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New Counter Tops in the Bathrooms

Two years ago I wanted to replace our bathroom counters when we remodeled the kitchen but the budget would not stretch far enough to cover three bathrooms, one with a double sink and a vanity area. We had done some reno work in the bathrooms already. New tile, removal of the giant mirrors, new lights, painting the cabinets and new hardware. The big ticket item just had to wait.

The counters and sinks in our “Brady Bunch” city house are made from some sort of composite plastic type stuff with flecks of gold and color swirled through it. Circa 1976. The sink is shaped like a seashell and no matter what I try it always looks dirty.


After much scrimping and saving, we finally got them done. Wow… what a transformation. It was amazing to me how fast the change took place. The difference in having a professional and if we had done it ourself was striking.

1:00 p.m. the team arrived.


1:15 the first counter top was out. 1:30 all done.


1:45 the decking for the stone was in.


2:00 the first piece of granite was installed.


3:30 The team was finished installing and was busy washing down the driveway from the dust caused from cutting the sinks.

The next morning Hubby started installing faucets.


Here they are all done.


Wow. The transformation was amazing.