1970’s Fabulous China Cabinet


I am going to continue looking back at some of my 1970’s repurpose projects. I hope that when you find 1970’s furniture at resale and thrift shops, you take a chance on it, or better yet, bring it to me. I will gladly accept your gift and make it fun.

A while back I bought a china cabinet for $40.00. The owner even threw in an awesome barley twist standing mirror that will be redone for my new house soon. Frankly I would have paid that amount just for the china cabinet, but the couple was ready to clear out their grandmother’s home so that they could move in. I cannot imagine that they didn’t want the things but… my gain. When we arrived at the house the owner said that if we had not shown up he was going to cut the top part off the cabinet and move it to the storage shed to use as a work cabinet. When the china cabinet gave me problems, and it did, I reminded it that it was just lucky it didn’t end up whacked in half and holding tools. Am I the only one who talks to my furniture when working on it? To my surprise the cabinet ended up being solid wood. I really expected questionable products based on the price.



garage sale finds

barley twist mirror

This is the barley twist mirror that came with my $40.00 china cabinet. It is so going in my bedroom… as soon as I figure out what color to paint it! (Update, it went to a bride to be for her wedding.)

The first try at spray painting ended with a mess. We tried using the sprayer on the cabinet with thinned, cheap paint. It ran, it dripped, it made me cry. I tried to make it work by glazing the ugly paint but I could not get the paint to accept the glaze. It looked awful. Hubby sanded it all down and we repainted it all with a brush. I chose Behr powdered snow to paint it because Mandie at Altard recommends this color in her ebook. It is her best selling color. It was not fun to brush over the sanded down nasty paint because the first coat of paint seemed to soak in the second coat immediately. Eventually we did get it painted.

China cabinet with Powdered Snow

Here it is painted and distressed before the glazing

Distressed cabinet door

The close up of the cabinet door.

I then heavily distress the piece before glazing it with my favorite Behr faux glaze mixed with a little Behr revival mahogany. Hubby removed the back board on the top for me then I put natural burlap on the back to cover a small hole and to add a little pizazz to the piece. I am happy with how it turned out. This was the piece I distressed the most of all my projects. I am more thrilled with what Sweet Amanda said. She said that this was probably her favorite piece that I have done. She loves rustic work and I am thrilled she thinks it turned out well. It will be going into my office to hold my Dick and Jane books. The 1950’s books will look great in this redone 1970’s fabulous cabinet.


Enjoy the finished project.

distressed china cabinet IMG_2694 IMG_2693 IMG_2692

Here it is resting comfortably in my office with my books inside!

Redone China Cabinet

2013-07-11 11.45.11


Hooray for Chair Painting Day


I am still learning to use a hotspot, so I missed uploading a few photos. I will upload them as soon as I reach civilization. Enjoy.


The long anticipated chair painting day has come and gone. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to show off the before and after photos. Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy have an amazing group of friends who are united in their love of The Lord, the lost, and college ministry. It is tough for them to connect as often as they would like because they are working on college campuses around the state, The United States and the world. The girls who came to this event I believe all lived in “The Tree House” with Sweet Amanda while in college or were members of her small group. Lauren has been her buddy since birth. I have another blog post in the works about these girls, but today it is all about the chairs.

As the girls arrived there was lots of hugging, squealing and general mayhem.
All the girls signed in on a chalkboard and this determined the chair that they would be painting then taking home. Beth was not going to be able to make the event so we signed her in and The Social Planner, Tanis, worked on a chair for her with help picking color and fabric from the ladies who know her well.


Here are the lovely chairs before we got busy. I did not pay more than $5.00 a chair from Goodwill, Craigslist and resale shops. Every chair, except one had some structural issue. They had missing rungs, needed regluing, had need badly repaired… the list goes on and on. Hubby spent several days getting them all up to Baby Boy’s wiggle standard. He literally sat on them and wiggled around to see if they were sturdy. Remember that these chairs are going to live in homes that will have college students visiting often.

I numbered each chair with a post-it note so that the girls would know when they got up the hill what they would be working on.

Look at how nice and clean the ladies all looked in this photo! This was after inspecting chairs, but before the paint clothes went on and the work began. They really are stunning young ladies.



