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Getting a Zinc Finish on Wood

One of the metallic finishes I am interested in learning to replicate is Zinc. I came very close to painting he mirrors for the bathroom with a zinc look…but I chickened out. I like the old weathered dullish metal that looks like it has been around a while and has a story to tell but it is expensive. If you follow me on Facebook you know that this was big discussion, with strong opinions. My friends really care about my bathroom mirrors apparently. 🙂

Restoration Hardware has some beautiful tables, mirrors, and dressers in zinc. I am crushing on them and would buy one, if only I weren’t such a cheapskate.

This particular side table is $420.00

Restoration Hardware Zinc Table
So I did what any good Pinterest follower would do, I started searching for Zinc DIY.
Here are a few results from my search:


Source:  Lovely Crafty Home


I love it when someone does all the work for me!




My favorite look was this from Freckled Laundry




Source:  Freckled Laundry  Warning.  The videos are informative, but there are a lot of short videos and you have to watch a 30 second video for each.

While we do not have the same taste or style, the idea to use spray paint was something I wanted to try.



Source Segreto Secrets
Even this fancy room got a zinc topped breakfast table using two colors of Krylon spray paint.  I have found some Rustoleum paint I plan on trying.  I am also whipping out the Rub N Buff.

I decided to start with a straight forward oak table given to me recently. It is a simple shape that will translate well with the zinc finish.  Oh, and it was FREE!  I love free.


My plan of attack is simple:

Sand, prime, hammer in some nails around the edges, paint rub, glaze, rub some more and pray it all turns out.

If I like it I am moving on to a mirror as promised.

Wish me luck, I am going in!



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  1. I’m in love with this zinc look! I’m trying to figure out what piece of furniture I can do. I’m anxious to learn how your project turns out.

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