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Treadle Sewing Machines Become Side Tables


This past summer I found two treadle sewing machines while out looking for a sewing cabinet to make a beverage station. Here is a hint. When you are at garage sales looking for specific items always ask the seller if they have them. When I asked about old sewing machines the man holding the garage sale remembered he had these in the back of his shop. I paid $25.00 for each machine.

They were not identical, and I liked that about them.

The sewing cabinets were not salvageable so they had to come off but the bases. All that time in damp shed caused them to dry rot and the glue in the plywood to break down. The wood was like paper when we tried to touch it. I knew immediately that the metal bases would be night stands in our lake house bedroom. I like the industrial look against the reclaimed wood wall. I originally thought I would reconnect the drawer units until Hubby found these industrial tool cabinet tops that would fit the bases and would be tough for the hard life they get at the lake, but there was no room for the side drawers.

I happen to have a collection of drawers at the Garagemahal that I knew would work as a center drawer in each cabinet. See, that hoarding pays off.

Hubby put his biscuit joiner to work and connected two 1X4 sections to each side of the top so the drawer hardware would work. He also had to cut the drawers down to make them 12 inches deep instead of 18 inches. If you have the chance, get yourself a handy husband. I recommend it highly. This was the first time he broke out this new toy, and it is great.

I painted the 1X4 sides black to blend in with the black metal treadle base.

Baby Boy was at the lake house and volunteered to give the bases a bath.

Why is it that the men in my life don’t smile? Could it be washing down a sewing treadle in 50 degree weather was not his idea of fun?

I polyurethaned the metal bases with a satin finish to give the metal some richness.

We are not finished with these side tables, but I wanted to show you the progress so far. The room is coming along. The drawer is going to be distressed navy blue, and I still need to find hardware but here is one of the tables in place.

We are nearing the end of redoing our lake house master bedroom.

Reclaimed wood wall is finished.
Door headboard is finished.
Side tables are almost done.
Window trim is installed and painted.
Reclaimed wood moulding is installed around the ceiling of the room.
I can’t wait to show you the finished project. I still have curtains, wall paint and furniture to paint but the hard stuff is done and I found the perfect quilt for the space. This room is only 10 feet wide and 12 feet long so not much to paint.

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