Barn Door as Art Installation

My Burb Home is coming along. Old and new, vintage and modern all mixed together.

My Burb Home

Recently we took a trip back to my husband’s home place.  There is not much left standing there now but there is a remnant of an old barn.  Laying on the ground, under the rubble and a fallen tree Hubby spied this barn door.  It took a chain saw,  a circular saw, a crow bar and some muscle to get it out of the pile but I loved the look.

removing barn door

I knew immediately that I wanted this hanging above the teal French Provincial dresser we are using as our family room media center.

barn door

found barn door

Don’t you love the weathered patina on the wood and the rust hinges?  There is a key hole on the other side of the door, but that side is boring so this side gets to be on display.  It is way too fragile to be a functional door, but still gets to be a part of our…

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