.

Our box contains:

1 complete set of sheets, cheap pillows and a blanket ( I figure we will find our mattress in the container before the day is over!)

2 towels and wash cloths

A sample sized soap, shampoo, lotion etc.( in a zipper plastic bag)

Tool box- hammer, pliers, screw drivers



A Sharpie Marker

A knife

Paper towels

Basic cleaning supplies- dish soap, Windex, 409- double bagged in plastic gallon sized zipper bag

Plastic cups, plates and bowls

Toilet paper (Over the years we did move into a couple of places that even took the tp with them)


Trash bags

Note pad and pen

At the very least that first day- even if all the boxes are not found immediately or placed in the right room we can eat, sleep, bathe, and go potty. We also have the basics for opening boxes, gathering up trash, re labeling boxes, and dealing with the headache that is sure to come. I have that box delivered to the kitchen and it is opened before anything else comes in. When the have you seen… questions start I can usually supply at least something that will work for the problem. We are probably 80% moved in right now. Baby Boy, Sweet Amanda and their friends put in two hard days of work. My sister in law joined the party yesterday. We are sore, tired and feel incredibly blessed. As I type this Hubby is on his way to the house from Star Hill with a dog, a cat, (not kenneled because he could not find them!)and some of my new treasures. Photos as soon as I am satisfied with a room.

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