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1970’s End Table Makeover

A coworker picked up this end table on the side of the road. When she offered it to me, of course I took it but I didn’t need it for our home.


A couple of times a year I offer up free stuff to my Facebook friends. When I posted this, Vicky,who is married into the same crazy family as I am, said she wanted it.


Then she threw me a curve ball. She wanted it for her son’s room that is decorated in camouflage.

I took hubby shopping for paint. Because this table is made of questionable materials, I wanted to spray paint it with a paint and primer. He picked this color for the camo room.

After deglossing with liquid sand, I sprayed it quickly with the spray paint. Hubby helped me cut reclaimed cedar planks for the top. I thought that might toughen up the look of the ornate end table.
I tried not to bug him too much this weekend but he volunteered. He also used the router to round over the edges. It makes the transition between the reclaimed wood and the table not seem so abrupt.


I distressed it a little and glazed it a tea stain color to make it look older.
And put 6 coats of poly on the top. Poly, dry, steel wool repeat.
Here it is ready for action. I like the single knob better than the fussy pull on the faux drawer.

What do you think about it?






7 thoughts on “1970’s End Table Makeover”

  1. How were you able to remove the center wood piece on the top? Also, I haven’t heard of using steel wool instead of sandpaper. Does that give it an additional distressed look? I’m always full of questions. I’m new at this I’m in the learning process. It’s beautiful!

    1. Rhonda, I put the wood directly on the top. I did not remove anything. I have before but this piece didn’t need it. When I apply polyurethane I put on coat of poly then after it dries I use super fine steel wool to remove the rough feel. After I use a tack cloth to wipe off the steel wool residue I apply another coat of poly. It gives a smooth finish.

  2. Nice job!!! Come pay me a visit, too! I am working on new pieces now but have a few painted ones up you can check out! I love looking at what other furniture painters are doing! Thanks for a great piece of eye candy!! Great work!

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