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A Chalkboard Alternative

My friend, Kandy, asked my husband to build a big wooden frame to be a sort of canvas. She had an idea in her head for a painting she wanted to create.  The “canvas”  was huge when finished, like four feet by five feet with a smooth plywood front. After Kandy looked at the “canvas” a while, I think she decided that she wanted this to be something she could change when the mood struck. I must say that is a great idea when someone are as creative as she is. She had a piece of sheet metal cut to fit and attached to the canvas and she now uses it like a chalkboard. She uses liquid chalk pens when she wants to create something new on the big metal surface. If you haven’t tried using those pens you will love them. They work like a paint pen but clean off with water. The colors are more vivid with them than chalk.

chalk ink

Here are some examples of her handy work:







Kandy also figured out a way to rest her outdoor pictures on a shelf using drawer handles. Great idea for a way to have art without destroying stucco. Isn’t her porch beautiful. Yes, folks that is her porch, not her den.