Hooray for Chair Painting Day


I am still learning to use a hotspot, so I missed uploading a few photos. I will upload them as soon as I reach civilization. Enjoy.


The long anticipated chair painting day has come and gone. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to show off the before and after photos. Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy have an amazing group of friends who are united in their love of The Lord, the lost, and college ministry. It is tough for them to connect as often as they would like because they are working on college campuses around the state, The United States and the world. The girls who came to this event I believe all lived in “The Tree House” with Sweet Amanda while in college or were members of her small group. Lauren has been her buddy since birth. I have another blog post in the works about these girls, but today it is all about the chairs.

As the girls arrived there was lots of hugging, squealing and general mayhem.
All the girls signed in on a chalkboard and this determined the chair that they would be painting then taking home. Beth was not going to be able to make the event so we signed her in and The Social Planner, Tanis, worked on a chair for her with help picking color and fabric from the ladies who know her well.


Here are the lovely chairs before we got busy. I did not pay more than $5.00 a chair from Goodwill, Craigslist and resale shops. Every chair, except one had some structural issue. They had missing rungs, needed regluing, had need badly repaired… the list goes on and on. Hubby spent several days getting them all up to Baby Boy’s wiggle standard. He literally sat on them and wiggled around to see if they were sturdy. Remember that these chairs are going to live in homes that will have college students visiting often.

I numbered each chair with a post-it note so that the girls would know when they got up the hill what they would be working on.

Look at how nice and clean the ladies all looked in this photo! This was after inspecting chairs, but before the paint clothes went on and the work began. They really are stunning young ladies.



Each of the girls inspected their chair, looked at the paint choices, chose something, then got busy. Some of the girls checked out their fabric options before jumping in, but not everyone!

It was fun to watch the girls working, side by side, each on a different project, laughing, catching up, teasing and commenting on each other’s work.

Tanis brought her yard chairs for an update too.
As they finished the painting, the upholstery began on the chairs that had padded seats. A big thank you to my friend, Kandy for donating all this amazing fabric.

Here are the finished chairs-before and after.

Sweet Amanda
Behr Sailboat Blue with yellow chevron fabric. This chair originally had caning in the seat so hubby built a new top to go on it that is padded. It can be removed and re-caned if they ever choose to do so.



Behr Rapids blue with burlap fabric. She is going to monogram the back panel. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.




Behr Coral. Oops. I forgot the Mod Podge for this project chair. The seat is going to have a map of Colorado- where she will be moving in July to join her new husband in his ministry to University of Colorado. She roughed out the edges and took the map with her, so I cannot wait to see how it looks complete. Sorry Yliana.


Behr Cinnamon Cake and flowered fabric. This is my favorite off white, brown toned paint. She really classed up this 1970’s charmer. I love the distressing.




Valspar Elephant Hide with some fun, funky fabric. This chair gave Hubby fits and I think he was ready to throw in the towel, but at the end of the day it turned out so cute. The piping was in the fabric we got, already done and was plenty big for this little padded poof. It is going with Molly’s craft table that is painted the bright teal you see in the fabric. Yay for having a craft table.




Coral that Molly brought so not sure the color. Fabric was teal upholstery fabric. I used the darker coral on the chair back to create an ombré effect. Darkest at top then diluted the color the paint with the cinnamon cake as I went down. I like the effect. Beth surprised us by making it at the end of the day, and we surprised her with a chair!




chairs from an angle

Here are the lovely ladies with their finished projects all together at Star Hill.

DIY Show Off

Choosing Bedroom Colors

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Well, today was my first day of work in my new district.  I feel a little lost, but everyone has been so nice to me. I do not have internet at the lake house so my posts will be after work until I can get something worked out up there.  No photos today because while I did remember to bring this post already done ( I love the cut and paste option), I did not bring my SD card to upload my photos.  It is all going to be a learning curve.   I can tell I am going to be spending more time at Star Hill now that my job has changed just because it is an easier commute until the city house gets on the market and sells.  That means more of my stuff is going to end up in our very small lake house bedroom. (Star Hill is 950 square feet, divided into three bedrooms, a family room/kitchen, a laundry room, and a bathroom. The first thing I know I need to do is get rid of stuff I do not need there, then I need to look at storage.  ( I seem to be doing that a lot these days.)

