Mini Master Bedroom Makeover

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Rain, rain, more rain, and cold meant no outside work, no Garagemahal furniture work during our week at Star Hill. Being stuck inside our 950 square foot house with husband, bored dog, and a restless wife meant something had to be done. That something was updating our bedroom. For less than $50.00 got the room freshened up. We painted the walls Behr Subtle Touch, I made Roman shades, and put in a reclaimed wood hat rack.

Every room at Star Hill has some variation of red, white and blue. Anything that goes into the house has to be tough and washable. We play hard at the lake. Last summer I found a blue striped Ralph Lauren quilt for $20.00 on clearance at Marshall’s and I knew it would be staying in the room. We purchased one gallon of Behr Subtle Touch zero VOC for $27.00 and $17.00 worth of fabric for the mini makeover.

1-IMG_9626 1-IMG_9627

Here are the best pictures of the color before we painted.  I snapped these after we already got started moving stuff.

I have to give props to my husband. When it comes to painting, he is the best at cut in work. He can paint right up next to the ceiling or in this case, the reclaimed wood without taping off anything. It is a gift I don’t possess. I did the rolling and we were done in two hours. The fleshy tan color i never cared for is gone and a soft gray is now in the room. We have also had a standing hat rack in the room, taking up a square foot of space in our tiny room. We need something to hang summer boat hats, spring rain gear, and wet winter hats, gloves, and scarves.

My dad gave me three vintage coat hooks he took from a house being torn down. I loved the patina on them. They are perfect for a room with an old door headboard, a reclaimed wood wall, and sewing machine base side tables.

1-IMG_9684 1-IMG_9683

The most stressful project was sewing Roman shades for the windows. I am a terrible seamstress. I try, but it always seems to go wrong. This time it all worked out like I wanted. I used red and blue fabrics that coordinated with the bedding to make them and denim ribbon I had in the closet.

1-IMG_9631 1-IMG_9630

I love this vinyl cling on an old window.  It is the perfect art for our room and reminds Hubby to give me a good night kiss!


This oak chair was two dollars as is at a resale shop.  I am crazy about the chippy blue paint.


All put together, the room looks cleaner and more finished.

1-IMG_9681 1-IMG_9685

Another room ready for us to put the house on the market.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love to hear from you..



The Fear of Being a One-Hit Wonder


Okay, here is a quiz. What is Carl Douglas famous for?

How about The Knack?

Do you know what Rednex is famous for?

I will bet you know their work.

Do you remember “Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting. It was fast as lightning”?  Kung Foo Fighting was   Sung by Mr. Carl Douglas


How about My Sharona?  The Knack knocked that one out.


Rednex is famous for a song that is played at least once a night at almost every Texas bar… Cotton Eyed Joe.

After that these bands/singers either broke up, stopped singing, or just never produced another hit.  I guess it really ages me that I do remember all of them, and they were pre-music video era.

I jokingly say I am a one hit wonder, too. You see, my mudroom bench is without a doubt the single most viewed and pinned post I have ever done. All the rest of my posts combined would be about half what the other posts have been viewed. I think of the mudroom bench as my one hit wonder.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that bench.  It is the first thing I use when I walk into the house every day and my last stop on the way out the door.  But, I like other pieces I have done just as much.  They just didn’t get noticed like that one did.

I think it was the lighting in the photo I took.  We are after all visual folk.

Finished Mudroom Bench

I wonder if it would have been as popular if this was what I put out for the world to see?

The Finished Mudroom Bench


Here are a few of my other projects that I think get looked over.  It may have been when they were posted, how they were photographed, or maybe I really am a one hit wonder who just got lucky the one time.

western dresser


My Western Dresser for the lake house Bunk room.   It makes me smile when I walk in the room, still.

Finished Yellow and Grey Guestroom


The yellow and gray bedroom.  It all started with a table I picked up on the side of the road and a son moving out.  In case you are wondering, yes I stenciled the wall.  I still love the look.  I miss that room the most of all the rooms at the city house.

green sofa table


The green buffet table.  This was a thrift store dining table turned into a more narrow buffet with a reclaimed wood top.  I love this table.  Baby boy says it is his favorite piece in our house.  It is about to get an addition.  I am adding a hutch to the top for my milkglass that is about 80% complete.

farmhouse table


Our farmhouse table.  It has at least ten, 1-0 coats of poly on top and I am crazy about this table.  It started out life as a white tile and golden oak table and cedar siding from our lake house.  I am about to change the color of the legs so that it plays nice with the buffet and hutch.

beverage station 1


Finally, the second most popular post is the beverage station.  I have now made three of these with numbers four, five and six in the Garagemahal waiting for their turn.  I have made a green, bright blue and navy blue.  Soon a burnt orange, a green and a cream colored one will be done.

