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Wrapping Up Two Small Projects

I actually took a whole day off. I didn’t go anywhere, have an agenda, or have company. For he introvert I am it was bliss. I have been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance for quiet time.

I got up this morning and got to work on the mirrors for the vanity. Here is a peek of how they turned out.

weathered wood finish mirrors

While waiting for stain to dry I got some projects that have been hanging out done and a few more hot worked on.

I got the vinyl lettering on a window that has been literally hanging out in my craft closet for a year.   I started the project with wipe on poly for the frame then a good cleaning of the glass.






I am embarrassed how quickly I was able to finish this project. It took longer to clean the window I bought for $10.00 at Canton a while back than it did to apply the lettering. It is going to hang on the reclaimed wood wall behind our bed at the lake so Hubby remembers to always kiss me goodnight. 🙂

The rake got screwed onto a piece of barn board to hold the barbecue tools. It now hangs on the wall by the grill for the brush, tongs and spatula. Another project that has been hanging around for way too long.  I bought the rake head at Goodwill for $2.00 right after we moved in the burb house and the wood is  a scrap of cedar barn board.
I like the rustic look. The total cost of this project was $2.00 and the cost of three screws and two wall anchors.

using old rake for grill hanger 1-IMG_7359 1-IMG_7358 1-IMG_7357


I worked on a chalkboard suitcase today, too.  The suitcase is painted and the chalkboard is now traced out.  This one is going to look a little more decorative.


I also got the chandelier base sprayed oil rubbed bronze and one side of the beads primed but you will have to wait to see the progress until I have finished. I am totally copying the look of the chandelier from another blogger.

My battery is recharged and I am back to work.

I hope everyone has a great day!