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The Almost Finished Mudroom Bench

I have to wonder, am I ever going to be able to show you a FINISHED project?  I mean one that is completely done with nothing left to do kind of done.  I think as long as we are weekenders that may not happen.  It takes an hour to drive to our closest Home Depot or Lowe’s, as long we are quick with our shopping and scurry back. That never happens so it really takes at least three hours to go to town and back.  Often when we don’t have what we need we move on to another project just to use our time wisely.

Our latest chapter in the almost done saga is our mudroom bench.  It is functional now but not finished.  I would say we are about 80 % done.  Grrr.

Here is the lowdown on the progress:

The beautiful two inch thick cedar slab is installed.  It is gorgeous. 


We installed a ledger board around the perimeter that we glued to the drywall and screwed into the studs.


It is stunning.


What more can I say about this slab?  It is something we will have forever.
In order to make the mudroom functional, we installed stock cabinets that we painted white above the bench.  I am not in love with how big they are (30 inches tall), but we have such a shortage of storage in the house that aesthetics had to take a back seat to practicality.  They will proved Mr. Math with closed storage right inside the door for his treasures.   They are missing hardware because I completely forgot to pick it up at the store.  We are going to have black hardware all around.  The cabinets are not “built in” yet on the edges because they still need to be adjusted a little to fix gaps but we didn’t have the washers and shims needed to get it done.

The board and battens are in, but need paint touch ups, caulk, and we didn’t have enough quarter round to finish the moulding under the bench.  Once the touch up paint is done, we will be getting the coat hooks up.   I remembered to get them but couldn’t get them up because the other things didn’t get done.


I really am going to love this space.  It will be a functional space that has the bonus of being a pretty place to stop and hang out.



It is very rewarding to see the progress we are making and I really need to cut myself some slack about what we get done.  One day I will learn to do that.  One day.

Thank you for following our progress.  I love hearing from you.



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The Purple Nursery Dresser Project

If you are new to my blog, welcome.  I am thrilled to have you join us.  You might not know a lot about me, but my son, Baby Boy, and his wife, Sweet Amanda, are expecting our first grandchild May 1.  We are so very excited to be grandparents.

Our kids asked us if we would mind furnishing the nursery as our gift to them.  We were thrilled.

The first order of business was a crib.  We found an awesome crib online sort of like this one:

It was very gently used and will be painted gray.  It will be so cute for our coming baby girl.

The next order of business was to find a dresser for the sweet baby girl.  I know that my daughter in law has a soft spot for French provincial dressers (you can see their bedroom furniture here) so when I spotted this beauty for $40.00 at an estate sale I was thrilled. It is going to serve as a diaper changing station and dresser in the nursery after it has a little love.


After both of us looking online, a lot, I could tell that Sweet Amanda was leaning toward a purple dresser.  I was not in the least bit surprised when she started leaning toward purple.  Her college home had an eggplant purple kitchen, her efficiency apartment after graduation was painted what my son called Barney purple, her dining room wall was covered in frames that were shades of purple.

I Love a Finished Project- The Purple FramesThat sweet girl loves herself some purple.

There are lots of examples of beautiful purple dressers out there.  Sweet Amanda is weighing her options carefully before giving me the “go ahead” on colors to make sure it goes with her bedding.

Project Nursery

Project Nursery

By Stephanie Lynn

All Things G & D

Probably My favorite is the brightest purple dresser from Project Nursery below, but I will be happy to do whatever the mother to be wants.


Because the dresser has a formica top, I am going to be trying out a new primer on this project that is supposed to stick to plastic surfaces better.  Kilz Adhesion.   I had to have it shipped to the house because our local stores don’ t carry it.  I will let you know how it works.  This weekend the project is to get the dresser cleaned, repaired, hardware removed and the dings fixed so we are ready for primer and paint once the Kilz arrives and we have the color nailed down.  It is going to be stunning.  When I was a teenager, my parents let me redecorate my bedroom and I ended up with a purple bed, purple headboard, lime green bedding and curtains having a brightly painted dresser is not so unusual in my world.  Of course I have done my part to make sure that a few more dressers got a coat of paint along the way, too.