I love showing you all what I do and I really do value your input.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to see what we are up to in the country.  I hope your day is wonderful.



The Day Has Come


A mother thinks about her children day and night. Even if they are not with her, and will love them in a way they will never understand.
Author Unknown

I would like to amend the first line of the quote if you don’t mind.
A mother thinks about her children day and night from the moment they take their first breath until she takes her last breath.

Forgive me. Tonight if you are reading this, you are going to see me as few do. Tonight I am going to be as raw and transparent as I will probably ever be on this site.

Friday is the day I have planned for, anticipated, known was coming, and dreaded. I am filled with awe and fear that my baby boy and his precious wife are leaving everything they know to travel around the world to a less than stable part of the world to share their faith with college students in a country not known for religious tolerance.


I am terrified. I am weak. I am struggling.


They are excited. They are at peace. They are resolute.



I hope that you will join our family in praying for them. They will leave with 2 fifty pound suitcases each and 2 carry on bags. In those bags they have to pack their clothes, anything they need for their home this next year, and six pounds of peanut butter. They leave behind friends and family who love them and will be praying for them through this journey.



Pray that they are able to reach students for Christ, pray that they grow as a couple, pray for their safety, and if you have an extra minute, please pray for the family left here.

My son in law took this one of my son, daughter in law, and daughter when they met up in July.

The organization that they are working through is www.chialpha.com



What Students Really Need to Hear


It’s 4 a.m.  I’ve struggled for the last hour to go to sleep.  But, I can’t.  Yet again, I am tossing and turning, unable to shut down my brain.  Why?  Because I am stressed about my students.  Really stressed.  I’m so stressed that I can only think to write down what I really want to say — the real truth I’ve been needing to say — and vow to myself that I will let my students hear what I really think tomorrow.

This is what students really need to hear:

First, you need to know right now that I care about you. In fact, I care about you more than you may care about yourself.  And I care not just about your grades or your test scores, but about you as a person. And, because I care, I need to be honest with you. Do I have permission to be…

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Learning to Love Imperfection: My Journey to Recovery from Anorexia


This amazingly brave young lady and I have a history. Please read her story and pass this along to moms and grand moms who may have a child struggling with body image and eating disorders.

Jordan Kelly

Looking at me from afar, I’ve been told that I appear to have a perfect life. I mean, everyone knows that having good grades, comfortable finances, loving parents, and a relationship with Christ means that I must have everything together and know nothing of the struggles faced by “normal” people. Please, allow me to disperse this falsehood straight away and apologize for any masks I’ve worn that have led some to hold this view. I cannot deny it though: growing up, things came pretty easily to me. Anything that I participated in, I seemed to be a natural at. Gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, band, school, none of it fazed me. I was considered a bright child, but I did not really realize that. It was all I had ever known; it was normal for things to come naturally to me. None of that could guarantee a perfect life though because…

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10 Of My Favorite Projects and a Big Thank you!


Thank you for reading my teeny tiny minnow of a blog. There are blogs out there that get 50,000 page views a day but it has taken me two years to reach that milestone. I am a full time high school principal and hobbyist blogger. My husband and I do what we do with furniture and our home just for fun. Before I start showing off some of my favorite projects, I want to say thank you, friends, for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for causing me to improve what I produce. I still have no idea what I am doing most of the time. By that I mean my husband and I are making it up as we go on our projects, and sometimes failing miserably. I am about the most technology challenged blogger out there. Between the time I started blogging and now both our children have married, my husband and I changed jobs, we sold a home, went a while “between homes”, bought a home and moved to a new city, my son and daughter in law have moved in part-time, I started a new blog called My Burb Home, and I have taken up photography as a hobby. Not bad for two folks in their 50’s!

This next year we plan to travel to two places on our bucket list, work on both our weekend home and our suburban home, build a raised garden, put in a fire pit,and continue to work on found furniture.  Life is good for this weekend loving couple.

As I looked back on past projects, there were others that could have or should have made the cut but I plan on rewriting several of them now that I don’t stink like when I started. Not many of you were around when I first logged in, set up an account and started rambling, so some of the projects below may be new to you. Just click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the original blog.  I hope you enjoy.

