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Weekend Finds and the Plans I Have for Them

This past weekend I visited my favorite faith-based resale shop up near our lake house. It had been a few weeks since my last visit and stuff had been dropped off. I love this little place. It is totally run by volunteers and the proceeds go toward their youth ministry. It is hit or miss with me finding stuff but this week was a hit.

Outside in the weather was this 1940’s waterfall style Art Deco dresser.

I was surprised that Hubby didn’t totally turn up his nose at this piece, but he liked it too. I mean she was rough. The veneer was peeling off on every curved surface. The varnish on the sides looked like reptile skin and was so loose it literally blew off when Hubby blew out the inside with a leaf blower. I offered the lady at the shop $20.00 for the piece but she said no. She told me she couldn’t sleep at night if she took that much for the vanity. She took $10.00 for the dresser.

Feeling guilty for getting the dresser so cheap, I walked inside and saw this beauty. I mean this side table defines 1970’s fabulous. Can you just imagine the room this beauty was in? Orange shag carpet…that needed raking, paneling, over the top lamps and a flowered couch. That is my story and I am sticking to it. For $5.00 this guy was mine.


I know you think I am crazy right now. Hang on.

Hubby spied this beat up maple night stand hidden by the door. An additional $5.00 and it was also loaded up.


She threw in an “ugly frame” when I asked the price. It is going to be a great project in the near future. No photos yet.

Soooo… Here are my plans for the three pieces:
The Vanity is going to be painted using this piece as inspiration. I would link the source but it is a dead end on the internet.

I am sad there is no mirror, but I will be looking for an awesome shaped mirror that I can personalize to go above the vanity. I thought I might be selling this piece but it is going in my bathroom. I need an awesome vanity to make me feel pretty. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

This is the color I am going with.  Sea Salt.

French Provincial ornate

Here are my plans for the piece.


The 1970’s Fab night stand will be sold. I love ornate side tables. In the right space they add that wow factor. Here are three of my favorite ornate end tables. All of them make me smile, but live in other homes now.
marble topped side table

spray painted ornate side table

Painting the Night Stands Yellow

My plan for this one is to add a stained wood top. The top on this piece is shot so I am going to skin it with super thin plywood stained dark. The base. Well I need help here. What do you think? Blue, green, aged white, or red?  Something different?  Help me… please. I plan on lightly distressing the edges and glazing once painted. Click the photos to take you to the source.





I know for sure what I will be doing with the maple table.
I am painting it like I did the Junk Fairy end table and donating it to be sold by Team Dean. I know and love this sweet family. When they asked for art donations in green I knew what I could give.

Junk Fairy End Table

So, what do you think about my $20.00 finds from the weekend now that you can see past the ugly?

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If You Can’t Commit Don’t Get A Pet

I got the following message from my lake house neighbor Thursday night: “ FYI, you and Hubby have a new dog. A white spotted one that has been living on your porch since at least Mon. He has a routine of spending part of the afternoon in your side yard in the sun, but early mornings and evening, he camps inside the fence and bays. Yes, bays, he’s loud and I’m sure nothing has been able to get anywhere near your property since he arrived.
Translation: Someone dumped a poor defenseless dog at your empty home. In winter. With it expected to snow and the temperature to be below freezing for several days. No food. No water.
I do not know the dog dumper but I will go on record saying I do not like this person. When we arrived Friday afternoon with snow on the ground and temperatures in the 20’s there was a shivering, hungry scared 30 pound mostly grown puppy on our porch.
snow on the ground
There was snow on the ground

snow on the steps

paw prints in the snow
When we got to the house we could not see the dog, but the footprints were in the snow on the porch.

dog dumped
By the time we unloaded the truck she showed up.

We spent the morning Saturday trying to find a no kill shelter. We have a 15-year-old Pomeranian who has congestive heart failure and other issues. We also have an 11-year-old cat who hates every dog on the planet. We learned after talking to three shelters in the county that they were all full. We spent the weekend trying to figure it all out. She is a sweet-natured dog who has definitely lived with a family. You can see where a collar once was around her neck. She knows how to sit, can play fetch, can ride in the truck without problems,responds to basic commands- as well as any 8 or 9 month old will. In short, she wrapped herself around our hearts. I have an idea that she was a super cute little puppy who grew, jumped, chewed, and had more energy than the owners wanted to deal with. Puppies this big do those things a lot.