French Provincial Dresser

Black Dresser and salvaged chair

dresser to bar

Funky Dresser

Having a grandsweetheart on the way is exciting.  Having a daughter in law who lets me participate in the decorating is awesome.

I am blessed.

I love hearing from you,



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A Church for Sale to be Moved

I have shared with you all that I would love to find an old house to be moved to our property and restore.  This past week a new option opened up for me.  A church.

Two different people let me know about a church for sale to be moved that is near our place in Coldspring, we have dubbed Providence Acres.  One of my readers actually took the time to message me about the church.  I loved that.  Thank you for taking the time to connect with me the even round up the cell number of someone who could show me the church!   Of course I had to see this place.  Even better, thank you to my reader for coming over to meet us.  Our door is always open to friends.

My Buddy, The Social Planner, did the leg work and hooked me up with the man who could show me the church, Mr. Eldridge, who grew up in the church, and lives on Eldrige Rd.  Oh my goodness, the history of this community.  This family has been in this area since Sam Houston lived here.

This is what the building looked like when I drove up.

Mr. Eldridge let me know that it was for sale to be moved for $2500, lock stock and barrel.

The church building, which has a cornerstone saying 1899 is just laying on the ground.  A new building has been built and the old building is sitting where they need a parking lot.

The building is in amazingly good shape.  Wood floors covered with carpet that appears to have protected them, wainscoting around the room is tongue and groove pine.  The air conditioning system is fairly new and works great.  There is some rot where the a.c. unit cover has caused the water to splash on the wood, but that was all I saw.

The building was added on to sometime in the distant past that added a front entrance/ offices and rear section that includes two small offices and restrooms.

You can see in the photo below how the thickness of the eaves change where the addition is for the front.

The back addition is wider than the front.

The rot is behind this welded unit.

In the not too distant past the windows have been changed out. I almost cried.  The original windows were just laying on the ground behind the building rotting.  They are too far gone to save, but I may try to get my hands on the wavy glass in the frames.

If you look at the picture below, you will see that the metal roof on the tallest part has a newer part on the front.  Until recently there was a steeple and a bell but the bell was moved to the new church building and the steeple came down with the bell.  I wonder why they made the addition roof lower than the original building?

I would love to have this church.  It would make a beautiful wedding venue with a little love.  The ceiling would need to be opened to the rafters, the rear section would need to come off and be rebuilt so that it would meet ADA requirements, the steeple would have to go back on, and I would love to see a beautiful window in the end of the building looking over our pond and barn.

red barb

The building would fit perfectly right here.

The hand built podium and tables are so cool.

The problem is that the building is 30 feet high.  3-0.

It would cost a fortune to have to have our electric company temporarily move the 19 electric lines that cross our highway and the 5 that cross JJ Lane.

I would love to save this piece of local history but my pockets just aren’t deep enough.  My guess is that it would cost $15,000 just to move the building before electric, water, etc was set up.  Then the remodeling would begin.   I have dreamed about it, driven by it several times, and even counted the number of electric lines down FM 945 between the little community of Evergreen and JJ Lane.  In my mind’s eye I can see exactly how it would look, and what an awesome venue it could become.  It just isn’t in the cards.  Sad days.

Mr. Eldrige let me know about a house that his family had that he thought could be moved.  It was his grandmother’s house.

The house wasn’t in shape to be moved, and full of varmits, but I did buy an awesome screen door that I have plans for from this house.

It is going to be cool.  I hope promise.

So, the journey continues.  We are about to get busy getting our suburban home to sell so most of my upcoming posts will include decluttering, updating, home staging and landscaping.  We are also VERY close to finishing the mudroom at Providence Acres.  I hope, hope, hope we can get it finished this coming weekend.  The live edge cedar seat is done, it is just a matter of getting the board and batten up, buying the cabinets and getting them installed, hanging hooks on the board and batten and getting the seat installed.

Thank you all for following along on our journey to turn our weekend spot into our forever home.  I love hearing from you.