10. French provincial furniture makeover.  I love that we were able to take a couple of homely particle board pieces of furniture and make them beautiful. I am seriously considering selling this set because I want to redo the room like now I recently saw on a home tour but I love the color combination and how much I learned on this project.

French Provincial Dresser

9. Western Dresser.  We found a homely little Goodwill dresser and made it something fun for the lake house guest room we call the bunk room.
western dresser

8. Table and Banquette seating out of reclaimed wood.  Wow! This is one of my oldest posts and my dinky little camera did not do this beauty any justice.  I will be re-photographing this set.  This was a collaboration between Hubby and me to come up with a solution to a tiny space using reclaimed siding from our house.  It is one of the most functional spaces in our home now.

Making Room for a Dining Area at Star Hill

7.  Farmhouse Table.  I love the look of a rustic table but man, they are expensive. Our $90.00 solution to this problem turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It moved with us and was where we gathered for our first Thanksgiving meal in the new home.

farmhouse table

6.  Wedding Chalkboard.  I did tell you my kids got married, right?  I was fortunate enough that both my daughter and daughter in law wanted me to make personal items for their wedding.   I loved that they wanted things that I worked on as a part of their special day.  The link above is one of those items, an ornate frame my daughter in law, Sweet Amanda, found at a resale shop that I redid for the wedding and added a chalkboard.  I chose this one because it was the first wedding project. I love all four of my precious kids.

DIY Framed Chalkboard

5.  Map Chair.  Another piece of furniture that needs to be re-photographed.  This little chair would be easy to recreate for a friend moving to a new city or a college student who needs to remember where home is. I seem to have a thing for chairs.

Map Chair Seat

4.  Painted Suitcases.  I have made a total of seven of these painted suitcases now  The link is to four of them I did at one time.  I love finding cheap old hard sided suitcases, priming, painting, distressing, glazing then adding a chalkboard to one side.  It makes a great entry into a home when guests are coming over or to announce an event. If I ever started a business, I would sell these because I enjoy mine so much.

Chalkboard Suitcase

3.  Junk Fairy End Table.  The last three are easy.  They are my favorite, favorite projects.  They speak to my love of color, family and friends.  The junk fairy ( AKA The Social Planner) dropped off this homely table while we were gone one day. I did not need it, so posted a photo of it on Facebook and offered to redo it for a friend. Robin snagged it. I am happy that she chose green as the color for the table. I really like how the stained top turned out. I enjoyed it so much that I painted a table in my own home close to the same colors.
The finished green end table

2.  Beverage Station.  I am now working on number three of these babies. What a great re-purpose project for an old stainless sink and a sewing machine cabinet. I love the look and they make entertaining in a back yard or porch more inviting. My favorite blue color, Behr sailboat blue, got used here. My long-suffering husband gets major credit for the stainless sink idea here.
drink station
1.  Mudroom Bench.  When we moved this year I literally looked for homes that my mudroom bench would fit in. It is by far my most favorite project to date. I look forward to the day that someone sends me a photo of their version of the project.&nbsphttps://theweekendcountrygirl.com/2013/01/28/toilet-paper-roll-art/; A found dresser, waiting for heavy trash pickup, and a resale shop mirror turned into this beauty.
mudroom bench

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane. Thank you for taking the time to look back on my last two years. Thank you for allowing me to share what we do.

Barn Door as Art Installation

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My Burb Home is coming along. Old and new, vintage and modern all mixed together.

My Burb Home

Recently we took a trip back to my husband’s home place.  There is not much left standing there now but there is a remnant of an old barn.  Laying on the ground, under the rubble and a fallen tree Hubby spied this barn door.  It took a chain saw,  a circular saw, a crow bar and some muscle to get it out of the pile but I loved the look.

removing barn door

I knew immediately that I wanted this hanging above the teal French Provincial dresser we are using as our family room media center.

barn door

found barn door

Don’t you love the weathered patina on the wood and the rust hinges?  There is a key hole on the other side of the door, but that side is boring so this side gets to be on display.  It is way too fragile to be a functional door, but still gets to be a part of our…

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Wine Bottle Table Numbers

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Wowsers, this is an old post.  I wrote this a while back but for some reason it sat in my list unpublished for six months.  I did want you to see this because it was an easy project that was almost free.