People, please make sure you can deal with a dog before you get one. Before you bring that little puppy home make sure you have the time, patience, and finances to take on the responsibility. Ask questions,

We are not sure how it is going to work, but we are willing to give the girl a home if she can tolerate the backyard in the suburbs. Thankfully we have patient neighbors who have already met her. A “Hubby made” dog house is in our near future, there is a trip to the groomer, and vet next week and I think we now will not have an excuse to miss our walks. We are not going to be the only one needing our exercise. We will be spending a lot of time working on her barking. She definitely has some bird dog in her and sounds like she is on the hunt when she gets excited.


Update:  We named the sweet girl Lumi, which means snow in Finnish.  She is a total house dog and has taken to crate training like a champ.  She went to the vet where they agreed she is between 8 and 10 months old, so not fully grown.  She loves to play fetch and will go after her tennis ball until she just about cannot walk.  She has learned to drop it at my feet and knows where we keep the ball.  I left one tennis ball where she could reach it and found it in about 20 pieces on the floor.   If I ask her if she wants to go outside, she runs to where the ball is and waits.  The rest of the creatures at our house are getting accustomed to her…slowly.

lumi tennis ball
The tennis ball. Or should I say the former tennis ball.
Chew sticks make it about 2 hours at our house.

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Cedar Windfall

Guess what I got this weekend?  I got a load of gorgeous cedar lumber!  I am so excited about doing some projects.

cedar lumber

My dad had cedar trees on his timber property that a guy wanted to buy from him.  Dad went in halves with the guy.  That means that the guy did all the work on the cedar in exchange for half the wood.  My sweet dad had him cut some of the wood for me to use from a few of the trees and surprised me this weekend.  It is so pretty.  I hate that it is outside right now, but will soon be safe inside the Garagemahal.

Project # 1 is going to be a bench for my mom and dad’s covered porch at their property.  The top is going to be a 2″ thick slab with rustic legs that I am going to attempt to build all on my own.  I will have my hubby acting as tutor, but I really am wanting to do more actual construction on my own.  I am learning that I can do more than I think I can.  Here is the inspiration piece:

source: Follow Your Heart

You think I am up for it?  I sure hope so. If not, it will still make a great story for you guys to read.

Project #2 is beefing up our mantle in our suburban home.  The fireplace is beautiful but the mantle is so shallow that I cannot decorate up there and it it is way too fussy a fireplace for me.   I have to “line everything up in a row” if I am going to put anything on the mantel right now. I am going to add a wide cedar top board and frame out the fire-box with cedar something sort of  like what you see below.  I may add cedar to the hollowed out area too… not sure.  I am going to use the wormy cedar on the sides.  It looks so cool.

burb home fireplace

I want it to be reversible when we sell the house and I think that we should be able to remove this.

Cedar Mantel – Project of the Week | The Wood Whisperer
Source: The Wood Whisperer

cedar wormy close up

cedar wormy

Project # 3 is going to be my personal favorite.  I have a huge natural edge slab that is going to become a bench for our suburban home and a shelf for the lake house behind the wood burning stove once we get the rusted tin up.  Man I cannot wait until we get the fascia boards done and the porch painted so we can get started on the inside of the house!  I am so very ready but I know we have to do some outside maintenance work first.  Boo.

Live Edge Oak and Elm slab bench, table, TV stand Natural wood

Source: Art Fire

Live edge floating shelf


cedar natural edge

Project #4 is going to be using the bark part of the tree (peeled) to make some shelves for our lake house master bedroom.  I want four or five of the thin shelves on the wall for my milk glass collection.  I think I can beat $72.00 for two of them.

Source: Etsy

cedar log ends

After that all bets are off but I will bet that a table will be made from the milled lumber for sure.  The wood I have at the house is just a sample of the wood coming my way.  woo hoo!

What would you do if you were given a load of beautiful cedar boards?  I am open to suggestions.

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Finding Balance

My sweet baby girl, The Southern Belle, came for a visit this weekend.  She is running in the Houston Marathon.  This will be her third marathon in a year.

