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The Guest Bath Makeover


Well, the guest bath is now 85% complete so I thought I better show you guys something we have almost ready to check off the list.

We have a huge guest bathroom. It was designed with a wheelchair in mind.  It is perfect for a house that will have lots of guests over the years.

So far we replaced both lights, installed a place to hang clothes, towels, and extra supplies, we changed out the floor and replaced all the hardware.  There is a new towel bar, toilet paper holder and even a new toilet. The walls got a coat of light bluish green Behr Pacific  Mist. We replaced all the towels and shower curtain with white linens.

 Not yet completed is that all the trim and cabinets needs to be painted white, floating shelves need to be built and painted white for in front of the wood wall and I need to make a curtain for the window.

It will have to wait for now because we are a few weeks from Christmas and need a Murphy bed built. 

And a hall painted.

And 2″ blinds installed.

And a tree put up.

And Christmas lights.

The kids will all be at least coming by over the holiday and we need to be ready.  Fingers crossed.

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