Decorating with mirrors, silver-plate, The City House, the guest room

Using Mirrors to Add Light

Okay, who went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the plate discs? I know it was one of you because the nice lady in the frame section told me that they always have them. She was shocked they sold out this week. I am never telling my secrets again until I already have what I need on hand! πŸ˜‰
Actually I found something I liked even better, and cheaper, for my silver-plated dishes. Command strips for picture hanging. The Velcro that connects the two parts is repositionable… Love that. It was cheaper than the discs… Love that even more! I also found a great yellow pillow on clearance at Pier One tonight too. I love it for $7.00! What do you think? The cat thinks she has moved in. That will not happen.