Here she is in Boston this year.  She was already headed back to her room when the devastation occurred. We are thankful. blessed.

Rachel Boston Marathon

I have a lot to learn from that very smart young lady.  She is already working on, and succeeding at, something that I have always had hard time with and does a waaay better job than I do.  She has found ways to balance what is important in her life.   She got married this summer to a great guy.  We love Big Cat and attribute some of the fun factor in her life to his influence.

Rachel and Joe

the southern belle

In addition to being married, she holds a very demanding job and all the obligations that it entails, has an active membership in a service organization, is still active in her local chapter of her college sorority, and has set aside time for her passion, which is running.   She is also the first one to mail a birthday card or post card from her travels, she calls her parents and grandparents regularly, keeps up with her college buddies,

Rachel 4

keeps a clean house, and still has time to socialize with her friends.

rachel 1

She is not afraid to tell someone who calls that now is not a good time ( even her mom!), but she will call them back.  I feel guilty doing this.  She is willing to be the first one up on holidays so that she can go to the gym or for a run before the day gets started, she looks for things to do that are fun but still fulfill her responsibilities or include friends. (We passed out pink ribbons at the Carolina Panthers football game before the game got started on one visit and went to a KIPP academy event on another trip .  She planned a Pinterest party on one visit and we ate out at potential wedding rehearsal sites on a pre wedding visit.) As I thought about all she has going on and how she is able to manage it I thought about the rock analogy.   You have probably heard this story told before but like me,  you may not have seen it.  You may also be like me and just need a reminder.

My word this year is focus.  I need to focus on what makes my heart sing, and put those the big rocks first then let the rest settle in around what is important to me. I need to stop relinquishing control of my agenda to others who may not have the same priorities I do, and I need to focus on my spiritual, physical and emotional health.

This Weekend Country Girl is going to put marriage, family, faith, and health in her jar first. Oh, and laughter.  I need a lot more of that.  Doesn’t this picture of my four kids just make you smile? It sure does make my heart sing.


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Building A Sliding Barn Door

If you have been following me at My Burb Home, you know I have wanted to put a sliding barn door into our new suburban, plain vanilla, generic, home. The study center at the front of our home does not have a door. With my son and daughter in law living in this area, we wanted to be able to allow us all to have more privacy. I also really like the way that the door will look!

House floorplan

When I came up with the sliding door idea, Hubby suggested we go back to his home place for barn wood.   No one lives there now and the buildings are literally falling down, but some of the wood from the barns is still in usable condition.
home place

We loaded up a pile of wood along with something else very special I have coming up. Here is the pile of wood we brought back.
raw reclaimed wood
The dimensions of the opening mean that we will need a door a smidgen over 108 inches tall and 40 inches wide. Do you know what a door those dimensions would cost? More than we would spend?… that is all I’m saying.

When we woke up Saturday morning it was like the stars and planets aligned to make this door possible. It was 60 degrees, sunny, low humidity, and even more unbelievable where we live, there was no wind. Perfect outdoor work conditions.
We got busy.
Hubby got busy and cut the boards into 40 inch lengths. I was so proud he got out his safety glasses and ear protection without my fussing that they got a photo.  Yay Hubby!
getting ready to work on reclaimed wood

Because the wood was so rough, he trimmed the sides of each board on the table saw so that we did not waste any wood but got rid of the rough edges. It took 9 of them plus an additional six inch board. Look at those rings. This wood grew slowly and is dense. I love how beautiful the wood looks on the edges.

reclaimed wood

tree ring

old wood

Once they were cut, we laid them up against the fence and gave them all a scrub down. I used the jet sprayer on the hose and a scrub brush.

