Art from an Old Door Knob

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Several years ago at the Livingston Trade Days I bought this for my kitchen. 

I loved the color, the texture and how unique the piece was.  It was made from a repurposed cabinet door, some moulding and a ceramic pull. It was painted a great blue color and had been glazed over the top. 

My social planner, Tanis, liked it too but she didn’t buy one, she wanted hers to be a little different.  She found the perfect piece to put in the center of her cabinet door art; an old doorknob and lock mechanism at one of our favorite resale shops for a couple of dollars.  I kicked myself for not buying one too because the next time we went in they were all gone.

This is one side of the lock.

 Here is the other side of th same lock. 
I had some old cabinet doors from when we gutted our kitchen to serve as the base.  They were sitting in my hoard just waiting for a good use.
I picked out moulding on one of our recent trips to Home Depot.  I bought cheap moulding and paid for it because Hubby does not love to work with plastic moulding.  He splintered the thin stuff with the nail gun so it had to be glued on. 
When all the pieces got assembled it didn’t look half bad!

I added some decorative moulding to the center.  All together it is made from the trim that was on the cabinet, a skinny piece of square moulding, a wider piece of moulding and finally the more ornate moulding in the center.  Everything was nailed in place with the air nailer except the skinny stuff. If you can use a saw to cut a 45 degree angle you and a hammer you can make this.
I spackled the holes and corners because I wanted everything to look smooth.

The paint color was our first try at the rustic red Tanis wants.  I took her 8 different red samples to choose from and she chose a Martha Stewart color, silk lining.  We had it mixed in Behr prime and paint satin.  I am really loving that paint.  Because we wanted to make sure we really liked this color we only bought a quart.  If the color works she has several projects lined up down the road.  Tanis is about to be building a new forever home in Coldspring so I am super excited that I get to participate in the decorating a little.  Her taste is very rustic, almost western.  She is my number one resale, garage sale, and dumpster diving buddy. She has been collecting things she loves way longer than I have so her new home is going to be amazing.  This next week I plan on writing a blog about how she has decorated one of her lake house rooms around a collection of water jugs and picnic baskets.  I have to hurry before she gets everything packed up.

I loved how the paint came out.  I would definitely recommend this paint from Home Depot to anyone.  I am a convert. 

I glazed the whole thing with the same glaze I used on the 70’s mirrors.  It is amazing how different it looks on this than it did on the deep detail of the mirrors.

Hubby took the lock apart for me and I discovered that the lock came apart in two pieces, with a knob each.  Yeah me.  I think I may be able to convince my social planner to share!

Because this was the weekend of the nuclear meltdown, I did not get pictures of the lock in pieces or of the work that was done on the lock. 

Above is the finished product.  I hope that the social planner likes it.  I enjoyed putting it together.

1970’s Mirrors


 A few weeks ago I told you about doing a few pieces to donate for Emma’s Hugs, a charity that helps families of children and critically ill adults with parking at the Houston medical center.  I am still looking for a few pieces to remake, if you have something in your garage you just don’t know what to do with I want it, but I am almost finished with my first project. 

On a recent resale shopping adventure I found 2 1970’s mirrors.  I am not sure what my facination is with early1970’s furniture. It was so over the top.  It could be my age…I had a friend who had parents that had the coolest bedroom set.  My own parents bought their furniture in 1958 and still have it today- some awesome Danish midcentury teak furniture that has sat in the same spot my entire life- but when I was 10 or 11, Gayle Odom’s parents had the coolest bedroom furniture I had ever seen.  It had curves:
and color. I was jealous.

My beauties were outside a resale shop, and were filthy.  I thought they looked like what the evil stepmother in Snow White would talk to by their shape.  They were dark brown, scratched and in general just nasty.  I cleaned them, used liquid sand, and primed them. 

The looked better already.

Sweet Amanda and one of her buddies, Beth were up at Star Hill the weekend that the loot arrived so I had input from them on the color.  Beth wanted me to add some metallic sparkle.  I started by painted them my new favorite off white color- Behr Cinnamon Cake.  It has just enough brown in it that it is a warm white color.  I finished them Sunday afternoon.

I had to leave for work at this point so the frames sat on the floor of the Garagemahal all week waiting to be finished.  If you read about my craft table you know that all did not go well this weekend but I could bring the frames in to the AIR CONDITIONED house and work on them, so I did. 

