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Curtain Problems


Our “new” ranch home, built in 1982, has a curtain problem.  Well that is probably not accurate.  I have a curtain problem at the ranch.  I love the look of floor to ceiling curtains in a home, particularly a home with 8 foot ceilings, but for some reason our windows/walls/ceilings just don’t seem to fit standard curtains. 84 inch curtains hang at an odd spot above the floor that bugs me and 96 inch curtains turn into a puddle on the floor which is not at all cool in a house that is designed for easy care and informal living.

According to World Market, I must be doing something wrong:

Curtain Guide

This is what I am getting:

96 inch curtains

Do you see the puddle on the floor?  That is with the curtain rod all the way to the crown moulding.

84 inch curtains

The picture above is with the curtains hung just above the window frame, not at the ceiling.

I don’t sew well but I think that some alterations are in my future.   I believe the best option for the craft room is this look I found on Pinterest:

Curtain lengthening 

I also plan to chop off the top of my master bedroom curtains to shorten them.  The bottom is the part I love.

I am pretty sure that I need to learn to sew.

On a happy note, I have searched high and low for curtains and the best prices for curtains are at

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