Here they are before:
dirty reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood

Here they are washed:
washed reclaimed wood


Here they are dried:
cleaned reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood woodgrain
Once they were cleaned up it was obvious we had some pine, cedar, and I think…cypress? Not sure about the third type. It held up well like cedar, but did not have any red or smell. This was real deal barn wood and the builder of the barns, who was probably the farmer, used what was available and it wasn’t always the same wood.
We laid the wood out on two 2 X 4’s so that it was off the floor. I was in charge of arranging the wood, but Hubby had veto power if the piece was too hard to nail in. Here they are laid out.

old wood door
Hubby nailed long sections of cedar we took off the lake house when we changed out the siding around the edge then added an X of wood through the center. I wanted the look of a divided door so there are two X’s on the door. Here it is put together:
reclaimed 1

reclaimed 2

reclaimed 3

reclaimed 4
The back we decided to leave pretty much alone. We just added trim around the outside edge. I wanted to be able to see the wood from the back when the door is closed.
reclaimed 5

reclaimed 6

reclaimed wood woodgrain
You can see the different types of wood in this close up.

reclaimed wood 7
I decided to polyurethane the whole door. I debated keeping it raw, but I wanted the wood to have a richer look in our entry way.
I used Rustoleum Oil Based Clear Satin
polurethane wood
Here is the difference between the wood polyurethaned and raw. I like both.

Here is the barn door with poly on it.

The door will be hung in a few weeks. I really like how it turned out. More to come
polyurethane wood 2
This is just a coat of polyurethane. There is no stain or color added, the poly just brings out the rich tones of the wood.

barn door 1

barn door 2

barn door 3

barn door 4

barn door 5

barn door 6

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10 of My Favorite Posts and a Big Thank You!

If things go as they have been for the last week, by the time I wake up tomorrow I will have had 50,000 page views on my little teeny tiny minnow of a blog. I will also be celebrating two years of blogging. There are blogs out there that get 50,000 page views a day and it has taken me two years.  I never said I was fast.  first and foremost, I want to say thank you, friends, for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for causing me to improve what I produce. I still have no idea what I am doing most of the time. By that I mean my husband and I are making it up as we go on our projects, and sometimes failing miserably. I am about the most technology challenged blogger out there. There have been many times when I did something on the blog but had no idea what I did, how to fix it, or if it was good, how to repeat that good thing. Between the time I started this blog and now both our children have married, my husband and I changed jobs, we sold a home, went a while “between homes”, bought a home and moved to a new city, my son and daughter in law have moved in part-time, I started a new blog called My Burb Home, and I have taken up photography as a hobby. Not bad for two folks in their 50’s.

This next year we plan to travel to two places on our bucket list, work on both our weekend home and our suburban home, build a raised garden, put in a fire pit,and continue to work on found furniture.  Life is good for this weekend loving couple.

I wanted to share with you some projects from the last two years.  As I looked back, there were others that could have or should have made the cut but I plan on rewriting several of them now that I don’t stink like when I started. Not many of you were around when I first logged in, set up an account and started rambling so some of the projects below may be new to you. Just click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the original blog.  I hope you enjoy.

10. French provincial furniture makeover.  I love that we were able to take a couple of homely particle board pieces of furniture and make them beautiful. I am seriously considering selling this set because I want to redo the room like now I recently saw on a home tour but I love the color combination and how much I learned on this project.

French Provincial Dresser

9. Western Dresser.  We found a homely little Goodwill dresser and made it something fun for the lake house guest room we call the bunk room.
western dresser

8. Table and Banquette seating out of reclaimed wood.  Wow! This is one of my oldest posts and my dinky little camera did not do this beauty any justice.  I will be re-photographing this set.  This was a collaboration between Hubby and me to come up with a solution to a tiny space using reclaimed siding from our house.  It is one of the most functional spaces in our home now.

Making Room for a Dining Area at Star Hill

7.  Farmhouse Table.  I love the look of a rustic table but man, they are expensive. Our $90.00 solution to this problem turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It moved with us and was where we gathered for our first Thanksgiving meal in the new home.

farmhouse table

6.  Wedding Chalkboard.  I did tell you my kids got married, right?  I was fortunate enough that both my daughter and daughter in law wanted me to make personal items for their wedding.   I loved that they wanted things that I worked on as a part of their special day.  The link above is one of those items, an ornate frame my daughter in law, Sweet Amanda, found at a resale shop that I redid for the wedding and added a chalkboard.  I chose this one because it was the first wedding project. I love all four of my precious kids.

