Getting on the Succulent Bandwagon

Unidentified hens and chicks
Unidentified hens and chicks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Crassula ovata, Jade plant.
English: Crassula ovata, Jade plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known...
Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known as Aloe vera var. chinensis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have loved succulents for years.  I just didn’t know they were called succulents.  My mom has raised a plant she calls hen with chickens for years. According to EHow the real name is Sempervivum, derived from the Latin “semper” meaning “always” and “vivo” meaning  “to live,” the presence of a large mother plant surrounded by smaller offshoots  characterize the hens and chick plant.

My father in law raised aloe vera  for years at his shop.  Even when he was ill he would drive over to the shop to water the plant occasionally just to keep it alive.

My husband was able to keep a jade plant alive for his college years in his apartment, in spite of the mistreatment it got.

All of these plants are succulents.  Who knew?  I just thought they were super hardy plants that could survive being ignored, dry soil, and heat or cold.

I decided after being shamed into it on Pinterest to  make my own succulent planter.  I already knew how easy it would be. I had seen others abuse them for years.

I purchased an inexpensive bowl at Walmart, some cactus potting soil,  and several succulents at Ikea.  I purchased sentimental succulents; a hen with chicks, a jade plant, and an aloe vera.  Here are the “easy peasy” results.  I added rocks on top of the soil that I already had on hand to complete the project. They look great on the back porch. I hope I don’t manage to kill them.   My family would be so disappointed.


IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3204 IMG_3205