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The Day Has Come


A mother thinks about her children day and night. Even if they are not with her, and will love them in a way they will never understand.
Author Unknown

I would like to amend the first line of the quote if you don’t mind.
A mother thinks about her children day and night from the moment they take their first breath until she takes her last breath.

Forgive me. Tonight if you are reading this, you are going to see me as few do. Tonight I am going to be as raw and transparent as I will probably ever be on this site.

Friday is the day I have planned for, anticipated, known was coming, and dreaded. I am filled with awe and fear that my baby boy and his precious wife are leaving everything they know to travel around the world to a less than stable part of the world to share their faith with college students in a country not known for religious tolerance.

I am terrified. I am weak. I am struggling.

They are excited. They are at peace. They are resolute.

I hope that you will join our family in praying for them. They will leave with 2 fifty pound suitcases each and 2 carry on bags. In those bags they have to pack their clothes, anything they need for their home this next year, and six pounds of peanut butter. They leave behind friends and family who love them and will be praying for them through this journey.

Pray that they are able to reach students for Christ, pray that they grow as a couple, pray for their safety, and if you have an extra minute, please pray for the family left here.

My son in law took this one of my son, daughter in law, and daughter when they met up in July.

The organization that they are working through is


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