Each of the girls inspected their chair, looked at the paint choices, chose something, then got busy. Some of the girls checked out their fabric options before jumping in, but not everyone!

It was fun to watch the girls working, side by side, each on a different project, laughing, catching up, teasing and commenting on each other’s work.

Tanis brought her yard chairs for an update too.
As they finished the painting, the upholstery began on the chairs that had padded seats. A big thank you to my friend, Kandy for donating all this amazing fabric.

Here are the finished chairs-before and after.

Sweet Amanda
Behr Sailboat Blue with yellow chevron fabric. This chair originally had caning in the seat so hubby built a new top to go on it that is padded. It can be removed and re-caned if they ever choose to do so.



Behr Rapids blue with burlap fabric. She is going to monogram the back panel. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.




Behr Coral. Oops. I forgot the Mod Podge for this project chair. The seat is going to have a map of Colorado- where she will be moving in July to join her new husband in his ministry to University of Colorado. She roughed out the edges and took the map with her, so I cannot wait to see how it looks complete. Sorry Yliana.


Behr Cinnamon Cake and flowered fabric. This is my favorite off white, brown toned paint. She really classed up this 1970’s charmer. I love the distressing.




Valspar Elephant Hide with some fun, funky fabric. This chair gave Hubby fits and I think he was ready to throw in the towel, but at the end of the day it turned out so cute. The piping was in the fabric we got, already done and was plenty big for this little padded poof. It is going with Molly’s craft table that is painted the bright teal you see in the fabric. Yay for having a craft table.




Coral that Molly brought so not sure the color. Fabric was teal upholstery fabric. I used the darker coral on the chair back to create an ombré effect. Darkest at top then diluted the color the paint with the cinnamon cake as I went down. I like the effect. Beth surprised us by making it at the end of the day, and we surprised her with a chair!




chairs from an angle

Here are the lovely ladies with their finished projects all together at Star Hill.

DIY Show Off

Decorating the Mantle for Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

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I decided that this year I would use what I have on hand to decorate the mantle. Over the year I had purchased a dictionary at a resale shop for 50 cents, I picked up a rough bulletin board when my neighbor moved out, I purchased a torn up hymnal at a garage sale for 25 cents, and I had a couple of ginger jar vases left from my son’s wedding.
I picked up two yards of drapery fabric at Hancock’s Fabric on super clearance for $2.35.
The first step was to draw off a large S on cardboard. The S was covered with pages from the hymnal. I used regular old school glue thinned down to a watery mixture. I did the same with dictionary pages wrapped on the ginger jars.

Buy old dictionaries when you find them. They are one of my favorite decorating items.



The paper flowers were made by layering some concentric circles of dictionary pages in top of each other then stitching through the stack with jute twine. I made slits in the layers then wrinkled each layer.



I covered the old bulletin board with fabric. Super easy. I used a staple gun.



The large S was attached to the fabric with hot glue.
The flowers were attached to some salvaged glass jars I painted teal.
I took pages of the hymnal to create a JOY banner.
The jars were filled with spray painted branches from the yard and two packages of Dollar Tree ornaments. Everything else came from the house,
All in all I am proud of my mantle. Less than $10.00 spent and totally unique.




Making a Burlap Wreath- Easy DIY

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This weekend was all about taking it slow.  I did not move to fast or do very much but I did get a few easy to do projects completed.  One of the easiest things I have done this fall is make a wreath out of an old coffee sack.  I have several of these that I got free when we were in Round Top.  Long story- but my dumpster diving does pay off.

I am posting twice this evening because I will be out of pocket the next few days. 

I totally copied the idea from one of the blogs I follow: Classy Clutter.

I am going to change out the elements of the wreath this fall so what you are going to see is the Plain Jane version.

Step one:
Untwist a metal hangar like you are roasting marshmallows.

Step two: cut burlap into about two inch strips.

Step three:
Sting the burlap onto the wire. Keep stinging it on until you can’t put any more on.  It took almost the entire coffee sack to get it as full as I wanted.

Step four:
Form the straight wire into a circle and re-twist the top. I left the hook part of the hanger in place when I straighted the wire.  It made a great wreath hanger.

Step five:
Decorate like you would any wreath.  I added a denim ribbon to mine and will be adding fall elements next time I am at Star Hill.

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