Ranch House Overhaul, reclaimed wood

Scrap Wood Accent Wall

This past weekend I was sick.  I mean seriously, down for the count, don’t want to move, kind of sick.  Even though I was sick my sweet husband did get one of my projects done.

We had a bunch of leftover bits and pieces of v groove pine that was left over from our still not finished whitewashed mudroom wall. (No pictures yet because it is going to be stinkin awesome.)

It was my plan to get all the trim primed and painted on the wall and get the bathroom walls painted, but no such luck.

Mr. Math had planned to replace the toilet already.  We are seriously tall folks and that was one low potty.  While it was out, I wanted to put in an accent wall from those leftovers.  

He cut the 27 rows to length based on the scraps and installed them.

He was a champ, because that really wasn’t his plan for the day.

It all got a good coat of walnut stain.  No pictures of that. I would have had to crawl.

The wall tuned out great.  For those, like me,who think that the potty space is nasty, you will note that shine on the boards.  The wall got three coats of satin polyurethane.  I want to be able to clean that wall.

The trim is a 1X2.  

Here it is with the new toilet installed.

The walls are going to be painted Behr Pacific Mist which is a light bluish green.

Doesn’t the floor look awesome in there?  A little better than carpet…

I plan on adding white shelves to the wall once the paining is all done.  

Progress is progress, even if it isn’t what I thought we would get done.