Salado, Texas

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I really do love being a Texan.
The diverse landscape, the mix of old and new, Geman, Mexican, French, Czech, Greek, and English settlers made Texas home and we all get to benefit. One day I am going to introduce you to my favorite foods, from all the melting pot that is Texas, but not today.
Today we are out exploring one of my top five Texas small towns. Salado, Texas. A Scottish town that has a long history.


Salado House of Clans



My Hubby grew up in Central Texas near Salado. He wanted to visit where he grew up to celebrate his birthday. I was thrilled to visit this area in the fall. (Thanks Hubby being born in the fall!) I discovered Salado on one of my first spring visits to my Hubby’s family. My mother in law and I would go to Salado when we could sneak away. The Stagecoach Inn is an institution It really was a stagecoach stop way back when it opened. The food in the restaurant is good.   I love that there is no printed menu.  The waitress tells you what is on the menu and takes the order verbally.

Stagecoach Inn





I recommend the Yellow House Bed and Breakfast. It is a weekend trip worth taking in fall or spring. It is boiling hot in the summer and unpredictable in winter. It can be beautiful in winter or there could be ice and sleet.   This bed and breakfast is in downtown, but really close to the road.  It may be awesome, I just don’t know.

The Salado Inn

The stream that runs through town is beautiful. An old grist mill next to the stream is now a shop to visit. There are sweet little artsy type shops everywhere and a couple of great wineries nearby.

salado roadside


Melons growing downtown on a stairway.



The Texas drought is really taking a toll.  This stream is normally running freely.


Salado spillway

I have waded in the water here before.  The spillway usually has water running over it all the time.




Salado is a quirky artsy little town.  Who paints bikes and hangs them on a fence.


The historic bridge has a troll and goat guarding it.



We even got the chance to visit friends who live at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. What a view!

Stillhouse Hollow Lake View


The Roquemores

Our Baytown friends have quite the view!  I love their home.





Enjoy our day and visit Salado when you can.

The Homeplace

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My husband grew up on a farm in Troy, Texas. 46 in his graduating class. When I say farm I mean the party line phone, water well that dries up in the summer, hard work kind of place. The home hasn’t been lived in for 25 years or so, and shouldn’t have been lived in for longer than that but it is a place of happy memories for my husband and his family. Both his parents are gone but the kids still own the property they grew up on. This weekend Hubby and I went back to the old home place. Hubby hadn’t been out to the farm in a few years and I love this area in the fall.

The weeds and trees were so overgrown you can no longer drive in. This definitely limited the wood we got.

Here are some shots from the farm. We picked the perfect weekend. The first cold front of the season blew in while we were there. The temperature dropped all day. We needed jackets by the evening.

Lower Troy

On the way to the farm.

Pavement Ends Sign

This really is where the pavement ends.

road to the farm

The gravel road was in great shape.

road into farm

The road into the farm was not so great.

washed out culvert

The culvert stopped us from going further.  Washed out.

window frame

Not much left of the home.  This window was about all that was in tact.

creek bottom overgrown farm farm trailer leaves road into farm 1-IMG_3819 seed pod dried thistle

wild morning glory farm flowers

old farm tractor tree growing around tractor old tractor

texas farmland barbed wire troy farm tractor barnwood 1-IMG_3757


Here are some of my treasures. We found:
An old ceramic sink. It will be part of my backyard kitchen soon.

old ceramic sink
An old Kerr jar.


A tractor seat. There is a project in the very near future for this.

Some barn wood

A door off the shed. I love this but need to figure out what I want to do with it.

barn door

All it took was a circular saw, a crowbar, drill and muscles to get the treasures out!  The old place has a wild beauty now that really doesn’t resemble the place my husband grew up on.  The windmill has been stolen, the fields are full of trees and the  buildings are all down but the happy memories remain.

Me Maw’s Garden Shed

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My friend, The Social Planner, Tanis also has another name.  Me Maw.   She has three precious grand babies who call her that.   One of the things that  Tanis has wanted to get started at the Rockin F was a garden.  She started her gardening in container gardens growing herbs.  She also has quite a few potted plants.  The big garden will be coming once the land is cleared of roots and stumps.  Here is what the land looked like 8 months ago: Rocking F

Living in the country like this couple does means that they had to put in a well.  The well needed to be covered so a well house was built.

water pump building

Isn’t it great?  They built the pump building large enough to store things that are needed around the house but not attractive.

The Social Planner, AKA Me Maw, looked at that building and thought instantly that a shed should be added on for her gardening.  Her husband recruited help and got busy.  Step one was to add a roof and support beams to the shed.

Larry got his recently retired friend, Rex to help with this part.

Step two was to add in some counters to use as work space.

garden shed building

Larry’s brother in law, Ted helped with this part.

Step three was to add a gravel floor and walkway.  Finally, Tanis got to move in.  She added her personality to the shed.

