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Decorating the Mantel Between Seasons

It is that time of the year that I struggle with decorating the mantel in our den. Now that we are getting ready to sell the city house, I wanted to decorate it for more mass appeal and for my own enjoyment. I took down everything Valentine’s Day related, moved some things around then went on a house hunt. The silver stuff came from the yellow and gray bedroom. I quickly drew an owl on the chalkboard, but it is only temporary. I am just trying to figure out what I want it to say. I do love the stack of Bibles. My grandfather and my grandmother’s Bible are there along with my “cradle roll” Bible I carried when Hubby and I got married. What do you thin? Be Honest!





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Felt Rosette DIY Making a Wreath for the Yellow and Gray Bedroom

As you may know I am trying to redecorate a bedroom for less than $150.00.  So far I am on track.  I wanted to make a wreath using felt roseettes but when I looked at felt and how much it was going to cost to make what I wanted, I knew that it would be easy to spend $20.00 on a wreath if I wasn’t careful.  I did what I know how to do… I shopped.  I scored 7/8 yard of gray felt for $1.07 on the remnent rack.  Yeah!  That was enough fabric for two projects with some to spare. 

I searched for instructions to make felt roses.  Here is the process that I used:

 I completely laid these out in reverse order.  Sorry. 
1.  Cut out a circle from the felt.  I used a plastic cereal bowl for the pattern.
2.  Cut a spiral in the circle. Below that is how it looks stretched out.

3.  Begin with the end you cut first, start wrapping around in a circular motion.

Hot glue on the bottom to secure the rose. 

I went shopping for a grapvine wreath and was shocked that even at Walmart a grapevine wreath was going to be $6.00.  I wanted to kick myself for all the wreaths that I have donated or sold in garage sales  in the past.  I figured that if I had donated them, others had too.  I found one for a dollar at a resale shop. 

The wreath had seen better days…
I spray painted the wreath white. 
Everything on top of the dresser cost $4.50.  I need to get some white candles but otherwise it is complete.  The plaque came from a free table at a resale shop.  It had a really unfortunate paint job.  Whitel spray paint fixed that.  The vase was $1.00 at a resale shop.  It also had an awful glaze.  The same white spraypaint already on hand in the Garagemahal fixed it.   I used up two half cans of white spray paint for this project. I really am trying to use up what I have on hand. The silverplated candle sticks were fifty cents each.