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Spending the Weekend With MeMie

It is hunting season here in Texas. Don’t judge us.
1. We live in Texas.
2. We don’t kill what we don’t eat.

My dad, son and husband took off to the property for the opening of deer season. Sweet Amanda had plans this weekend with her mom so that left my mom, MeMie, and me hanging out together. I am so blessed to have her around still. She has had a few health scares that could have taken her from us. My mom is now and always has been a character. She wore bread sacks over her shoes so she could play in the snow when I was younger. She took my friends and me to wrap houses. We took spontaneous trips to the beach growing up. We would get there, buy groceries and spend the day. She still has a group of friends that celebrate birthdays together, plays bunco and sits together in church.  I learned at The Southern Belle and Big Cat’s wedding that she was on a dance team in college.  I had no idea.


She is a child of tough times and even tougher people. She is still in love with my dad after 54 years.


She can sew, makes the best sweet-hot pickles, jelly, pepper sauce and relish. She was green before being green was chic. I grew up learning to reduce, reuse and recycle. We just called it our every day life. I didn’t always appreciate this when I was younger. I wanted store bought clothes and going out to eat. What was I thinking? She saved , cleaned and reused foil, bread sacks, twist ties, and zip lock bags. My parents have a garden every fall and spring. They compost, they can, freeze and eat off the vegetables that they grow. I have a lot to learn still from those two. This is what she brought me this visit with instructions to return the empty jars and rings or else!

jelly and pickles

canned produce

She is where I learned my thrifty ways. She still shops the clearance section first and just about won’t buy anything unless it is on sale even though she can afford whatever she wants. We spent a good amount of time in Target because the Dollar Spot stuff was half off.

It was great to spend the weekend with her. She got to meet some of my students at a community disaster drill that my Interact students were volunteering at, we got to shop. Near my house is the biggest Kroger in Texas. We checked it out. They have furniture, home accessories and the best kitchen section around. We shopped at Marshall’s, went to the mall and ate at Chick Fila for lunch. She was so proud that I found a $200.00 suit at Macy’s on sale and with a coupon for $55.00. That was the talk of the evening at our house.

MeMie doesn’t love having her picture taken. She is much more comfortable behind the camera than in front.


I did sneak this picture of her watching me paint in the back yard.


I am so fortunate that I got to enjoy the weekend with her.