Learning to Love Imperfection: My Journey to Recovery from Anorexia

This amazingly brave young lady and I have a history. Please read her story and pass this along to moms and grand moms who may have a child struggling with body image and eating disorders.

Jordan Kelly

Looking at me from afar, I’ve been told that I appear to have a perfect life. I mean, everyone knows that having good grades, comfortable finances, loving parents, and a relationship with Christ means that I must have everything together and know nothing of the struggles faced by “normal” people. Please, allow me to disperse this falsehood straight away and apologize for any masks I’ve worn that have led some to hold this view. I cannot deny it though: growing up, things came pretty easily to me. Anything that I participated in, I seemed to be a natural at. Gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, band, school, none of it fazed me. I was considered a bright child, but I did not really realize that. It was all I had ever known; it was normal for things to come naturally to me. None of that could guarantee a perfect life though because…

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