I tried making my own glaze this time.  I bought glazing medium at Home Depot and a charcoal color called Amazon Stone.  1 cup of glaze to 1/4 cup paint.  I am much happier with this than commercial glazes that come colored.  They all dried way too fast for a beginner to work with so I had a lot of clean up.  Make sure to have lots of clean rags.  You are going to need them along with foam brushes.

It is really scary to put the glaze on, but remember that you can wash it off if you hate it.
This is the look after a lot of wiping.
The next step was adding the metallic sheen.  I have used Martha Stewart’s polished silver before but never on such a big project.  I wanted to practice with this one because this is what the Southern Belle wants the huge mirror I found to be done with for her bedroom.

I loved how the frames turned out.  Hubby needs to make new backs for the frames, I will reassemble the mirrors, then they will be done.  I have decided that in order for you to get the frames and the tax deduction I would like you to make your donation directly to Emma’s Hugs then print your donation reciept.  I would like for Emma’s Hugs to get at least $50.00 for the pair or $30.00 each.  It will be at least two weeks before we are totally finished with them, but I think they are going to look great. Send me a message if you want one or both of them.
I just couldn’t part with both of them. Remember I told you I love 70’s: Here is the one I kept on a mirror wall in my guest room.

Mudroom Bench Part 3

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The mudroom bench continues.  In parts one and two I told you the history behind this dresser, and the creation of a bench for the bottom part of the dresser.  We have now moved on to the top part.  Once we got the top section of the dresser cut off we figured out the dimensions for the upper false drawer from a section of the dresser we cut off. The drawer fronts are going to be hinged at the top of the piece so that they flap open.  I sanded the drawer fronts to make sure that the wood filler is not noticeable where the old hardware was.

This is top section is going to be a place for Hubby to shove stuff that I do not want to see laying out on the bench so we are going to come up with something to keep the flap open when he has his hand in the space.  My inspiration piece has open shelves but that would be a big eye sore here.

Hubby did a great job of reusing as much of the dresser as possible.  All the kidding I do about him, he really is a great woodworker.  He loves to make quality furniture pieces.  You know I push him to the limit wanting to take junk and make it into something.  I think it killed him to see solid oak, maple and furniture grade plywood- all of which was free or really cheap- turned into a piece that will be painted and glazed.
He assembled the box that the front would be attached to.

The next part was determining the height that the top shelves will be.  We decided to make the bottom of the upper cabinets 53 inches off the ground after setting the bench below a set of shelves in the Garagemahal and testing it out.  Very scientific.
Hubby cut the beadboard, the plywood backer and the 1X4 boards that he got on our last trip to Home Depot with his new table saw blade.  He is in love with the Diablo blade he found.  It “cuts like a hot knife through butter”.   I was inside working on school work but he kept coming in to get me to come look.

I was so excited to see the mirror on the beadboard.  It really did look like it was starting to come together.

We still need to make the corbels, or shelf brackets and then paint bu we are really almost there.  The next blog I write about this will be the finished project.  Yeah us!

My Weekend Finds- Saving the Best for Last

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We have been busy at Star Hill lately.  All this activity means that the hoard was getting pretty thin.  Also, we have used up a lot of our left over supplies.  We are even almost out of furniture to repurpse. Because I know I have a problem with buying more than we can do, I limit myself on weekends we go searching  to $50.00. I have been looking for a headboard and foot board to turn into a bench.  I didn’t want to spend a lot on this our first attempt in case it goes horribly wrong.  I spotted one on Kingwood Garage Sales that was perfect for the project and was only $25.00.  On the way up to Star Hill we made stop number one.  I love it. 

Saturday morning bright and early we made a list of everything we were out of or needed for our projects then headed toward Huntsville. I am so proud.  I did not ask Hubby to pull into a garage sale one time on the way there.  It was a good thing too because we were really out of a lot of stuff.  Our bill at Home Depot was almost $200.00. Plywood, paint, primer, beadboard, brushes… the list was pretty long.
On the way back, can you believe that Hubby suggested we stop at a few garage sales?  It was a great morning! 
At stop number one I got two fun 1970’s mirrors that reminded me of Snow White’s “Mirror mirror” and a great corner desk for me to use as a craft corner in the garagemahal.  $10.00 for the mirrors,  $15.00 for the desk.  Weekend budget shot.

