Friends, before I start this post you need to know that I do not believe that you are blessed because something bad doesn’t happen to you.  If I believed that then it would mean that you are NOT blessed if something bad happens.  I just don’t buy it.  Here is why:

It has been rough around these parts lately.  Unless you live under a rock you might have noticed that my neck of the woods got hammered by a dude named Harvey.  FYI, hurricanes are no fun in case anyone is wondering.

We, at Providence Acres got 51 inches of rain over three days but nothing significant flooded.

We got plenty of water, but our house and shop stayed dry.

My parents who are 80 and 82 got water in their home.

Their home- the house I grew up in- got about six inches of water in it.  That six inches was compounded by the fact that there was no electricity for over a week.  Oh, and all the roads leading to their home were blocked.  You literally couldn’t get there without a boat.  Thankfully they had evacuated to our house and ended up with us for 11 days before they could even see the house.

Fast forward a week.

My son and three friends got the nasty wet carpet and laminate out.  What a way to spend Labor Day.

These young men were my heroes.  I will forever be grateful.

The house sat after that.  No electricity, limited accessibility, and all of those who could help had jobs. My parents kept going to the house.  My buddy the Social Planner loaned them a travel trailer to stay in on their property but the house kept getting more and more toxic.

Mold growing, moisture level high, no way to get things better, me worrying, school starting back.  It was a rough week.

Sunday I got a call from friends of my parents letting me know my Dad was on his way to Urgent Care.  We had begged, pleaded, cried, and negotiated to keep them out of the house to no avail.  Dad had a sinus infection and bronchitis. We rushed back to their home for the third time in a week to find my mom sick, my dad sick and nothing had changed with the house.

I was mad.  Mad at them for going into the house after promising that they wouldn’t, mad at where they live for not getting it together enough to get power on and services coordinated, and… mad at God.  Where was He in this mess?  Had he forgotten these two? I cried.  Buckets of tears folks and it wasn’t pretty.   When I arrived at their home I realized that help had arrived.  A team from near Tyler was busy getting the house emptied of stuff and was dealing with two very grumpy seniors who were not feeling well.

They had packed up everything in their home and moved it out under cover while they were at the doctor.  I didn’t get a single picture of them because I was so distraught but the photo above is what they did for us.  I don’t even know where they are from, but it is near Tyler, Texas and the word Rose is in their churches name. Oh how grateful we are to them.

It took some work and my promising to stay at the trailer overnight to get my parents to leave and go get a good nights sleep.

With a weak plan my brother an I decided to attack the house and get started on the muck out.  Before 7:00 my brother showed up with his son and  got started taking out baseboards.  That is when God decided to show off.  We were tired, scared, and more than a little overwhelmed when a van pulling a red trailer pulled up.  People started getting out of the van in rubber boots, they were carrying hammers, crowbars and wearing masks.  Today, on the only day my brother has had off in 13 days, with my son, my husband, nephew and me there- they arrived to help.

It took their crew 5 hours to do this:

They really were the hands and feet of Jesus.  They were kind, they worked hard, they honored my parents’ wishes, and they never stopped smiling.

They will never know what their one day of service did for all of us.  We will be forever grateful to First Baptist Church Malakoff, Texas.

A big shout out to my brother who had worked 13 straight 12 hour days before showing up to clear the house and my nephew who jumped right in with both feet to get things done.

It was a great day.  We left the house locked up with bleach soaking the studs.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for Texas and now Florida.