Before this whole journey started I bought three 1970’s Ethan Allen pieces that were part of an entertainment center group at one point. They were a resale find and I loved them because they had sort of shutter looking doors that I knew would be fun to paint and give a relaxed vibe to the lake house. I know how old these pieces are because my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had the complete set just like these pieces at one point.  Two of the three pieces match in size and will make excellent side tables.  I already have a dresser and chest that will stay.  The headboard is taking a hike to the guest room and will be replaced by an old door that I am super excited to get up.

I am really stuck when it comes to the room color.  I think I want gray walls.  I love gray walls.  They are soothing. The gray has to work with red and blue because the entire house has red and blue accents. What to do, what to do… I would love to hear from you.

I already selected the color to paint the new night stands and have one painted.  Pantone Lunar Rock.  I tried a new type paint and I am RUNNING back to Behr.  Nothing I have found works as well as Behr Paint, but I will finish the other night stand with this paint then move on.  Lunar Rock is a light gray, almost white and will be beautiful on the night stands, especially glazed with a charcoal paint.  I sanded and stained the tops a great color called pine cone.

I am not sure what color to paint the new door-headboard.  I am thinking a dark red or navy blue.  Thoughts?

Hubby put up some wide, rustic, pine boards to trim the windows in all the bedrooms this weekend and hung new mini blinds (Don’t judge me, they are easy to take care of and that is the name of the game in a lake house.)  I am definitely going with white-white trim work in the bedroom.  I want my milk glass to make sense in there.  I think there will be dark rustic shelves to display the collection.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend.  We sure did. It was great to have family and friends over.


Living with a Patient Husband


It is nasty and rainy here. Too humid to paint in the garage because the paint won’t dry. Sad days. I know my hubby loves our wood floor but tonight he let me bring in the big hunkin’ dresser so that I could paint. I feel like Valentine’s Day came early. I love him so. I promise to keep the paint on the drop cloth and will use lots of painter’s tape. The top and pulls are now painted with one coat of Revival Mahogany. Love it. Thanks sweetheart, I needed to get paint under my nails tonight. Please forgive my terrible iPad photos but today was too rough to break out the Canon.



The Southern Belle’s Christmas Present- Refinishing a French Provincial Dresser


Christmas presents for grown up kids were so much fun this year. The Southern Belle asked a while back for a dresser. She wanted it black with brushed nickel hardware. I started looking when we were out shopping, thrifting, and junking. Nothing really struck me until I saw a mistreated piece on Craig’s List. It was covered in layers of really ugly paint with pink showing through. Someone had put cabinet hardware on it that reminded me of a cabin.

To make matters worse, the hardware did not fit ell so the person who thought this hardware would work jammed plastic anchors into the holes.
It took some work on hubby’s part. Getting the hardware off, sanding, filling holes, more sanding before the paint went on.
Hubby got a new paint sprayer, and about the biggest compressor I have ever seen for an early Christmas present. It really made the piece look professionally painted and the Behr paint I love works in this high volume, low pressure sprayer.
Here are the results. For the present she just got a photograph of the piece. It will be getting delivered to North Carolina this spring. Another great reason to visit her.




It was fun making something that our daughter will enjoy.

Making Necklace Hangers For Gifts

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Before Sweet Amanda married Baby Boy and moved in with him, she lived with some great girls. They will always be a close knit group who loves each other. They exchange Christmas presents each year at their girl party.
Apparently they are all crafty.
Sweet Amanda was excited. She had her crafty presents all lined out until she got wind that another of the crafty girls was making the same thing. Her original plan was to make bookends that I will show you once I get pictures from Molly.
Sweet Amanda was back to square one so she raided my hoard for inspiration. I had a bunch of drawer fronts from several projects and a few from the roadside.