DIY Framed Chalkboard

5.  Map Chair.  Another piece of furniture that needs to be re-photographed.  This little chair would be easy to recreate for a friend moving to a new city or a college student who needs to remember where home is. I seem to have a thing for chairs.

Map Chair Seat

4.  Painted Suitcases.  I have made a total of seven of these painted suitcases now  The link is to four of them I did at one time.  I love finding cheap old hard sided suitcases, priming, painting, distressing, glazing then adding a chalkboard to one side.  It makes a great entry into a home when guests are coming over or to announce an event. If I ever started a business, I would sell these because I enjoy mine so much.

Chalkboard Suitcase

3.  Junk Fairy End Table.  The last three are easy.  They are my favorite, favorite projects.  They speak to my love of color, family and friends.  The junk fairy ( AKA The Social Planner) dropped off this homely table while we were gone one day. I did not need it, so posted a photo of it on Facebook and offered to redo it for a friend. Robin snagged it. I am happy that she chose green as the color for the table. I really like how the stained top turned out. I enjoyed it so much that I painted a table in my own home close to the same colors.
The finished green end table

2.  Beverage Station.  I am now working on number three of these babies. What a great re-purpose project for an old stainless sink and a sewing machine cabinet. I love the look and they make entertaining in a back yard or porch more inviting. My favorite blue color, Behr sailboat blue, got used here. My long-suffering husband gets major credit for the stainless sink idea here.
drink station
1.  Mudroom Bench.  When we moved this year I literally looked for homes that my mudroom bench would fit in. It is by far my most favorite project to date. I look forward to the day that someone sends me a photo of their version of the project.&nbsp; A found dresser, waiting for heavy trash pickup, and a resale shop mirror turned into this beauty.
mudroom bench

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane. Thank you for taking the time to look back on my last two years. Thank you for allowing me to share what we do.

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Treadle Sewing Machines Become Side Tables

This past summer I found two treadle sewing machines while out looking for a sewing cabinet to make a beverage station. Here is a hint. When you are at garage sales looking for specific items always ask the seller if they have them. When I asked about old sewing machines the man holding the garage sale remembered he had these in the back of his shop. I paid $25.00 for each machine.

singer treadle sewing machine

treadle sewing machine
They were not identical, and I liked that about them.

The sewing cabinets were not salvageable so they had to come off but the bases. All that time in damp shed caused them to dry rot and the glue in the plywood to break down. The wood was like paper when we tried to touch it. I knew immediately that the metal bases would be night stands in our lake house bedroom. I like the industrial look against the reclaimed wood wall. I originally thought I would reconnect the drawer units until Hubby found these industrial tool cabinet tops that would fit the bases and would be tough for the hard life they get at the lake, but there was no room for the side drawers.

I happen to have a collection of drawers at the Garagemahal that I knew would work as a center drawer in each cabinet. See, that hoarding pays off.

Hubby put his biscuit joiner to work and connected two 1X4 sections to each side of the top so the drawer hardware would work. He also had to cut the drawers down to make them 12 inches deep instead of 18 inches. If you have the chance, get yourself a handy husband. I recommend it highly. This was the first time he broke out this new toy, and it is great.
installing drawer
I painted the 1X4 sides black to blend in with the black metal treadle base.

Baby Boy was at the lake house and volunteered to give the bases a bath.
cleaning sewing table
Why is it that the men in my life don’t smile? Could it be washing down a sewing treadle in 50 degree weather was not his idea of fun?
sewing teadle

I polyurethaned the metal bases with a satin finish to give the metal some richness.

We are not finished with these side tables, but I wanted to show you the progress so far. The room is coming along. The drawer is going to be distressed navy blue, and I still need to find hardware but here is one of the tables in place.

pull out drawe installed

drawer under the top

singer sewing teadle

side table out of sewing treadle
We are nearing the end of redoing our lake house master bedroom.

Reclaimed wood wall is finished.
Door headboard is finished.
Side tables are almost done.
Window trim is installed and painted.
Reclaimed wood moulding is installed around the ceiling of the room.
I can’t wait to show you the finished project. I still have curtains, wall paint and furniture to paint but the hard stuff is done and I found the perfect quilt for the space. This room is only 10 feet wide and 12 feet long so not much to paint.