The City House

My Office

I am just about done with my work office.  Tuesday I will have all the pictures loaded but I wanted you to see the progress.  It has taken me some time to come to terms with and attack my less than awesome baby blue walls and windowless space.

bare office

Here is the what it looked like when I moved in.

When my office was built it was designed as a storage room.  Yes, I do feel pretty special.  When you are the principal of an Early College High School that is starting up, you take what you can get.  In my new digs I am thrilled to have room for a conference table and storage cabinet.  My last office was less spacious.  I will never understand the color choices some designers make.  This block of tile is right outside the office.  I tell my students that the person who decorated this building wanted to use all the colors in the crayon box.  We have lime, pink, yellow and blue entryways.


I decided to run with the baby blue, yellow and rose to make the office have a vintage vibe.  I re-did a 1970’s Fabulous china cabinet for the space.

Redone China Cabinet



I brought in my old student Readers like Dick and Jane and have started collecting old school globes and school equipment for the space.


I just found the globe on the right at Goodwill.  The front blue stone globe was a gift from some dear friends when I got my master’s degree.  The small globe behind it came from a school that has now been torn down and replaced, The large globe was replaced when The USSR changed.


I just had these scales given to me by a sweet lady who works in the building.  They are perfect.

A sewing cabinet  given to me by a friend that I redid for office supplies has a place along with my paint chip art piece,


I made a bulletin  board from foam board and my fabric hoard.  The color is perfect.


Bulliten Board

Dick and Jane cards framed and a calendar are cheap alternatives for art.



I found a magnet board at Kirkland’s for $10.00.  I couldn’t make it for much less!  It will be a good place for me to put up student work that they are proud of.

magnetic board

My job makes me happy.  I hope my office reflects me.  In educating students and collecting things I believe that you sometimes have to look past the current state and instead focus on the potential then help it to reach that potential.

It is why I do, what I do.  I will see you Thursday with pictures of the whole room.  I will not say it is finished, but I now smile when I open the door.

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