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My Most Popular Posts

Well hello there.  If you are new to the blog, welcome.

In the last week I have a lot of new friends who have chosen to follow my little bitty minnow of a blog  Thank you for choosing to follow along.

It is winter here in southeast Texas. That means high humidity, rain, and lots of days I am not able to do any furniture work. Add to that my full time job is at its busiest an that adds up to not much getting accomplished.  The garagemahal is loaded with projects just waiting for a warm sunny day to come along.

I thought you might enjoy some of the most popular posts that you might have missed in the past.  If you are one of my long-time followers, indulge me as I take a walk down memory lane.  🙂 If you click on the underlined writing  by each number it will take you directly to the post about the piece.

1. Mudroom Bench ( You probably found me through this piece but I am including it just in case you found me some other way.)

Finished Mudroom Bench

2. Beverage Station ( Old sewing cabinet and stainless sink make parties more fun.)

beverage station 1

3. Green End Table Makeover (Yes, Virginia, there is a Junk Fairy.  From time to time she drops things off at our house.)

Junk Fairy End Table

4. Buffet Table (My son’s favorite piece.)

buffet table

I hope that each and every one of you is inspired to look at furnishings differently and see the potential in even junk pieces.

(There may be a treasure hiding in there.)

Have a wonderful day.  I love hearing from you.



6 thoughts on “My Most Popular Posts”

  1. Hi Karen, I love your blog. Don’t worry about your humidity. We live in Connecticut and they are telling us to expect a blizzard with about 2 feet of snow. Can’t wait to move somewhere warmer.

    1. Oh my gosh, we shut down school, hunker down, and go into full panic mode if snowflakes are spotted. I cannot imagine getting that much snow in one day. Stay warm. I will try not to complain about our 40 degree rainy weather. 🙂

  2. Hello Karen, thanks for the welcome to your blog. I live in SE TX also not far from you thus I certainly understand about humidity hampering your projects. You have such a great talent working with your projects and I am looking forward to exploring all your blog.

    1. Thanks, Mickie. Feel free to come help with projects at the Garagemahal any time you are bored! If it is a pretty weekend, we are there. Welcome to the blog.

  3. Those of you new to this blog really need to travel back through older blogs to view all of Karen’s wonderful creations! These are just a few of the many wonderful pieces she has transformed.
    Happy browsing!

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