Hello friends.  I am so happy with our new bedroom.  I love the wall we did and am thrilled with the bed.  I also am crazy about the beautiful navy blue quilt set I bought for $56.00 on sale at Tuesday morning it is cotton so it washes well, and it is light weight enough to be used in the Texas summer.


I knew immediately when I saw the navy that it would  be perfect for our bedroom. The shiny satin turquoise pillows are just in the photo to add a little contrast, I promise.  They are all wrong for the room and I know that.

I must admit I was a little shocked when I showed the quilt set to Mr. Math that he hated it.  I mean the turn-up-your-nose, that-looks-like-liver-smells kind of look. After telling him why I chose navy ( indigo is the name but it looks darker than indigo to me) and about the cool map I plan on adding to the room of the county where we plan on retiring, he was a little better.  By the way, if you love historic Texas maps, this is the place to shop for them inexpensively.  ( Texas General Land Office)  This giant $20.00 1889 reproduction is the beauty that will go on the wall beside the bed once it arrives and we build a frame for it. This map is over 36 inches wide and 42 inches tall.

I won him over with the navy, I think when I reminded him that a Windberg print he bought for his mom was the inspiration for the blue.   It hangs on our wall as a reminder of her.

It was the sentimental touch that won him over or he may have just given in.  


What we just cant seem to agree on is an accent color to go with the indigo/navy.  It may end up just blues and burlap.  I do know that I do not want red.  We have that in our lake house and I love it but I want this house to have a more unique color choice.

I want something a little more fresh and offbeat in the room.  Remember people, it is only color.  I am not moving walls or taking out windows.  Color is easy to change.  I do it all the time.  (Insert I am glad I am not married to her right here.)

Here are three options I am thinking about:

Navy and Green

By green, I mean a bright kiwi green color.
Nice color palette. Website is just a larger picture.Stolen from Taylor & Angie Heilman.... love it!  I think this might be my bedroom.

The Company Store
Navy and Coral

I really like this one.  I like it so much that I bought fabric already.  I just am afraid Mr. Math will not be crazy about it.

navy and coral palette  This is for you @Kristin Plucker Plucker Plucker Plucker Harker

 Centsational Girl

Navy and Teal

I love teal and mixing it with the blue would be great…I think.  I mean the Caribbean water is navy and teal.

color palette | Dreamp Studios | blue, green, gold, navy | colorfulcravings.com


Navy and Gray

I really like this room.  A friend, who by the way has amazing decorating sense, suggested navy and gray.  The problem is that all of the grown up rooms I saw were dark and moody.  I need light.  I crave light.  Dark walls just don’t work for this girl.  If I had windows twice the size I do now I would consider painting the walls gray.

gray + navy bedroom. Just too keep a vision of the "feel" of navy and gray together, especially with a more neutral wall like the gray in your room.  (Love these navy hanging end-table lights!!!!)

Restoration Hardware 

Navy and Burlap

This really may be it, folks.  I think it is funny that the rooms that appeal to me most are the children’s rooms.  I guess that says something about my emotional maturity.  If this is my choice there will be different patterns in navy and colors of burlap.

Suitcases as nightstands add an element of adventure to this boys' room! And the burlap pillows are to-die-for.


What are your thoughts on the colors?

Any suggestions for other “navy plus” color schemes?

I am open to suggestion folks and even if he doesn’t admit it, Mr. Math reads the blog, too so he can see how you all weigh in.

I love being able to share with you and I am thankful you take the time to read what I write.