The Breakfast Room


Moving is not for sissies. I have decided it is not for old folk either! Right now I look like I have been fighting. I have a cut on my arm, a bruise on the other arm, and both shins are dinged up. I have dropped boxes, run into furniture, and in general made a mess of myself.

new home



The good news is that all this pain is paying off. We are starting to see rooms come together. The breakfast room is taking shape. The light was terrible this morning but I was excited to show what is done so far. Better photos to come.

IMG_3099 IMG_3102

The picture above the pie safe is a fruit drawing I did in junior high. The artwork is terrible, but It has all the right colors and will be fun to put in the room.

The pie safe that my great, great grandfather made for his wife as a wedding present is now filled with my grandmother’s china thanks to my sister in law.

The green-legged table is now in place. I have to do some work to get the electrical cords put away and add my treasures to the top.


My yellow chairs are in place along with the antique oak table that we bought 25 years ago. I have a plan for the wall above the green-legged table, but everything else is a clean slate. I need my old neighbor Shahana to come over and help me with the top of the pie safe!

The living room is coming together but not there yet.





I even found a place for my McCoy ceramics.




Not Everything You See On Pinterest Works- The Coral Legged Side Tables


Our very last night in Baytown, our former home, Hubby showed me how much he loves me… he spotted some side tables sitting by the road and pulled over then turned around to pick them up without even asking. Sigh. I do love that guy. We were moving the next day and that was something else to load into the storage building but they will always have a special meaning to me.

Here are the beauties getting unloaded by Hubby and Sweet Amanda.

coral2         coral     IMG_2603

The tables turned out to be solid wood and in great shape structurally. The only problem I had with them was a water ring that was revealed when the tops were sanded down to bare wood.



This leads me to the not everything you read on Pinterest is true part. A visit to Pinterest led me to believe that allowing bleach to soak into the stain would help. Not so. Here is the stain before bleach and after. More sanding and washing. Did not help.





The ring wins. The tables are going in the sage green bedroom where shades of white and coral. I love colors across the color wheel and it just so happens that sage and coral compliment each other! It took a few coats of stain, a few costs of paint and two costs of poly to get this done.




Look at this creepy spider that was hiding in the crevice of one of the legs!





Won’t they look good with the dresser set? They will be so cute in the room.

I will have to show you my project with the other part of the roadside fond later. Don’t you love the hooves on the end table?

Making Lists


I am one of those folk. When I am stressed, I make lists. I feel a sense of accomplishment when everything on the list is done. Am I alone? When we were getting prepared to move Hubby and I walked room by room looking at what needed to be done. Hubby was fine with that. What he did not love was me typing up everything that needed doing, dividing the jobs between us and expecting the stuff to get done. I posted them on the fridge. He tends to be more global than I am. He is fine with multiple projects underway. I want to focus on the projects one by one and get them done. I LOVE A FINISHED PROJECT. Here is my list of what furniture goes where in our new house. I am working room by room on what to put where because I will probably be at work when the stuff gets moved in. Great handwriting for a teacher huh?


I feel pretty good about myself tonight because I finished my list for today.
All parts of the entertainment center have poly on them.

The dresser was glazed, a coat of poly applied and reassembled. Yep. I put the doors and handles back on by myself. Yep. I put the door hardware on upside down first and had to start over.

I got the mirror painted (two coats), glazed and the accent color on the ornate piece.

Ditto with the headboard.

I even got the door that is going to be our bedroom headboard here at Star Hill painted and glazed.

I washed all the brushes out, sorted out the paint and even cleaned up a little.

I am dying to put up some pictures but I refuse to put any more pictures of our messy garage on my blog. As soon as Hubby gets back Saturday we are moving things out so I can get some shots and while everything is out I am cleaning that joint up.