Here is the back wall of the finished shed.  This area is most protected from the elements.

Tanis added a  little bit of whimsy here in the potting shed.  I love that she is using an old rake to hang things.

rack as hooks

She found interesting shelving and waterproof containers to keep items in.

potting shed shelf

Me Maw's Garden

Sign is courtesy of her daughter in law, Lauren with hand prints by the kiddos.

fun touches to shed

It looks like she is ready to pick berries or flowers.

My all time favorite part of the shed is the sink.  We saw this done two years ago at Round Top, Texas.  It inspired us both so much that we both came home and bought old sinks.  Sadly, mine is still sitting in the Garagemahal waiting for a counter.  ( Hint, Hint… it sure would be awesome in our new back yard!)

reusing old window

Love that view out her re-purposed window.  The sink hooks to a water hose when needed so that you have real running water out there.

garden sink

She found this water faucet towel ring and soap dish that I LOVE!  It looks perfect out in the shed.

fall decoration

The business side of the shed is the potting bench.

potting bench

It is a place to pot plants without making a mess.  The dirt falls right through the wire mesh to be reused.

potting shed trash

She found a burlap sack to serve as a trash container.  I especially like the holder that she found.  I so want one of these.

Tanis put up two screen doors to serve as a visual divide at the corner.

sceen door  corner

The shed has a gravel floor with paving stones to stand on.  If you are wondering why I didn’t get any outside shots, it was open house weekend and the place was crawling with people.  It was also pouring rain.   I got to stand in the shed and listen to the rain on the tin roof.  It was so very relaxing.   I will be back to get some additional shots but I wanted to share her progress. I will try not to be too jealous of the finished shed! 🙂  I think my buddy did a great job!

Fall Front Yard

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Have I told you how much I love fall? I love the color, the cooler weather, and spending more time outside. We got busy cleaning up the yard and putting up a little fall decor. Life on the cul de sac is great and the neighbors are known for their Halloween parties so we had to make our house look presentable.  The large pumpkins were cut out from left over fencing when we put in the reclaimed wood wall.

DIY HERE for Reclaimed wood pumpkin.
The flower bed is cleaned up, some mums are planted, and the pumpkins are out.


I really did take the stickers off the pumpkins.  Not sure why this is the only photo from this angle I saved.

purple mums

The reclaimed pumpkins add a rustic charm to the front yard of our Austin stone and red brick home.

reclaimed wood pumpkins

Here is a close up of the bow.

reclaimed wood pumpkin

I really do like the asymmetrical shapes.

fencing to pumpkin  Welcome fall!

fall front yard

I left the zinnas that are still blooming so they got to stay.  The others are now in the compost.

fall flower bed

Open House at the Rockin’ F Ranchito

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Map of Texas highlighting San Jacinto County

Map of Texas highlighting San Jacinto County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember my Social Planner, Tanis? She and her husband Larry retired to Coldspring, Texas and have spent the last year selling their two homes- a lake house and their city home, clearing land, planning a new home, and finally building and moving in to their dream home. They really did find a slice of heaven when they found the 22 acres that they are quickly turning into their family gathering spot.









This past weekend they held an open house. Friends and family were invited up to visit and enjoy their world. The Social Planner went all out.

rockin f


You know it is going to be a place in the country when you have to have signs  because the GPS might not work.



The house was in full fall decorating mode,

rockin f front porch


I love the front porch.  I wish I could bottle the view,

Texas Wreath


The Social Planner’s niece made this awesome wreath.  Love it.


fall door



The barn red front door looks perfect.

pebble fountain


Beside the front door there is this great fountain.  It is so peaceful and the etched rocks remind the person sitting on the porch why the couple chose this spot.


fall mums


I love the fall mums.

There was a hay ride, the covered porch was loaded with ice chests, places to sit and eat and things for the kiddos to do.

hay ride







on hay ride


hay ride on property

The Social Planner has three grandkids already and another on the way. She also has a nephew with three kids and when all of them are over the place is hopping. It is great to see a place that is so full of laughter and love.

Out at the back of the property the guys hunt doves, do target practice and just hang out.

dove hunting

The Social Planner got lots of loot at her open house. I am so happy for both of them. They have a beautiful home and open hearts.



The frame above and the chalkboard below are in their awesome laundry room.  The Social Planner found the two windows on the side of the road.  They are as found, except for a couple of coats of poly.   One day the house will be empty enough for me to take pictures of the room.  This weekend it was full of purses, phones charging, dogs, and toys.



The Social Planner and her childhood friend working in the kitchen.  This kitchen fed a ton of people.


Enjoy the photos from their beautiful home and friends who visited for the weekend.  I hope the photos reflect their style, the love their friends feel for them, and family.

IMG_3679   IMG_3681 IMG_3686 IMG_3690 IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3697   rockin f ranchito      as good as it gets mantle

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