We made table number holders for my daughter’s wedding using recycled wine bottles.

The first thing needed was to round up some wine bottles.  We cut the wine bottles with a bottle cutter because we wanted them to be low enough that they did not interfere with the flowers on the tables.  We own the bottle cutter and have used it to cut down jars, bottles, and now wine bottles.  The bottle cutter is available online.  We got ours on Amazon.

wine bottles

Next I spray painted all the bottles silver.

cut bottles


spray painted bottles


spray painted bottles

The next thing was to put in corks and cut a slit in the top of the corks.   I used a box cutter to make the slits.

I printed the table numbers from a free table number template.  There are a ton out there.  Here is a link to the one we used.

Table Numbers

Here they are on the bottles.



table numbers

I used cardstock paper from an office supply store so that the numbers would be stiff enough to stay uncurled and upright the whole night.


They looked great!

A cheap way to mark tables at a wedding or other large event.


The Great Garage Clean Out


>The time has come… we must make sense out of our Burb home garage.  I have sworn off all projects this week- even though I have the paint ready to go on the dresser that is going to be our television stand.  ( Who am I kidding? It is already my television stand- and we even have the top piece assembled and painted but it melts into the wall right now.)

Here is what our disaster zone garage looks like today.


<br /
I should have included a warning that this scene is not appropriate for those with weak hearts or young children.

Goal for the week:

  • Install cabinets on the wall.  Purchased at Lowe’s.  Yay Lowe’s for providing us with $25 off coupon and having the cabinets on sale 20% off!  No sweat for me to spend $250.00 at a home improvement store.  We got two 24 inch cabinets for the stuff that cannot stay out.  The cabinets match the ones in the bathrooms so if (hope, hope) I ever find a vintage buffet that I am in love with and want to turn it into a double sink vanity, (hope, hope) I will be able to move the cabinets to the garage for additional storage.  That is the plan.
  • Get all my paint stored on the metal shelves.
  • Put up the pegboard and fill it with all the tools I am used to having access to.  Right now it is hunt and peck.
  • Organize the power tools.
  • Put away any loose tools.
  • Put the fall storage boxes up.
  • Sell the table and chairs.  Yes.  I am selling furniture.  I do not need them.  It may be next week before the garage is clean enough to have someone come look at them but they will be sold.
  • Clear the trash!

The next part of the garage make over will include high shelving for tubs.  Not this week.

Sooo, no posts this week of pretty things.  No fun.  Just work.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days send in help!




My Office

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I am just about done with my work office.  Tuesday I will have all the pictures loaded but I wanted you to see the progress.  It has taken me some time to come to terms with and attack my less than awesome baby blue walls and windowless space.

bare office

Here is the what it looked like when I moved in.

When my office was built it was designed as a storage room.  Yes, I do feel pretty special.  When you are the principal of an Early College High School that is starting up, you take what you can get.  In my new digs I am thrilled to have room for a conference table and storage cabinet.  My last office was less spacious.  I will never understand the color choices some designers make.  This block of tile is right outside the office.  I tell my students that the person who decorated this building wanted to use all the colors in the crayon box.  We have lime, pink, yellow and blue entryways.


I decided to run with the baby blue, yellow and rose to make the office have a vintage vibe.  I re-did a 1970’s Fabulous china cabinet for the space.

Redone China Cabinet



I brought in my old student Readers like Dick and Jane and have started collecting old school globes and school equipment for the space.


I just found the globe on the right at Goodwill.  The front blue stone globe was a gift from some dear friends when I got my master’s degree.  The small globe behind it came from a school that has now been torn down and replaced, The large globe was replaced when The USSR changed.


I just had these scales given to me by a sweet lady who works in the building.  They are perfect.

A sewing cabinet  given to me by a friend that I redid for office supplies has a place along with my paint chip art piece,


I made a bulletin  board from foam board and my fabric hoard.  The color is perfect.


Bulliten Board

Dick and Jane cards framed and a calendar are cheap alternatives for art.



I found a magnet board at Kirkland’s for $10.00.  I couldn’t make it for much less!  It will be a good place for me to put up student work that they are proud of.

magnetic board

My job makes me happy.  I hope my office reflects me.  In educating students and collecting things I believe that you sometimes have to look past the current state and instead focus on the potential then help it to reach that potential.

It is why I do, what I do.  I will see you Thursday with pictures of the whole room.  I will not say it is finished, but I now smile when I open the door.

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