Making Necklace Hangers For Gifts

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Before Sweet Amanda married Baby Boy and moved in with him, she lived with some great girls. They will always be a close knit group who loves each other. They exchange Christmas presents each year at their girl party.
Apparently they are all crafty.
Sweet Amanda was excited. She had her crafty presents all lined out until she got wind that another of the crafty girls was making the same thing. Her original plan was to make bookends that I will show you once I get pictures from Molly.
Sweet Amanda was back to square one so she raided my hoard for inspiration. I had a bunch of drawer fronts from several projects and a few from the roadside.

They were too good to throw away. I also have a collection of knobs, pulls, handles, hooks and other assorted hardware.

Of course there is a collection of paint colors from past projects in the Garagemahal.

When everything was assembled, Sweet Amanda decided to make necklace hangers/key racks/scarf and headband holders out of the assortment. That meant selecting just the right items for each of the four friends. The drawer fronts were selected, the hardware was selected, placement was decided, holes filled in and they turned out great. It was so humid that even Baby Boy got involved. He has mad skills with a blow dryer. (He also drilled all the holes.)

Sweet Amanda filled the holes with wood filler.



Blow dryer.

Drilling the holes.

Each one was unique. This funky one will go to Beth. A girl who has a suitcase chair needs this fun piece.

Every knob is different.

Amanda’s buddy Tara got this one. Painted with Martha Stewart Froth.

This one went to Lauren. It has the coral from the chandelier.

Molly got the yellow and blue.
This was Hubby’s favorite. He thought it was happy.

I loved them all. I hope the girls like them too. I hope I get pictures of the other gifts to show you how crafty these girls are. Great job, Sweet Amanda!


Moving is Hard Work

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I have decided that any move, even a virtual one is hard work. After struggling with Blogger for six months I have made the incredibly difficult decision to move to WordPress. I hope that this works as well as it seems it will, but only time will tell.
I am going to keep my Blogger site alive and kicking until I figure out how well this works and I get everything moved here.

It is no secret that I am not very Tech Savvy, and my lack of skills with Blogger really showed up.

During the next six months I have several projects planned including a rubbish rescue that needs to be redone, The City House master bedroom needs lipstick and makeup, we have some pretty big projects planned at Star Hill, the Southern kids are coming to visit us in Texas, and OH YEAH… there is going to be a wedding this summer. The Southern Belle and her Beaux are getting hitched! Woo Hoo!

For my early Christmas present I got an awesome new camera… man do I need help learning to use it. Hubby even got me a super sized lens, but it is still in the box until I am a little more comfortable with the standard lens.

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