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Valentine’s Mantle

I will bet that a few of you are thinking that you are tired of seeing my mantle. Well, here is the finished Valentine mantle.

Old windows from the garage, chalkboard from the upcoming wedding, silver candlesticks and pedestal from thrifting, string art,toilet paper roll art,ribbon wreath,topiary
I love it! It makes me smile.







I also brought home my chalkboard suitcase to welcome Cupid!

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Turning Trash Into a Kitchen Menu Board

Recently my social planner, Tanis, picked up two old windows that were in a trash pile where a home was being renovated. They were already the perfect shade of red on one side and had just the right amount of peeling paint. I loved them and I know that they are going to look great at her new home, The Rockin F Ranchito, in Coldspring.
One of the frames wil be a hat rack with an adhesive Rocking F Logo on the glass and the other will be a menu board for the kitchen. The glass is removed from this one.

Tanis painted both sides of the frame with polyacrylic to seal in the paint should it have lead. Here is the finished product after Hubby put in hard board and we painted several coats of chalkboard paint.
Chalkboard From Old Window Casing


Curbside rescue, reusing an old window

Reusing a Window

My friend, the social planner, found this window along with another where a house was being remodeled. She wanted to turn it in to a hang up rack for her soon to be started mud room. It had great old paint and the glass was not cracked.

Up at the Garagemahal we have tools, paint, Polyurethane and doodads a plenty. The social  planner got busy covering the frame with poly. She even sealed the back with a few coats of poly to keep the peeling, and potentially lead based, paint in place. 

After the polyurethane, I donated some of my clearance knobs to the window. They will be perfect in her rustic mud room.

I do have a surprise for her… I have asked Lorie of Lorie’s Glitz and Glamour to use her handy dandy machine to make a vinyl “Rocking F” for the glass.