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The Painted Suitcase

I saw this idea on Pinterest and have been looking for a suitcase to make my own. I thought that it would be perfect on the porch at Star Hill when we have guests.  It would be a great wedding piece or something at a Bed and Breakfast to welcome guests too.   Thank you for sharing Beyond the Picket Fence!

Why is it when I get something I want to do in my head I can’t find what I am looking for?  I have been routinely searching Craig’s List and garage sales for just the right suitcase since summer.  This week I finally found it!  I paid $5.00 for a hard sided plastic suitcase.  I was so excited to get started that I did not get a picture of the suitcase before I started.  it was warped, olive green and scraped up a bit.  I did not feel too guilty to be painting it.


I already had the turquoise paint from the Lovebirds Bedroom and have used it on the map chair too so beside the suitcase the only other expense was a can of chalkboard paint.  I love when Michael’s has stuff on sale and lets you use a coupon on sale items.  The paint ended up being about $3.00 and will be used in several projects.
Here is the inside.  Sweet Amanda thought I needed to fix it so that I could use the inside too so the outside chalkboard in on the bottom portion of the suitcase.  I can now put a chalkboard inside the top with it open and items on the inside if I want to.

I taped off a rectangle on the outside bottom and covered everything with newspaper to keep the chalkboard paint off the turquoise. 

Here is the finished project.

Here it is before I roughed it up and glazed it.  The final step will be to spray a sealer on all but the chalkboard.

Sweet Amanda has a friend named Molly that I will be making one of these for as soon as I find the next suitcase.  Let’s see how long it takes her to find out from my blog! She is starting up a business where she does hair and makeup for weddings, and special events.  What a cute way to advertise and take her stuff. Check out her facebook page at MollyDo’s  (Huntsville, Texas) she does amazing work.