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Beadboard Bed Makeover

It will be about a week before I can photograph the bed in the room it is in now but I wanted to show what a little paint and glaze does to a so so bed and night stand.

I spotted this beauty on Craig’s List for $100.00.  It was a whole bedroom set; a twin bed, under the bed drawer (that converts to a trundle bed holder I found out.) a night stand, and a dresser.  Because I am using only the nightstand and bed frame to stage a navy blue bedroom for a friend, the dresser and under the bed drawer are not painted.

The white spot is some sort of wood filler that made a mess on the drawer.




When we showed up, in the rain, to pick up this set the owners were packing to move.  It was in good shape considering it has been in a tween girl’s room.  There were a few One Direction stickers, and some nail polish spills, but man I have seen worse.

Because the room I helped stage is navy blue, I chose Behr Gray Area.  It is a medium to light gray that has just a touch of blue.

gray area

Hubby was busy spraying a ton of stuff Sea Salt, so I used the brush to paint the bed and night stand.  I really sort of wanted the 2006 furniture to look like it had a bit of history.

Parts of the furniture were made of wood, but other parts were painted particle board and plywood.  I did not want to take a chance on the paint not sticking so I gave it coat of liquid sander then my go-to primer for this type project, Gripper Primer by Glidden.  This primer is thick, sticky, and hard to paint with but it is advertised to use on glass.


After the primer dried I got busy painting.  It took two coats to get it smooth and looking great.

I mixed up Behr Faux Effects Glaze ( 2 Cups) with Behr Black Suede (1 full tablespoon).  I glazed like crazy by putting it on with my $1.00 brush and white t rub it in.


Here is the finished project before at Star Hill before we took it to my friend’s home.  As soon as the the touch up paint in the bedroom is done I will post the pictures of the room.  This room will prove it is possible to have a dark blue bedroom that doesn’t feel dark and dreary.



The last step made me remember how much I love our sprayer. Hubby sprayed the polyurethane on the whole thing in about 10 minutes. He did fall in a hole and scare me to death though so I am totally blaming him for not having any more pictures. He is fine. We just need a new part for the sprayer.

So friends, what do you think about the gray bed?  There will be photos of the two pieces soon. They will be for sale as soon as my friend’s home sells along with rest of the furniture in the set.  I am waiting to find out what color to paint the dresser.

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My Friend’s Amazing Style

I have a friend named Pam who has the most amazing sense of style. She and her husband live in a condo in the city where we live. Over the years I have watched them turn the home into a home that should be in a magazine.

Here are a few of my favorite things at her home.  I am not showing my favorite thing because I am going to do a quick how to on her most ingenious project.
I had completely forgotten that their master bedroom was gray.  I did not give her warning that I was going to take pictures of her rooms but they are always spotless.

I love the beadboard behind the bed and that it is painted a contrasting color.

I love this display above her couch. Old shutters hung on the wall with a cool oval wreath. Pam made the wreath. She found the oval shaped grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby then decorated it. She said it took five minutes.  I wish I had that talent.
I snapped this picture of her craft room before she knew what I was up to. I love that she has such a creative side, and that One small spot in her house is a TINY bit mussed. It makes me feel a little better about myself.

Look at the stockings she made for her sweet granddaughters Sophie and Audrie. What talent.