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Painted Fabric Wingback Chair

Unless you are a junker, like me, you might not appreciate the presents I get from my friends. Recently I got a load of treasures from a friend that included this fleshy colored velvet wingback chair.

The chair was solid, there were no tears in the fabric and it wasn’t even too worn.  I knew it would work for a project I had in the back of my mind for a while.  I saw this amazing pink couch a while back.  The company ( Faux Real Design Company) rents the couch out for showers, photo shoots, etc.  I could not believe it when I learned the couch had been painted.


I have been thinking about painting furniture ever since I saw this over the top couch.  I would never in a million years want it in my house full time but what a fun piece for a photo shoot or a shower.  Ashley at Faux Real did not use the same paint I did, and her couch is frankly much softer, but after a lot of searching online I did discover you can paint fabric with latex paint and something called fabric medium.

I knew when I saw this beauty that teal would be the only thing that would make me happy.


Teal Chair

I chose Behr Real Teal.  I bought the fabric medium at Hobby Lobby.  It is mixed one part medium to one part paint.  I bought three bottles using my 40% coupon  three times.

You mix the fabric medium to paint 1:1 and spray down the fabric  with water between each coat of pant.  I got a cheap water

I will admit that the chair looked terrible after one coat of paint.  I was a little terrified.


The photo above is of the chair all sprayed down with water.


The paint goes on very thin and looks very transparent on the first round. (I was more than a little worried at this point.)



It dries more opaque, but as you can see above,  the first coat was splotchy.

It took three coats of paint to get the solid look I wanted.  I decided to go wild with the legs.  Lime green.  the guest room can handle the color because it makes sense there.

lime green legs

I also added at lime stencil to the back of the chair.

stenciled fabric chair

Here is the chair in the room.

teal painted fabric


I wouldn’t say that the finished fabric is soft, but it is no rougher than burlap of canvas.  I definitely does not feel like velvet any longer.



See?  In this room a teal chair with lime legs doesn’t look crazy.  Right?

This is some art work in the room.


Do you see the colors?

This year our fall dance theme was glow in the dark.  The kids designed the photo booth space and I knew exactly what it needed to add some fun…





Yes, you can paint fabric.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I hope you have a wonderful day.





9 thoughts on “Painted Fabric Wingback Chair”

  1. Have you tried Annie Sloan paint? It’s great for projects like these. It’s a little expensive but it’s VOC and I don’t know that you would have to use the fabric medium with it. I like seeing all your projects.

    1. I have never tried Annie Sloan. The cost is scary for me and I really don’t care for the feel of chalk paint. It probably would have been a good option for this project but the paint and medium was less than $20.00 together and I have enough teal to paint a side table left over. What can I say? I am a cheapskate. Thank you for the kind words. I enjoy trying new things.

  2. Karen, My sister~in~law and I were just talking about your blog and the fact that I have a wingback recliner that is currently blue plaid. I’d love to have it end up a burgundy color ….. and soft. Do you have any idea what paint to use to keep the fabric~feel? or would I use more medium? You may have just given me the courage to attempt this!

    1. The ladies at Faux Real use a mineral paint. It was soft and did not feel painted. I think if you go to their site they can tell you what type paint they sell. The link is in the blog post. It makes me happy hear you are going to try it yourself.

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