 I should have warned you that the corner desk is lime green with blue and purple dots.

Feeling really broke we headed for home.  Hubby spotted another garage sale sign that was made out of a cardboard box.  He said we had to check out this last one on the way home.  We pulled up to a metal building that did not look like a house at all.  A sweet young couple are living in a shop with their little one but they are moving so they were selling everything.  Nothing really caught my eye until I got to the back of the building.  There it was… the find of the weekend. 
It was gold…
marked $10.00
And I loved it.  Hubby reminded me I have enough mirrors.  I looked at him like he was crazy and said only four words.  Put- it- in- the- truck.
Not sure what I am going to do with this beauty.  I am looking for suggestions.

Turning a Dresser into a Mudroom Entrance Part 1


It was late at night after visiting a friend that I noticed a dresser on the side of the road by the trash.  I begged and pleaded until Hubby pulled over and backed up then reluctantly got out to examine the dresser.  It was solid wood with dovetailed drawers but the back was broken out, along with part of the top.

 The top two drawers were in pieces.  It was perfect!  I had seen a dresser made into a bench on my favorite site, Pinterest, and I was on the lookout for just such a piece. One of the blogs that I now follow has great ideas for repurposing old furniture: My Repurposed Life.
Pinned Image
 We loaded the dresser into the truck and headed home.  Exactly one of us was very happy.  It got delivered to Star Hill the next weekend and I let it sit for a few weeks without talking about it to Hubby.  I have learned over the last 30 years to let him get used to my ideas before jumping in full force.  As the dresser sat there I started thinking that I would like a mudroom piece for our front entrance instead of just a bench.  I wanted a place sit and take off dirty shoes, a place to hang coats and hats and storage for umbrellas, scarves, gloves (for our two week long winter) and garden shoes.  Those things tend to congregate in our entrance and looking at them scattered across the floor makes me crabby.  I started looking for inspiration on Pinterest and found one that would be perfect.  My favorite is from Simply Seleta’s blog. I could use the dresser!
Pinned Image
 I printed several pictures for Hubby to see.  Another thing that I have learned is that he handles my crazy ideas better if he can see the item that I want.  We took measurements of the dresser and I drew out what I wanted it to look like.  The next step was to start looking for the parts.  I knew I wanted a mirror for the back of the piece. There is already a mirror in our entry way and I like being able to check myself before facing the world.  I also knew that I wanted the drawers to have crystal knobs.  No reason for that except I wanted them.  I found the mirror in a resale shop along with a twin that is an entry way piece for the lovebirds’ home.  I got the pair for $20.00.  Sad to say our mirror is going to be cut down and the decorative moulding removed.  It is a beautiful solid wood maple frame and super heavy but it needs to be plain for the piece.  The crystal knobs were in a Huntsville antique shop. 
 I hate to tell you that I paid $3.00 per knob for the four but they were exactly what I wanted.

It was the end of summer season so I was able to get an outdoor cushion on clearance.  The piece is going to be inside the house but remember that I want it for Hubby to use when he comes in from the yard… gross.  The color of the clearance cushion determined the color of the paint.  I loved the color that I found and when I read the name I knew it would be perfect.  Valspar ar1428- Man Cave! http://www.valsparpaint.com/en/explore-colors/index.html

I modified a picture from This Old House Website so that Hubby could see what I was going for.

No lift up lids at the bottom.  Drawers will be used there from the original dresser section.  The top will have false drawer fronts that just lift up to jam stuff in.  http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,20301255,00.html
The instructions at this site are amazing.  If you are wanting to make something this is definitely the site to look at along with http://ana-white.com/
Both sites have just about any build it yourself project ever thought of.
The first thing that I did was to get the four drawer fronts I will be using on the project ready by filling in the holes from the old hardware.  There was no hardware on the dresser when we rescued it but whatever had been there was loose and has torn up the front of the drawers.  It took three coats of wood filler, sanding between the coats to get the drawer fronts smooth.  I worked on the drawers while waiting for some of my other projects in the Garagemahal to dry. I did not need Hubby for wood filler so this is still part of his getting used to the idea time.  Remember he is not yet in love with my project… but he is warming up to it… I think. 

