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We Don’t Do Easy At Our House- The Beverage Station Revealed


What do you get when you add one artistic, stubborn chick to one math minded, if I build it I expect it to last forever dude? You get most of our projects. We don’t do easy at our house. A while back ( like February!) I saw on Pinterest a sewing cabinet turned into a beverage station. Here is the link to the posting I saw: Beverage Station.

It looked simple enough. Put something into the hole that the sewing machine once lived in and voila! Shortly after finding this project online I found a sewing cabinet at a thrift store. $12.12 for the cabinet. It was a basic sewing cabinet that had no machine inside. Probably a 1960’s version. I was visiting my daughter in North Carolina so what could be better than bring something to work on home? For some reason I do not seem to have a photo of it when I bought it. I hope you can forgive me. I think that my brain is completely gone with all the moving. Here is a photo of the inside before Hubby got busy cutting.


I finally got the Garagemahal cleared enough that I could get moving on the beverage station. As I shared my idea with Hubby, I could see the wheels moving in his head. That is where the not easy part started. He decided that a sink would be the best thing to put in the station. A sink would drain when the ice melted without having to tip it over. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but we just so happened to have a stainless steel double sink in the hoard. You know those sinks that everyone is tearing out of their kitchen right now to put in under-mount sinks? That is what we had…well we actually had two.

Double Sink

Hubby got out his grinder. A scary machine that I do not touch. It sends sparks flying and takes some arm strength.

stainless steel

I now have two separate sinks instead of one double sink!

Grinder to make single sink

After he finished cutting the sink, he cut out a rough opening for the sink in the cabinet. The hole was not quite large enough.

2013-07-09 10.09.44

sewing machine to drink station2

As you see from this picture I also filled in the holes where the cabinet hardware was. I found one I liked a lot more at our local Restore for fifty cents. It will match the house better. Of course I am saving what I came on it for another project.

I liked the idea he had about dropping in a sink but the sink on top of the wood was going to keep the cabinet from closing flat. This is where the project becomes more complicated. Enter another tool I am not comfortable using. A router. Hubby routed out a groove on the top of the cabinet so that the sink would be recessed. A much better look.

Sewing machine to drink station

sewing cabinet to drink station

I know that it is not very noticeable here but the sink fits so much better now!

Painting began. First a coat of primer then Behr Sailboat Blue. My back porch is going to be colorful! By the way, we have now painted a chair, a table top, and the beverage station for just over 1/2 a quart of paint.

sailboat blue

sewing cabinet make over

I used floor poly that is nasty stuff on the entire cabinet. It is going to be on a covered porch but exposed to the elements so I wanted it to last. I even primed the inside of the cabinet and applied poly to that part too. I also had a bottle opener in my hardware collection. It is attached to the end of the cabinet. Here it is all finished.

Please go back and look at my inspiration post if you think this will be too complicated. I do love my beverage station and will be getting a lot of use out of it, especially since it will be as easy as emptying a bucket under it to get rid of the melted ice, but there are easier ways to make this cabinet. We just don’t do easy at our house. Enjoy the finished product.

beverage station 1

drink station



Showing off my new dispenser.


Bottle opener on the side



I scrubbed the life out of this sink!


When we are ready to drain the sink, a bucket collects the water.


My cabinet hardware.


we can use it like a table with the top closed

sewing cabinet bar

we had no ice at the house…poor planning on my part

sewing machine

I wanted you to see how steep the hill is. it was tricky getting this set up, but it will work great on our back porch!


53 thoughts on “We Don’t Do Easy At Our House- The Beverage Station Revealed”

  1. That is beautiful and so clever! Thanks for joining us at the Let’s Get Social Sunday. I also host a Tuesday party called The Gathering Spot and would love it if you’d come and link up. Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

  2. Oh My Goodness!! I Triple LOVE this! I have a machine cabinet just like that sitting empty whilst I think “make up dresser” “cutting board table” or any other crazy idea about it!! I want to do this so bad I actually MUST do this or Die trying! ITs that cool! I need your other half of the sink please πŸ™‚ and your other better half to do that work! Crazy cool girl! ( I really have an awesome cousin who may do this for me thanks much for this super cool idea)

  3. Okay I took another look at my cabinet turns out it isn’t exactly like yours. This one has a piece that opens in the front. Figured all the stuff out and now its stripped of its hardware it no longer will need. Question I’d like to ask is was yours solid wood? Mine has a very thin veneer over solid wood, and I am wondering if it can be routed like your hubby did ya’lls? (and all I could think of while taking all the hardware off was you sure don’t do easy at your house)

    1. Ok no need to answer the last question. I saw your inspiration post and that is the same type cabinet I am working with lol her’s is exactly like mine. πŸ™‚

  4. I love yours! I’m doing the same thing right now but I’m a bit worried about it tipping over if I’ve got a pretty glass lemonade dispenser on the flipped end. Is that a concern for you or is it heavy enough with ice and beverages in the sink??

    1. Wendy, I worried about that, too so since this was posted we attached a five pound weight to the side opposite the fold out part. When the sink is full of ice and drinks it isn’t a problem but I worried that it would become unbalanced.

  5. I stumbled across this when looking for ideas for my old stainless steel sink. This is very clever! Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks. We have made four of these now and given them as gifts. They are always a hit. I have two sewing cabinets in the garage waiting for sinks.

  6. I’m curious about the 5 pound weight. Did that work? Do you have a pic? I have sanded and primed my cabinet. It is ready for paint but stopped because I was afraid of tipping when it is done. I plan to modgepodge the top with magazine pictures.

  7. I really like this project and would like to make one. How supportive would you say the flip open lid is? Would you use it simply for cups or could it hold something heavier like a full pitcher?

    1. If the sink is full of ice and drinks you can put whatever you want on the lid. I added a weight to the inside wall of ours because I wanted to be sure. It has not been a problem.

    1. We haven’t had a problem with it tipping over but I have attend a weight to the wall opposite of the part that folds out and we keep the sink full until we are though. We don’t drain the melted ice until last.

  8. Weird question. I am doing this as a project for my house. However, I am rejoining the military and may end up having to sale. What would you price this piece for?

    1. Hi Lanetta,
      I really have no idea how much to charge for a beverage station. We have made 5 but they have all been gifts. I would guess…$150? I am a hobbyist and don’t sell much.

  9. This is awesome! I have an old sewing cabinet I wanted to throw away last summer but my husband wouldn’t let me ( which is odd) this is exactly what he wanted to do. I must be rubbing off on him! Now thanks to you we have the steps to do it!

  10. Absolutely love it!! I just made my own Thai weekend but wish I would have seen your tutorial first. Using the sink is an awesome idea, I may have to swap out the galvanized tub that I used.

    1. It doesn’t usually sit in the grass. It usually sits on our deck where water is a problem It just looks funny to me without the tub.

  11. This came out very nice, well done. My first sewing table is exactly like this one and I’m trying to decide on the colors and design. I also have 2 other sewing machine tables that are of 2 different designs that I will turn in to mini bars or drink stations.

  12. My Girl Scout Troop was gifted 10 machines in cabinets. I purchased carrying cases as they will have to moved from place to place for many years and then hopefully go to college with the Scouts.
    I asked my grown-up (grandma) friends if they’d like me to bring them to our next reunion and they got real excited! So now we’re looking at ways to convert to drink stations and your Pinterest post was the first one- thanks for the great hints!

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