Clearing out The Shop

In order to get our flooring done in our house, I need to clear the shop so that we have a place to move our furniture. Clearing the shop means all of those ” I’ll get to it one day” projects have to either get sold as is, or finally get done. I just couldn’t let this one go as is.

It is an Ethan Allen end table probably from the 80’s. A friend called to let me know she had a bunch of small tables that a renter left behind.

This beauty was just waiting to find her way back. She was just waiting for a facelift. I found the perfect gray color in the oops bin at Home Depot for $8.00. You may see this particular color again. I have two more end tables needing love.

First I scraped and sanded the roughest spots and spray painted with metal paint the hardware a soft gold. The first coat of paint was was rough.

I was worried but she turned out beautiful. She sold on marketplace in 12 minutes. I am so happy to see her go to someone who is excited to have her in her home.

It feels good to have my paint clothes back on.

Happy January!

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2 thoughts on “Clearing out The Shop”

  1. Wow!! How am I just now finding you?? I have scoped your blog for the last two hours! I’m amazed!
    But this piece right here, I would love for you to share with me how your process of “antiqueing” (sp?)
    Do you use a glaze over the paint? It’s GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. I completely forgot about that piece. My favorite of all time is way back- search for Dresser to Mudroom Bench. It was a great piece.

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