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7 Unconventional Christmas “Trees”


Hubby and I went on an adventure to Spring Texas to see the Christmas décor at Main Street America.  Those folks are genius!  They have figured out a way get people to pay to look at model homes and sell the furniture that they stage the homes with in a furniture store on site.  We barely made it to the last night of the Christmas on Main Street event.  I will, by tonight have photos of the Christmas trees and décor up by the end of the night on My Burb Home, which is my other blog.  But, here are several “Trees” I fell in love with and plan to attempt to replicate next year.

For the Weekend Home:

I love this stick and wire wall tree.  Hubby wants to make ours out of barbed wire. I do not however, want the creepy figure hanging from the top.

Stacked Log Tree

What an easy tree to make for a small space! Perfect for our little home.

Wood Parts Trees

I am not sure what to call these three trees, but one is made from wood discs, one from wood chips, and one from bark. They will be perfect at the lake house.

For My Burb Home

I love the simplicity of this Mod Podged frame filled with balls. Some are covered with twine, some with decoupage, some with natural materials. You will see a large one of these in the odd space in our hallway next year. Think sheet music here.

For School

It is all going to be about books next year at school.

Book Pages Tree

What a simple idea. Tear pages from books and attach them to a tree form. I think mine will be tea stained.

Book Tree
A tree from books. I LOVE THIS!

Finally, there were two other trees I am not sure where they will end up, but I will be looking for the parts to make them.

Ball Tree

I will be looking for random balls to make look like these at resale and garage sales this year to make these. I really like the look.

Starfish Christmas Tree
I am in love with these trees. I know a ton of folks with beach houses, so if I find cheap starfish, I will be making one of these… just because they are fun.

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