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Finding Frames for the Charlotte Wedding

The Southern Belle asked me to look for small ornate frames for her June wedding.  She wants to turn them into chalkboards to write menu items and information to guests.  Because the chalk boards are black, I am painting the frames white until I get instructions from the Southern Belle.

Here is how the beauties started:

 Bought for $1.00 each

Bought for 25 cents each

The top two are Home Interiors specials from the 70’s.  The bottom two are plastic faux wicker.  They will all make great chalkboards.

I am determined to become a better spray painter, and I believe I am on the right track finally.  I have discovered the spray paint handle. 

This is the best thing since sliced bread.  I love it.

It is amazing how they turned out.  I did not take a picture of the larger one when bought.  It was southwest style teal and salmon.  I bought it for a dollar.  Hubby already cut the chalkboard for the large one.
I am going to spray the mirrors for the narrow ones with chalkboard Sprint.  I can see them as direction signs at the reception.  On my way to collecting some frames for the girl.  It is nice to be able to help with her wedding- even from a distance.

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Wedding Dress Shopping

Before I start this post I wanted to show off The Southern Belle’s engagement photos.  Her photographer is great and did an amazing job in spite of an injury that The Southern Belle suffered during a race the morning of the photos and a rain storm.  I love that the photographer said she is as beautiful as an Ann Taylor model on her worst day.  I totally agree with the photographer. Click Here to see the photos.

One of the main reasons I decided to go visit the Carolina Kids was to shop for wedding dresses with my eldest.  I was so thrilled that the Southern Belle invited me that it brought me to tears.  It is tough on a mom for her daughter to be planning a wedding miles and miles away. 

Friday morning we set out to find the perfect dress. 

First Appointment:

Rock Hill South Carolina
A very nice lady had a LOT of dresses for the Southern Belle to try on.
It was a good place to start.  She was able to figure out what she did and did not like.
 I love her pasted on smile.  No way she liked this…
Second Appointment:
 More dresses to try on.

This one was a real contender, but not the winner.
Third Appointment
By this time the Southern Belle had a good idea what she really wanted.
Her ZTA little sister came in to check out the dresses.
And the winner is:
You didn’t think I would post the dress did you?
But a dress was bought and it is stunning.  The Southern Belle is going to be a beautiful bride.