A Busy Weekend at Star Hill

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This weekend we were going to take it a little easy. The plan was to get the frames for Sweet Amanda’s wall painted and sort out some of the stuff we ended up with that is not ours from the wedding.  We also hoped we could get out on the water and enjoy the lake.  We know that other areas are struggling through a drought like we did last summer but for some reason we have had a relatively mild and wet summer.  Everything is green and lush.  The lake is full for the first time in a while right now and we love getting out on the water.

It is easy to forget that we bought Star Hill to relax.

 Sometimes we need to be reminded.  After the wedding weekend we THOUGHT we would just relax.  Ha!

We got to Star Hill Thursday evening and sorted out three boxes of stuff from the wedding into Sweet Amanda’s, mine or unknown owner piles.  We were really feeling pretty proud of ourselves when we went to bed.

Friday morning I tried my hand at making grape jelly.  I am going to write about it later this week but here is a sneak peek!

Hubby ran into town for provisions.  He came home with news that this weekend was going to be Christmas in July on the Coldspring square.  About the time Hubby got home my social planner, Tanis called.  The plan was made to go out on the boat.  I rushed up the hill to the Garagemahal and started painting the frames.  They came out really well, and I will be showing the whole process this week. 

Tanis and Larry have a pontoon and we have a ski boat.  Between the two of us we just about have all the lake activities covered.  We are even getting to borrow a jet ski so we will be set.  This morning it was definitely a pontoon day.  They pulled up to the house with Litttle Big Town’s “Pontoon” blaring.  Tanis being the great social planner that she is had us loaded with drinks, crackers, cheese, salami,  and fruit for the day.

Captain Larry

 The social planner.

 Heading out to pine island… party in slow motion…motor boatin.

 We love to swim at Pine Island.  It really is a redneck yacht club.  Because it was Friday we had it almost to ourselves but on the weekend we have seen it with 30 + boats parked three deep at the the beach.  Sandy bottom for swimming but it gets to be 30 feet deep right off the island. 

It was so quiet at the island that a bird was hanging out with us.

Larry has just rented a boat slip so there is no more trailering the boat.  We are going to look into that after the Southern Bell’s wedding. 

We got back from the lake with two hours to get some rest.  I foolishly rushed up to the Garagemahal and primed the frames that needed it for Sweet Amanda’s purple frame wall.  I am going to show you the process this week.  Four shades of purple and lots of character.  Here is a quick peek.

Our social planner decided we needed to drive into Huntsville Friday night.  Wow did I get a great anniversary present!  We found a great all metal patio set that I loved.  It is going to replace the glass topped table I have been known to treat pretty rough.  We ate at one of our favorite spots : The Farmhouse Cafe.  http://farmhousecafe.net/

Saturday morning the frame painting commenced in earnest because the social planner went with the guys fishing.  By the time the three came back to Star Hill I had finished painting and had a whole hour to get ready for the trip into Coldspring.  Coldspring is a small timber and tourism based town that has a population of 688 but it is the county seat for San Jacinto county, Texas.  The merchants do a great job of promoting the town with monthly fair on the square days and other events to bring people to the town during the weekend. 

We arrived at mid day and it was HOT but the town was packed.

 Our volunteer fire department was collecting money. They do a great job for the community.

 The town was so cute!  Shops had cookies and candy canes for customers and some were were dressed like elves or Santa.  I love the small town feel.

 Vendors were set up all around the square.  We shopped hard.

 I love Coldspring shops.  There are benches outside some of the shops and almost every time I have been there someone is out sitting on the benches.

 I had to include this.  They had prisoners cleaning up the area at the end of the day.
My favorite shop in Coldspring had this cute sign out front.  Margaret does such a great job.

 Loved the lizard eating the wreath.
We got home hot and tired just in time to clean up for steaks cooked by Hubby.  Yum.
I made peach cobbler and Larry made homemade ice cream.  Life is good at Star Hill.

We went to bed pooped again and got up early to finish the jobs started.  We went in to Livingston for breakfast then back to clean up and pack up.  By the time Hubby finished mowing it was 5:00.  Not exactly  a lazy weekend, but we really had fun.  It was nice to just enjoy the weekend.  Now on to the work week.

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