My next project is the sewing machine cabinet. It is going to be Sailboat Blue! I found a bench cushion with turquoise, red, sailboat blue, and green in it. I am so excited to get going on my back porch. My turquoise chairs, a headboard and footboard bench, a fountain,and the cooler will be out there!

I wish I could get started tomorrow, but I need assistance on the sink part of the cooler and I cannot move anything else.


Now, back to my list.

The French Provincial Bedroom

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Our new house has the cutest little girl room. It is painted a soft green and has a black rail about three fourths the way up the wall. It also has lady bugs that will have to go but everything else will stay. I am planning to paint above the rail a cream color. Recently while searching Craig’s List I ran across this furniture.


It was $75.00 for the whole set so of course I was suspicious of the solid wood posting. When I arrived it was obvious that it was partly solid wood and part particle board, but the price was right and I took it. It is going to be my green bedroom furniture.

I have discovered Glidden Gripper primer. You have to love something that is good for sticking to glass. I can already tell it really does bond to the less than solid wood parts of the furniture.
A quick disassembly let me discover that the drawer fronts were two separate pieces. That gives me the chance to use two colors on them with no taping! Yay.




I chose to paint the furniture a gray green color with a black top and lighter panels from the same card.
The hardware is going to be black.
I am excited to get moving. The weather is cooperating so I got some quality time in on painting today. We will finish everything in the garage by bedtime tonight! It is supposed to be 67 degrees on the morning! I love that!

New Home Color Scheme


I am so excited to get started on decorating my new home! I have a floor plan and am busy figuring out what moves in, and what does not make the cut.

Remember the whole downsizing plan? Well when all was said and done we ended up purchasing a home 60 square feet bigger than our current home. I know…I am crazy, but what can I say? The house spoke to me.
I have decided on a color scheme for the family room, dining room, and kitchen. A while back I got a ton of fabric from my friend, Kandy. In that fabric was a brown floral that I love.


I loved the vibrant colors and earth tones mixed. A few weeks ago I was on a Sunday afternoon drive when I spotted a garage sale. Who has a garage sale on a Sunday afternoon? The nice lady said she was moving out of town and wanted to get rid of things that she would not be taking. I got a set of four fun chairs painted a soft yellow ($30.00 for all four chairs!)and immediately thought of the fabric.



When I got home I decided then and there that the fabric would be my jumping off point. My mudroom bench is already the minty green color in the fabric

mudroom bench

I recently purchased an armoire that will be going in the family room to serve as a phone charging, bill paying station once Hubby works his magic on it. I want it to be the dark teal color.



This is my inspiration for the color:


I am ready to get this started!  I better get busy on the social planner’s furniture so that there is room in the Garagemahal!

The Difference Between a House and a Home

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Saturday afternoon we pulled away from our home for the last time about 6:00 pm.  We are now temporarily living at our lake house.  As we prepared to leave I walked through the empty rooms one by one, opening closet doors to make sure everything was packed, checking the drawers to make sure we hadn’t skipped one and making sure every room was swept, vacuumed, and left looking neat.  It was funny, even though the rooms were empty, in my mind’s eye I saw the home as it was all the years that it served as our haven, our refuge, and most importantly our family gathering place.

This is the home that my daughter got ready for her first day of high school, her first date, her prom.  It is where we returned to and wept when she moved away to college.

Our son made neighborhood friends, rode bikes, played paintball in the woods near us and grew up to become a man in this home.  This home was witness to his first day of junior high school, to his first date, and where we wept when we returned from taking him off to college.

The kids hated that we always had them stand in front of the fireplace for pictures at Christmas.  I loved the tradition.  The whole noisy family gathered here more than once for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  While we lived in this home we lost my grandmother, and both my in-laws.  One of our last big events at the home was a bridal luncheon where I was able to introduce our new daughter in law to my friends.

