My Name is Karen and I am a Mirror Addict

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I promise I am not vain. I don’t spend much time in front of a mirror, in fact I would bet that some folks don’t think I spend enough time! Even though I don’t spend a lot of time looking at myself in front of a mirror, I do love having them in my home. I love the way they move light around a room. In the past 12 months, I have purchased 7 large mirrors. Yep. I said 7. And those seven did not replace the mirrors already on the walls in my house. I have added an antique mirror to our back bedroom that I had to repaint and repair, two mirrors to the yellow and gray bedroom, a giant gold framed mirror that I painted silver that is going to the Southern Belle’s house, a round ancient mirror that was part of Sweet Amanda’s buffet, a pair of mirrors that were split up, one for the mudroom bench and one went to the Lovebird’s apartment. I think I must be part crow because I like shiny things so much. I know you know where this is going, but Hubby has to take partial credit for this one. I was busy typing my blog post about the blue coffee table on the way to the city house from Star Hill when he suddenly turned the truck around. I thought something was wrong until he said, “there is a bunch of furniture back there, I thought you would want to look at it.” I love that man! Sure enough, I had missed the furniture for sale on the side of the road.and the furniture was great! I especially liked a vintage metal patio chair with a built in footstool but WE ARE MOVING…soon. I thought I would make it out of there without a purchase until I spotted this ornate mirror leaned against a horse trailer. When the nice lady said $5.00 I almost shouted with joy. This is a 30 ” by 36 ” ornate mirror and although it is not wood, it will be beautiful painted. I have been looking for an ornate mirror for a friend’s niece and this will fit the bill perfectly. I wonder what color it will be? I will let you know when it gets finished. The picturs are straight out of the truck, filthy and still has the dresser hardware attached.





Turning an Old Door and Table Into a Buffet


Sweet Amanda loves old, weathered, pieces with story as much as I do! When I bought The Southern Belle’s dresser I negotiated two other pieces of furniture for the asking price of the dresser. I got the owner to throw in a night stand that will be going to a Habitat for Humanity home this spring and an old white piece that I wasn’t sure what the original purpose had been but I guessed that it had been in a church at some point. I know that Sweet Amanda will appreciate me getting the piece free, because she is a junker like me! A little research led me to believe the white table was a Bible table. It was white, had peeling paint, crackle on the drawer, and was a little taller than an end table. I knew the table would be the perfect gift for Sweet Amanda with some creativity. I stared at the Bible table for at least three weeks then it hit me… This would make a great buffet for a small apartment. I started looking for parts. I knew I wanted the back to be an old door and I wanted a shelf on it. I cannot tell you why, that is just how I saw it in my head.
It took several weeks but the absolute perfect door was located in Coldspring for $10.00. It had the right amount of chipped paint, but was solid enough to hold up over time. Hubby cut off a small bit of the door for a shelf and to make the horizontal part of the door hit at the right spot on the table so that they could be screwed together. After adding the shelf it still looked incomplete. I knew I wasn’t finished with the piece but after several options that I did not like I almost gave up and started looking for something else to give Sweet Amanda.   A trip to the Coldspring Senior Center Resale fixed my problem. A round, old plaster mirror was the perfect solution. a link to the senior center website here.
I got this amazing mirror for $10.00. It was the deal of the day.

Here it is all put together. I am crazy about this piece. It still needs a coat of polyacrylic to seal the potentially lead paint in place, but other than that, it is finished.








Here it is in The Lovebird’s Apartment


and… here are the Lovebirds



The Giant Silver Mirror


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I found a huge vintage gold mirror at a garage sale for $10.00. I was amazed that we found this in August and it has been sitting in the Garagemahal since then.  I really didn’t have a home for the beauty but I knew it was too nice to leave behind.  The Southern Belle said she wanted the mirror and I was thrilled. She wants to replace the less than amazing mirror in her bedroom. Her furniture is solid wood, nice furniture her Me Mei bought for her bedroom 23 years ago. She painted the maple, much loved, furniture white recently. (We really are related!) The mirror to the set is nothing spectacular and really small.
All the metal in her home is silver including her dresser pulls, so the gold would not work.

The mirror became silver.

Two coats of Rustoleum shiny silver spray paint and a tube of Rub n Buff later, it looks amazing. I  really like the way the mirror turned out. The Rub n Buff on the outer edges really adds depth to the frame.   It is going to look great in her chocolate brown, tan, and white bedroom.  The big mirror will add some contrast to the rustic fabric of the headboard.

I think it may have to wait until it gets driven out in June because her SUV may not hold it, but we will see.  Hubby measured the mirror and it is 58 1/2 inches by 39 1/2 inches.

We will make sure to take pictures when it is hung in The Southern Belle’s home.

 How it looked when we brought it to the Garagemahal.

The mirror came a long way.

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