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The Real Cost of Repurposing Furniture

I have wanted to write this blog for a while. I go to craft shows, shops and our local trade days where I sometimes hear shoppers commenting on the cost. “I could do that.” is frequently heard as well as comments about prices. Now you know that I am always looking for a deal! And by deal I mean a steal. I love to find furniture, cheap or preferably free, then repurpose the piece into something unique. It is my hobby, and I am not trying to live off selling my goods. We would STARVE! I always try to let you know the cost, which is usually less than a brand new piece would be, but I think that there is a misconception from time to time about the real cost of repurposing the furniture.

Right now I am redoing a piece of furniture I literally picked up on the side of the road. The cost for the furniture – ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS.

In order to get the piece repurposed I decided to buy everything new for this project. I needed to replenish supplies anyway and sometimes even I forget that this is a hobby and the supplies are expensive because I only buy things as I run out.

The costs are rounded- because I am lazy!
Purdy paintbrush- the best and worth the cost- 12.00
Behr Revival Mahogany paint with primer- one quart- I could have probably gotten by with two samples @ $3.00 each, but I knew I would need the left over for the faux fireplace I am doing- $16.00
Behr Innocence- one quart- the giant dresser used almost a whole quart- the leftover paint was used to paint Baby Boy’s bookcase. $16.00
Zinzer Primer- one quart- $10.00
Glazing medium- one quart Behr Faux Finish glazing medium. I use this all the time and it lasts forever but it was time for a new container- $15.00
Sandpaper for hand sanding and the palm sander $5.00
Rustoleum Poly- one quart- $15.00

Hours spent on the project- 1 hour checking it out, calling Hubby, getting the beast into the vehicle, out of the vehicle and home. 3 hours sanding. 4 hours priming, re sanding, then priming again. 4 hours painting the creamy white color. 1 hour painting handles. 1 hour painting the top. 1 hour glazing. 3 hours polyurethaning the whole thing. Oh! This does not include dry time, moving time and reassembly.

So all in all we have close to $80.00 in supplies and the equivalent of one hard weekend’s worth of time invested. In a free piece of furniture! The next time you see someone’s work online, in a shop, or at a vendor’s booth and you say to yourself… ” I could do that WAAAY cheaper, the truth is provided you find the right piece, you might could save a little money doing it yourself but it won’t be as cheap or easy as you may initially believe and your time is worth something.

If you are in a shop when you see this piece also figure in overhead costs.


credenza from the stairway

roadside credenza

It is a lot of work to re-purpose furniture, but it is ever so worth the effort! I love the satisfaction of doing a good job and bringing something back to life.

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Treasure Hunting in Bryan-College Station

On our way to visit Facelift Furniture we spotted a Goodwill. You know that we couldn’t pass that up after our visit. They had great furniture. I found two pieces that had to come home with me, a drop leaf coffee table that will be going into the main room at Star Hill and a small dresser that is going into the bunk room to hold guest supplies. I paid $14.00 for each solid wood piece of furniture. They look a little rough right now, but I am chomping at the bit to get started on them. The maple drop leaf table is going to be Behr sailboat blue.  I got so excited when I got home that I did not photograph the drop leafed table before I started sanding.

Drop leaf coffee table 1-IMG_0894 1-IMG_0897

It will be a bright spot in the center of the room and my red accents and milk glass will look great on it. It is my plan to give it a worn look, so that when the feet get put on it they will only make it look more loved. I love that the table is small when we need it to be and then can grow when we are playing board games or putting puzzles together. I plan on being creative with the dresser. I think it is going to have a fun pattern to go with the western country feel of the room. I am itching to get started painting… soon.
My social planner and her hubby only had one request on the trip. A stop a Weinerschnitzel. We don’t have one of those near us and it has a huge meaning to them. They met at the Tucson, Arizona Weinerschnitzel, when they were 15 and 17. The weather was perfect and an outside picnic was perfect. I really can’t believe I ate a whole chili cheese dog and order of fries, but I did.

1-IMG_0833 1-IMG_0834 1-IMG_0835
After our trip to Goodwill, we ate chocolate at The Chocolate Gallery in downtown Bryan. What a great place. You can watch the chocolate being made then order from old fashioned glass counters filled with goodies.

1-IMG_0849 1-IMG_0850 1-IMG_0852

We strolled around the downtown area and made a few purchases. We loved looking around, just ran out of time. Our last stop at Bryan Market was where I picked up the “Cupid”. Oh, and I did get it hung, finally.

1-IMG_0838 1-IMG_0839 1-IMG_0844 1-IMG_0846 1-IMG_0854

I enjoyed our day trip. It may be hot in Texas summers, but I sure love Texas winter.

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French Provincial Hardware Windfall

Okay friends, I really do need your advice. At a resale shop, I found all of this hardware- dresser handles and pulls- for $7.00. I also have a lead on some 1950’s drawer pulls for free! I love all the French Provincial pieces, but I only have a few pairs, mostly singles. I may go back to see if I can sweet talk a little more out of the resale shop, but it was tough getting what I got. Two of the people in the shop said to make them an offer, but the owner said he had some of those pulls for 20 years and tried to cancel the sale. I I had to complain a little to get what I had already collected and up the price $2.00. I could tell with this owner that collecting things was more fun than selling.

Here is a page from Etsy with an idea what the stuff runs for:

Any ideas what to do with the pairs? I was thinking about making some trays and using them for handles. Here is one example from the reuse center: tray made with dresser hardware

I think I will save the singles to see if I can catch the right person at the resale shop to let me go through the huge tub for pairs. I can be persuasive. I may bring cookies. If not… I could do something like this: Drawer into Stool

What should I do with what I have? Have any of you seen a great idea on Pinterest?
Let me hear from you.

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Moving is Hard Work

I have decided that any move, even a virtual one is hard work. After struggling with Blogger for six months I have made the incredibly difficult decision to move to WordPress. I hope that this works as well as it seems it will, but only time will tell.
I am going to keep my Blogger site alive and kicking until I figure out how well this works and I get everything moved here.

It is no secret that I am not very Tech Savvy, and my lack of skills with Blogger really showed up.

During the next six months I have several projects planned including a rubbish rescue that needs to be redone, The City House master bedroom needs lipstick and makeup, we have some pretty big projects planned at Star Hill, the Southern kids are coming to visit us in Texas, and OH YEAH… there is going to be a wedding this summer. The Southern Belle and her Beaux are getting hitched! Woo Hoo!

For my early Christmas present I got an awesome new camera… man do I need help learning to use it. Hubby even got me a super sized lens, but it is still in the box until I am a little more comfortable with the standard lens.

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Finding Frames for the Charlotte Wedding

The Southern Belle asked me to look for small ornate frames for her June wedding.  She wants to turn them into chalkboards to write menu items and information to guests.  Because the chalk boards are black, I am painting the frames white until I get instructions from the Southern Belle.

Here is how the beauties started:

 Bought for $1.00 each

Bought for 25 cents each

The top two are Home Interiors specials from the 70’s.  The bottom two are plastic faux wicker.  They will all make great chalkboards.

I am determined to become a better spray painter, and I believe I am on the right track finally.  I have discovered the spray paint handle. 

This is the best thing since sliced bread.  I love it.

It is amazing how they turned out.  I did not take a picture of the larger one when bought.  It was southwest style teal and salmon.  I bought it for a dollar.  Hubby already cut the chalkboard for the large one.
I am going to spray the mirrors for the narrow ones with chalkboard Sprint.  I can see them as direction signs at the reception.  On my way to collecting some frames for the girl.  It is nice to be able to help with her wedding- even from a distance.