My husband and I have learned to be empty nesters in the home.  We have had the same neighbors on either side of us the entire 15 years.  Our next door neighbor moved out literally the week before we did.  Our neighbors across the street walked over before we left and brought us a gift.  It was so sweet.  I look forward to them visiting us soon. This is the last sappy blog for a while… I promise.  I have so many new adventures coming as we prepare to move that I will not have time to be all weepy.  I promise!

As I pulled away with the cat in her pet carrier screaming, my husband and dog in the truck loaded down and tears streaming down my face, I thought about the difference between a house and a home.  I thought how funny that I never think in my head of the lake house, Star Hill, as our home.  Lately I have jokingly told my friends that we are homeless.  I guess right now, we really are.  We have a house to live in, and we are buying a house but they are not our home yet.  It is up to us to make our new place our home.  We need to make a point of building those memories, meeting our new neighbors, and becoming a part of our new community.  Home truly is where the heart resides.

The adventure continues!

Finished Yellow and Grey Guestroom

Hot Housing Market

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Wouldn’t you know it…we are in the midst of a hot selling market. We are trying to buy a home in the Houston area and it is proving tough. We have a loan, we have sold our house, we are packed and ready to go. Let me buy your house, please!
Home Sales

Tomorrow we look at four more homes. Fingers crossed.

Packing Up

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Moving this time is different for us. We are older. The packing is harder on our bodies, we are both working while we are moving, our pets are old and not dealing with the upheaval very well. Probably the biggest change is we do not have a destination. We are moving out, but not moving in to a permanent home. We really are working without a net right now, but it has been exciting too. We have had an opportunity to clear out and evaluate what we really want to keep.

We have an exciting summer ahead.





Buying and Selling

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Well, here we go.  Apparently God knows I have a few lessons to learn.  I am still trying to figure out what those lessons are that I need to learn…patience? Perseverance?  Letting go?  Whatever the lesson, I am about to learn it.  Our city house is sold.  We close on it next Friday.  The house we were buying is not going to be our home.  I know that there is a special house out there waiting for us to buy it, love it, and make it our very own, but not the house I have been dreaming of, planning furniture for, and making plans to decorate is not going to be it.

I am proud of myself in that I have not cried.  It really is just a house and I will have to tell myself over and over again that there is something out there that is for us.  We are healthy, have great kids, and good jobs.  Not bad for two old homeless folk!   The adventure continues…

Curbside Headboard Into Garage Chalkboard


The best time to go trolling for curbside finds is Saturday afternoon just before dark. The very best time to go hunting is the weekend of the huge neighborhood garage sale near our current city house. The garage sale occurs every spring and the finds over the year have helped furnish our lake house and have provided materials for projects in our city house.  People tend to throw out items that do not sell.  I love items that do not sell.

20130422-183452.jpg Curbside Find

The most recent garage sale weekend we collected a dresser totally junk but the drawer fronts were solid wood and will be reused along with brass hardware, a pink chair- it now has a home with a teenaged young lady who loves thrift shopping, and this wooden twin headboard that wonder of all wonders- Hubby wanted to make into a project! Of course I let him run with it! He decided to make a chalkboard out of it. Wow. I know. I must be rubbing off on him after 32 years.

This was tricky. He cut the spindles so that they followed the curve of the wood, cut out a piece of hard board for the chalkboard and turned it over to me to paint. I painted the chalkboard four times, then painted the frame with a jar of 25 cent green paint from he Lowe’s clearance section.

20130509-213951.jpg 20130509-213939.jpg

Hubby connected the chalkboard to the frame with construction adhesive he. Had on hand and clamped it in place.

In our clean out to move I found 6 hooks that were wrapped in a sack. I hold on to hardware when I find it. I never pay more than a few cents for hardware and save it in a cabinet at the lake so I really have no idea where this came from or what project I bought it for. Whatever the circumstance, Hubby put three of the hooks, painted dark brown onto the bottom of the frame. This is going in his garage by the door so he and hang hats and write notes when he is trying to remember measurements.

I am so proud of his work!




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