They were too good to throw away. I also have a collection of knobs, pulls, handles, hooks and other assorted hardware.

Of course there is a collection of paint colors from past projects in the Garagemahal.

When everything was assembled, Sweet Amanda decided to make necklace hangers/key racks/scarf and headband holders out of the assortment. That meant selecting just the right items for each of the four friends. The drawer fronts were selected, the hardware was selected, placement was decided, holes filled in and they turned out great. It was so humid that even Baby Boy got involved. He has mad skills with a blow dryer. (He also drilled all the holes.)

Sweet Amanda filled the holes with wood filler.



Blow dryer.

Drilling the holes.

Each one was unique. This funky one will go to Beth. A girl who has a suitcase chair needs this fun piece.

Every knob is different.

Amanda’s buddy Tara got this one. Painted with Martha Stewart Froth.

This one went to Lauren. It has the coral from the chandelier.

Molly got the yellow and blue.
This was Hubby’s favorite. He thought it was happy.

I loved them all. I hope the girls like them too. I hope I get pictures of the other gifts to show you how crafty these girls are. Great job, Sweet Amanda!


Beware the Two Dollar Chair

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This past weekend, on the way home from the Coldspring parade, we stopped at a yard sale. There was an old chair sitting out in the yard that I thought would work in the bedroom I am giving a makeover. It is solid wood with an upholstered chair seat. The lady at the sale told me the chair was $2.00 because it was “wobbly”. It did seem to be a little shaky, but chairs are generally pretty easy to tighten up. I bought the chair and headed home with visions of a dark gray chair with some of the fabric I used on the lamp shade.

This is the only photo I have of the chair before the carnage began.

When I took the seat off it was obvious that some former owner who did not know how to repair furniture had attempted to fix the wobble with nails and wood glue. Lots of little nails. The sizes varied and they were at every joint, connection, and rung. FYI don’t use nails to fix furniture. Screws can tighten furniture joints but nails cannot.
The glue had been literally poured into every joint. FYI more glue is not better with wood glue.
It was obvious that this easy tighten up was going to turn into a total deconstruction and rebuild.
Just look at how happy Hubby looks working on the chair.

 He went from this expression…
to this one pretty quickly.

Hubby asked me several times how much I paid for the chair as he took it apart, nail by nail.

It looks like he is going to have to drill out a few of the dowels then rebuild it. I have a feeling that this project could take a while.
Note to self, turn the wobbly chair over to inspect even if it is $2.00.

Saving a Broken Desk

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The desk below was sitting by the curb- waiting for the trash truck to come- when I spotted it.

 I have to wonder what happened to the piece.  Someone at some time had refinished the piece.  My guess is that it fell during a move because it was outside a rental property in my neighborhood.  Of course I brought it home.  It sat in my garage for a year, then it moved to the Garagemahal.  It sat there six months.
Hubby did not want to start a big project this weekend so he decided to start putting this back together.  In order to put a piece back together, it has to be taken apart.  I mean completely apart.  I wanted you to see what I mean when I say that Hubby takes broken furniture apart.  He is great at disassembling and reassembling furniture that others would just give up on.

It always looks worse when he starts that it did when I brought it home.

The piece had a tag that said property of Louisiana College.  Now I really want to know how it ended up in my Texas neighborhood.

Hubby started re-gluing all the pegs.

Then he strapped everything together so that the glue would dry with the wood aligned as it should be.

We had to leave it drying but it should be all back together next weekend.  Hubby has already made it clear that he does not want this piece painted.  It will be sanded and refinished.  I am just happy it is not in a landfill somewhere.  I can’t wait to show you the puzzle pieces put back together!

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